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 Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun

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Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 11:43 pm


The party walks through the woods at a decent pace following Nebu. While they walk Gale thinks about their destination with fond memories.

Gale: “Ah, Efreet. The ladies wore their hair long, dressed in elegance and smelled of fresh peaches. As I recall they also had quite the fine assortment of seductive escor…..”

Gale looks over at K who is clearly looking at him with her head tilted. He can also sense the eyes of the other women on him, burning holes into him from the intensity of their stares. Gale puts his hand behind his head and ruffles his thick hair with nervous laugh.

Aphrodite speaking through Gale: “Ok, lets let him take a rest. I’ll do some piloting before he gets himself hurt. But what he may be getting at is he remembers a powerful polar bear type Zuman who had her heart crushed by a nasty Baron. Lets just say she hates the man with all her heart and Gale wiggled his way into her graces. She would probably allow us to stay at her comfy estate for a night or two. If she’s still distraught or single Gale may come into some use as well. I’m sure he could get some provisions and supplies from her, and I’m sure he’d love to “air quotes” negotiate with her.

Gale turns and begins to walk backwards looking at the rest of the party, almost as if eyes in the back of his head he handles the path with no problem or mistake. He looks at Mara who seems to be still messing with the ammo belt.

Aphrodite: “Mara… ugh fine Gale I’ll call her it. Angelface, Gale wishes me to tell you that the belt should settle easily with a little squeeze across your chest. If you have it to loose then you're bound to have it used against you by enemies as well as probably get it caught on things while running. He says to pull it closer to your neck and it should run a little through your… you know. Then find the clasp and place it at bottom and connect it to your waist garments. That will keep it from flailing and becoming loose.”

Gale turns back around and walks quietly. The group continues forward for a while. Suddenly a Mordubeast bursts forward and stops upon the party, after a loud roar the party freezes. Nebu calls out some commands. Aphrodite’s changes the lens colors to protect their eyes. Gale quickly prepares his gun when a loud shot rings out. Within moments the confrontation is over. The creature lies dead and now this woman moves to K, picking her up. During their encounter Gale steadily keeps his aim on her, trying to gauge the situation. He looks over to see Kinara and Aeris in similar setups. He also happens to notice Mara holding her new revolver aiming as well. Taking his left hand off his grip he grabs Mara’s elbow and pushes it up, straightening her arm and steadying her aim. With his left foot he pushes her foot inward making her stance less wide and open. With a quick wink he goes back to the situation at hand.

Lassy: Lassy.  Bounty Hunter.  The kid...had familiar scent.  Who're you lot?

Gale lowers his rifle with a sigh of relief.

Gale: Bounty Hunter, ha. I mean I doubt anyone here would have a bounty on th….

Gale looks first at Aeris, then Kinara, then Nebu… then eventually himself. With a look of unease and guilt he clears his throat. In his cheesy don’t pay attention to me voice.

Gale: “A Bounty Hunter you say! This far out. Must be someone important you're after and not at all a man who betrayed the sanctity of engagement with a local captain of the guard’s daughter.”

Kinara: "Are we just not going to acknowledge that she just dropped from the tree and dropped the thing with a few motions.” (gestures at dead Mordubeat)
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Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 3:20 pm


Inside the saloon again, Lucas munches joyfully on the last bit of his sandwich, tail wagging merrily.

The others were lost in their thoughts, if you counted Cyan as one to collect thoughts. It seems it would be more convenient to have waited for the end of the hour, to time Kirei's contact after the character would finish work.

The waiter came by and refilled the waters before going back behind into the kitchen.

After a few more minutes, they got up, double checked the tip was there and exited the saloon.

[Red Forest]

Kinara: "Are we just not going to acknowledge that she just dropped from the tree and dropped the thing with a few motions.” *gestures at dead Mordubeat*

Mara was standing fairly shocked through the Mordubeast, but then switched to amusement at K's overreactions again.

Mara: Well I'm Mara, a chef and alchemist. I will say, I adore your poncho.

Kinara shakes her head, obviously going to stay ignored. She walks up to Lassy to offer her hand.

Kinara: Kinara, huntress from the eastern desert. *shakes*

Once Kinara takes her step back, she looks the bounty hunter up and down. Her signature cowgirl hat, poncho, and a slight whiff of barbeque sauce. The huntress holds her hands at her waist, smiling smugly.

Kinara: Hmmm. I like you.

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Broken11
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PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2014 12:38 am


Kirei lead the way to his contact's house, half happy and half worried over meeting her again. Kishiou would undoubtedly be very happy to see him... and that came with it's own set of problems.

As the group walked up to her doorstep, he motioned them back. "Stay out of the way, at first. You especially, kit. Kishiou is... enthusiastic."

Ignoring their confused looks, he knocks twice on the door, then steps back a bit and mutters under his breath. "Enforce... Brace." His muscles tense up and his skin hardens to near steel-like consistency. Hopefully it'll be enough... I don't know if I could stand the pain if I doubled it.

Footsteps sound, and the door is swung open, revealing a pink-haired young woman with fox ears and a tail in a mostly-unzipped hoodie and shorts, with long black leggings. "Yes, who- KIREI!" she shrieks joyfully, practically leaping forward and sweeping the mercenary into a bone-crushing hug.

"Gargh!" he grunts, his ribs creaking painfully under her superhuman strength and ungodly enthusiasm, Reinforcement magic or not. "Ki- Kishi... leggo... ribs!"

"Eh?" she looks up, confusedly, though still squishing Kirei like an oversized plush toy. "Kirei, why are you using Reinforcement?"

"Because of your death hugs!" he snaps breathlessly. "You cracked three ribs last time!"

Kishiou's face attempted valiantly to match the shade of her hair, and she drops Kirei with a squeak of embarrassment, before hovering. "Oh Neorah, I'm so sorry, Kirei! Are you alright?"

"Fine, fine," he mutters, equally embarrassed. Kishiou's worrying tendencies always seem to draw out that emotion in him. "Can we come in? We need information, and I'd like a status update."

Kishiou notices the rest of the group, and predictably snatches Lucas in a hug that he requires a barrier to survive. After calming herself, she brings them all inside, placing out mugs of steaming tea for them all. Even Cyan, with a commanding look indicating "drink it or suffer the consequences".

"Now... status update first, I assume?" she asks Kirei calmly as she sits down. Her "cuteness proximity" attitude seems to have faded, and her serious side has taken over, her pale gold eyes sharp and intense.

"Aa. Preferably," Kirei replies, sipping at the Oolong tea she'd served him; his favorite.

"Disturbing news coming in from Foley and Stravos City. Right now, the official opinion in both cases is that Thermite came to call. Foley is in ruins, but it's being rebuilt. Stravos City's judicial district doesn't exist anymore; it's probably the worst disaster in the city's history."

"Judging by your tone, you don't seem to agree with the official position."

Her lip curls up, exposing very sharp canine teeth. "No. Not one bit. Foley, I could believe... if it wasn't for the fact that none of the survivors caught so much as a glimpse of Thermite. And with Stravos, it makes no sense whatsoever. If Thermite had appeared there, it wouldn't have been so choosy about what it burned down, nor would it have just disappeared into thin air after the district was ashes. Both of those things could be coincidences, but I seriously doubt it. It had to be the work of a human, Zuman, or Noman. Most likely one of the former two, and then a mage, judging by the traces that Theo picked up during his investigation."

"A mortal mage with that kind of power?" Kirei raises a skeptical eyebrow. "To mimic the strength of an Aesir spirit to even a greatly restrained degree would take an incredibly powerful mage. Some sort of Norn artifact?"

"Possibly several in combination, but yes, it's likely. People with that kind of power... well, suffice it to say, it's been centuries since anyone has been on par with the Aesir."

"Why would they do it, though?"

Kishiou shrugs, brushing a lock of pink hair over her shoulder. "No idea for Foley, but with Stravos City, it's possible that they were cornered or harassed by the police and just decided that burning everything was easier than dealing with things the legal way. Or..."

"...we could be missing something, and this could be a lot worse than one super-powered maniac," Kirei concludes grimly. "Wonderful. Do you think we have a chance if we find them?"

"To kill them? Not by yourself. If we were working together with full information, maybe, but I doubt it. Even my Territory Creation thaumaturgy isn't capable of constraining someone with strength on the level of an Aesir for long. And if they have more abilities than just this ridiculous fire control? Even working together, we'd be screwed." She gives Kirei a hard look. "...if you're thinking of going after them, don't. We have no clues, and they massively overpower us right now. If you really want to hunt this person down, we need more firepower and a lot more information. Don't be an idiot."

The mercenary and his contact stare evenly at one another for a moment, then Kirei looks down and away. "...very well, Kishiou. We do this your way."

"Good, because I'm coming with you, just to make sure you keep that promise." Kishiou sighs, turning to Sabrina and ignoring Kirei and the irate look he shoots her for her pushy declaration. "I assume you have some things you want to know as well, so ask away. I will answer all that I can."
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Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2014 12:50 pm

[The Red Forest]

Lassy's ear catches Gale's comment and she arches an eyebrow.

Lassy: Wait, you did what, now?

Nebu: I suppose it would be rude not to introduce myself.  I am Nebu.  A pleasure to make your acquaintance.  The loud one is our little thieving friend, K.

K fumes in the background as Lassy approaches Nebu and kneels in front of him, looking him in the eye before tilting her head.  Nebu sits across from her, calmly waving his tail about behind him.

Nebu: Is something wrong.

Lassy: Never met a sentient Devil Hound, b'fore.  Guess I should apologize.

Nebu: What ever for?

Lassy: Gettin' ready t' shoot you earlier.

Lassy reaches out and gently scratches Nebu behind the ear.

Nebu: I would very much appreciate it if you'd sto- oh. Oh my.  That is...quite enjoyable, actually.

Lassy stops and stands up as the others continue about their introductions.  Mara mentions her poncho and Lassy rubs the back of her neck.  When Kinara approaches and shakes her hand, she stares at her.

Lassy: (Thought) Y'all are stranger than a hog thinks its a steed.

She tips back her hat and goes to lean against a tree.

Lassy: Well, it's nice meetin' y'all.  But I still have somethin' to ask.  A while back I was passin' through a pokey little town and this freak fire started outta nowhere.  I saw someone setting the fires with...I dunno, some kinda magic.  But I never got a good look at her.  I did get a whiff, though.  A spicy perfume of some kind.  There's a bounty out on the broad, so how about we talk about why I smell it on the ankle biter.

K: Keep calling me that, bumpkin.

Lassy: You say somethin', squirt?

Nebu: I believe the answer should be to your liking.  We are in pursuit of a dangerous woman named Mel.  As far as we can tell, she is the one causing these fires.

K reaches into her satchel and pulls out the journal and map.

K: She dropped this stuff and we're using it to follow her.  They're probably what you're smelling underneath all the ash and brimstone.

Lassy: Well, now.  That is an interestin'-

K's ears twitch, as do the ears of Nebu and anyone else with higher senses.  Lassy turns her head, gazing off into the forest, as well.  An ominous howl bounces through the trees.

Nebu: Dire Wolves.

Lassy unsheathes her weapon and holds it at her side.


Sabrina sips on the tea laid out before her and glances up at Kishiou.  Cyan simply stares at blankly off into space.  As Sabrina listens, she begins to digest the information before something seems to click and her eyes widen.

Sabrina: Eureka!

As the eyes in the room fall upon her, Cyan turns her attention to the others.

Cyan: The professor has had one of her epiphanies.

Sabrina begins to pace about the room.

Sabrina: It makes total sense.  The Aesir.  The natural anomalies and disasters of late.  Some, if not most, of those must have been the doing of the Aesir.  Continent spanning blizzards, massive regional earthquakes, floods... that explains that freak monster attack in Kantor when the barrier went down.

Cyan: Professor.

Sabrina: Hm? Oh...right.  I- We need information on notable treasure hunters in the town.  There was an accident in Kantor and the city was trapped behind its own barrier.  We need the best of the best because the only way we're getting that barrier down is...with the Sun of Lore.
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PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2014 10:55 pm

(Because Dusk is a nice guy and gave me the option to post Aeris' bit before him)

[Red Forest]

Aeris snaps out of her haze just in time to see the cowgirl draw her gunsaber. "Oh, wolves. Goodie, I was hoping to get some fur for a new coat."

Everybody gives her a strange look at that... except Nebu, who looks mildly offended. "Oh, come on, Nebu. You know I wouldn't do that to you... besides, Devil Hounds have terrible pelts for coats anyway."

She then hears a loud growl. Looking back in the direction Lassy had been looking she sees them. A whole pack of massive wolves, five feet at the shoulder stand between the spaces of the trees. Their eyes seem to glow in the darkness, and their silky fur does nothing to detract from the snarls on their faces or the drool dripping from their huge fangs.

Aeris stares at the pack for a few seconds before murmuring "Aww... so adorable." She giggles, ignoring the odd looks from everyone. "Can I keep one? Pleeeeeease?"


A collective shout; she can't really tell who with so many speaking at once. "Maa... no fair," Aeris mutters, sticking her bottom lip out in a pout. She then perks up. "Ah well, at least I can get that coat. Gale, would you like to do the honors?"
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PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2014 12:30 am

[ Red Forest ]

Gale: “Ahh, Aeris I was about to say ladies first.”

Gale raises his rifle aiming at the largest Dire Wolf he could, but before squeezing the trigger he turned his attention back towards the group. Holding his rifle with just his right hand and making expressions with his left.

Gale: “Before I let them know they have made a grave mistake let me lend our newest gunner some advice. The time to take council of your fears is before you make an important decision. That is the time to listen to every fear you can imagine. When you have collected all the facts and the fears and have finally made your decision, turn off all your fears and shoot ahead. So to simplify, be sure of what your doing before you do i….. *CRACK!!!*

The shot rings out loudly echoing throughout the woods, flocks of birds can be seen the distance taking off. The woods are alive. The Dire Wolves jump for a second at the sound, a large streak of blood and floating red mist that had been Gales original target. The pack begins to move quickly through the terrain towards the team.

Gale: “That ones not making a good coat, sorry darling. Game time Dollface, keep your stance tight. Kid, if it gets to intense stay close to one of us. No cross fire guys, I don’t like taking bullets not meant for me. And don’t shoot the Devil Hound!”

The Dire Wolves approach, some take bullets upon the approach and roll over themselves, once within range those more readily armed to handle melee move along with Lassy. Aeris throws swipes of wind so powerful that it sends multiple wolves flying with each swing. Nebu dodges between pounces, landing bites on exposed jugulars when necessary, every now and then Dire Wolves can be seen running in fear or turning on each other. Kinara lands powerful blows with each stab, lunges prove fatal to those who try, lending their own leverage against her spear as she rolls on her back throwing their corpses off as she rises. Lassy roundhouse kicks those too close placing a bullet in their bodies before they land, her shots are accurate and impressive for being fully entrenched in enemy movements. Mara seems hesitant at first but finally a few shots can be heard ringing from her revolver. Don’t know if they hit anything but at least they didn’t hit any of the team. K moves too fast through the chaos for Gale to keep trace of. Gale breathes calmly between each shot, trying to take those that matter, he pays attention to the sides hoping to not let their flanks be exposed but is surprised by the oncoming numbers.

Gale: “What the hell did you guys do. Wake every damn wolf up in the forest!?”
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Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2014 12:05 am

[Red Forest]

Kinara: What I do?! I'm getting me some new trader goods. *stab, slash* You can go back to being the forest fool.

So many growls and releasing of bodily fluids. The forest grew rich with a new type of fertilizer.
Many dire wolves were wounded, their blood spilling over the thick grass. The numbers don't seem like slowing down anytime soon.

Kinara enjoys herself. chasing down a hunt a great but a brutal challenge to take down one's prey always brought her back to the days of guard service at her desert home.
Mara looked at her new pistol and back at the attacking pack.

Mara: I have no idea what I'm doing. *shoots towards another hound*

Kinara continues a stab and agile dodge from each wolf scratch and jaw snap. She then sees the sylph right as the wolf in her view gets mauled by a razor like wind. Not the oo

Kinaea: Aeris leave me one wolf to the thrill of the hunt will ya? I've been looking forward to fighting these canines since the kid sneezed.


Lucas first thought it was cool that Kirei's friend was also a type of fox. He found it not so cool that her hugs were a vice grip.

Lucas (thinking): Lemme Go! What kind of fox is this girl?

He growled and whined in pain, tail whipping vigorously, at the unexpected embrace. Luckily, the previous events made his adrenaline for producing a barrier plenty more easy for any sufficient times later. He did not expend the extra energy for making the bubble a perfect sphere; just enough so Kishiou could still be hugging him but his inners were not crushed. He maintained the barrier just barely with a held breath.

Once inside, Lucas felt moderately better. The air's scent permeated fresh flowers in the midst of a dusty rogue town. The warm tea drooled down his throat, laying softly in his stomach. He smiled.

Lucas: Reminds me of breaks during mage training.

Now if only he didn't feel bruised still.

Upon seeing the forest fox's serious side, Kishiou was cool again. Mostly.

Lucas (thinking): Okay, at least she won't squeeze me to death constantly. Just maybe most of the time.

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Broken11
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PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2014 10:21 pm

[Red Forest]

K darts around the area, bouncing about to keep from letting any fangs reach her.  Whenever it seems she might hold still, she leaps out of the way, forcing a wolf to crash headlong into a rock or tree.

K: Meow! Down, boys! Heel! I am NOT a chew toy!

The rest of the group seems to be faring well.  Mara, goddess bless her soul, fires aimlessly into the fray, hoping to hit whatever was unfortunate enough to be in the way.  The bullet finds its target in a lunging dire wolf...after passing through Gale's hair.  Gale watches the wolf drop at his side and turns to Mara.

Gale: If I didn't know any better, Angelface, I'd say you were trying to tell me something.

Mara: Well it worked, didn't it?!

With a flick of her wrist, the sylph sends a Dire Wolf soaring through the air towards Kinara.  The vixen Zum, back turned on it to fight a pair of others, notes the shift in wind and turns around.  She ducks low and stabs the blade of her naginata up into the beast and swing it around by the pole, clubbing the other two with it.  Then she turns and looks at Aeris.

Aeris: Thy wish is my command!

Kinara: That is NOT what I meant!

Nebu lands near Aeris and chuckles before dashing off to continue the battle.

K lands on a rock and a surge like lightning ripples up her leg and along her spine and tail.  Her hair stands on end and her ears likewise stand at attention.  She winces and slips, tumbling down to the grass.

K: Me-OW!

Sitting up, she holds her hands over her foot.

K: Guh. My ankle's still all banged up.

Her ears twitch and her eyes widen as the sound of a heavy footfall lands behind her, succeeded by a ravenous snarl.

K: Nebu, please tell me that's you being a jerk.

She turns her head and stares a wolf dead in the eye.  Her ears droop down and she giggles.

K: Eheheh... uh... good dog?

The wolf barks at her and she braces her self.  Suddenly-

Lassy: Oh no ya don't.  Get a load of this.  Concussor!

A green charge of light streaks through the trees and sweeps the wolf away, sending it crashing into a tree so hard that the trunk snaps in two and the top half collapses onto the creature.

K: Uh?

At the end of the beam's path is Lassy, holding up her smoking Gunsabre.  She blows it off before stylishly twirling it and placing it back into its sheathe on her back.

K: ...COOL!

Lassy: You're just plain helpless, ain'tcha?

K: Why you-!

Nebu sits casually, his eyes moving back and forth as one wolf in his line of sight is repeatedly flung through the air by forces unseen, slammed into a pair of rocks.  He closes his eyes and the wolf drops to the ground.

Nebu: That takes care of that. It should be the last of them for now.

When all of the remaining wolves are either dead or have fled, Lassy kneels beside one of the dead ones and looks it over.

Lassy: Hm...

Nebu walks up behind her.

Nebu: Lassy, was it?

Lassy: Huh? Oh, y-yeah.

Lassy stands upright and tips her hat down.

Nebu: Well, I think that's about enough excitement for one day.

Lassy: Agreed.

Before Lassy goes to walk back to the others, Nebu steps around her and sits, staring at her rather intently.

Lassy: What is it?

Nebu: A mere query.  Out of... let's call it respect for your abilities, I won't read your mind, but... you wouldn't happen to be that Lassy, would you?

Lassy: What?

Nebu: The name is common in The Frontier territory, I'm certain.  It's only a question.  An unimportant one.  Shall we?

Nebu stands and walks back to the group, leaving Lassy standing there.  She follows him a moment later, after looking down at the dire wolf splayed out in the grass.

K: Found 'em.

K sits against a rock with the others as Nebu and Lassy turn up.

Lassy: Here. Le'me see yer ankle.

Nebu: I will take care of it.  You have questions to ask.  And, I imagine, even more to answer.  I suggest you start here.

Mel's journal hovers from the ground and to Lassy's hand.  She opens it and begins to flip through, skipping pages she doesn't recognize the language of.

Lassy: Y'all sure know how to pick your enemies.

Nebu: Indeed.  Though you'll find we're quite terrible at choosing friends.

K: You got somethin' to say, pooch?  Eep!

Nebu had telekinetically yanked the bandages around K's ankle more tightly than they ought to be.  He grins and loosens them again, snipping them with a pair of scissors before returning the supplies to Kinara's satchel.

Lassy: So where're ya headed from here on out?
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Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun   Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2014 11:09 pm

[Red Forest]

Aeris quickly commences with skinning one of the wolves, pulling out the knives she'd packed from her bag, and going to work as the others talk and bandage whatever wounds they might have gotten. She, as a living incarnation of the air, does not bleed, so bandages are unnecessary even if she does take a hit.

"Oh, this will make a wonderful coat," she murmurs excitedly, quickly and efficiently stripping the body and then turning to raking the leftover flesh off the skin, taking special care with the head, so she can make it into a hood. When that's done, she makes sure to roll it up and tie it off with twine, knowing she won't be able to get to the drying and salting stage until they stop for the night.

She looks up from her work, just in time to hear Lassy's question. "Wherever this 'Mel' woman is going, I suppose," she says, slinging the fur over her shoulder as she packs away her tools. "She seems kind of crazy."

"Yeah, like you're one to talk, lady," K grumbles.

Aeris flicks her hand in K's direction, knocking her on her back with a strong gust of air. "Mind your manners, Kitty, or I'll wash your mouth out with soap."

K doesn't quite whimper, but it's a near thing. "No thanks." She shudders, but sticks out her tongue in Aeris' general direction.

"I'm glad we understand each other," Aeris replies brightly, smiling with a slight edge of malice, to Nebu's amusement.

"So! Gale, how was our newest sharpshooter's first performance?"


[Agrabah- Kishiou's House]

Kirei and Kishiou's eyes meet darkly as Sabrina finishes speaking. Unsaid, a most empathetic "shit" passes between them before Kishiou starts speaking. "So... this person, or whatever group they are with, is intentionally stirring up the Aesir spirits. That's the worst news I've heard all month."

"All year," Kirei grunts in reply. "We need to get started with planning our next move now."

"Agreed," Kishiou says briskly, draining her teacup and then standing. "If I'm right, our treasure hunter should still be working. I can go to his job, and-"

A sudden loud growling sound shatters the silence, and Kishiou's eyes settle on the chagrined but completely unrepentant Kirei.

"...you haven't eaten in a long time, have you?"


"A day?"


Kishou's expression tightens and she growls under her breath, tail swishing. "Neorah damn it, Kirei. You go eat right now."

"I don't need any food."

Kishiou hisses angrily, making Lucas duck behind Cyan's legs as he realizes just how pissed she is. "You are going to eat something, and you are going to like it."

Kirei finally meets her eyes with a glare. "Why are you being so pushy, Kishi?"

"You kept after me for weeks to eat more after you saved my life and I was moping. Congratulations, payback is a bitch."

He scoffs irritably. "You're a vixen, not a bitch."

The fox Zuman smiles indulgently, patting Kirei's shoulder kindly despite the murder in her eyes. "I'm glad you don't think I'm a bitch, Kirei. Now shut up and eat something, or I will tie you down and force-feed you."

"You'll try," he snaps back with a challenging look.

Cyan cluelessly chooses that moment to interrupt. "I am unfamiliar with fox Zuman culture," she says in a mildly intrigued tone, tilting her head to the side. "Is that some form of foreplay, Kishiou?"

Both feuding parties stop cold, blushing furiously, and shoot deadly glares at Cyan.

"And that would be a foot-in-mouth moment," Sabrina mutters, facepalming.

"I am not capable of placing my foot in my mouth, Professor. Should I attempt-"

"Please, just stop before you make this any more awkward."

"Yes Professor."

Kishiou and Kirei return to their staring contest, and Kirei folds after a few moments. "Fine. I will eat. But you need to go find our treasure hunter."

"You'd better," Kishiou growls softly, with most of the dangerous edge gone from her voice. "If I come back and find you haven't eaten..."

He sighs, laying his hand over hers. "I will eat. Stop worrying."

"I can't, Kirei," she sighs in reply. "You don't worry about yourself, so I have to do it for you. You're not allowed to die yet."

A sort of bitter smile crosses the mercenary's face, and he leans back before standing. "I know. Now go on."

"Right. All of you are welcome to stay here," she says with a smile to the rest of the group, nodding to Sabrina. "There are two spare bedrooms upstairs. Divvy up however you like." With that, she walks out the door and into the night.


Kind of divided on Aeris' side. The idea of a fuzzy coat with a wolf hood is adorable. Making it out of a previously living animal is much less so. Eh.
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[Red Forest]

Gale walks slowly back to group, his left hand moves between a small pack on his waist and a large laceration on his lower right arm. A small smear of a white substance makes the wound bubble. His left hand then retrieves what seems like a curved needle and thread and goes to stitching the wound at an inhuman speed.

Aeris: “So! Gale, how was our newest sharpshooter's first performance?”

Gale glances up in surprise as if not realizing where he was for a moment. His left hand holding the needle half plunged in his skin. His eyes are flashing between his usual eye color and the glowing red distorted pupils of Aphrodite’s.

Gale: “One moment, she’s recalling all her knowledge on medical procedures right now.”

Gale returns his sight to his wound and his hand takes off again finishing the stitchwork. As soon as he finishes he puts away the needle and thread. With a slow exhale he clenches his right fist. A black substance rises from inside his arm between the sticthwork lashing around like small tendrils before setting over the stitches and matching his skintone, hiding the wound completely.

Gale: "Interesting, you’re getting better Aphrodite. As for young Petunia here. I believe she needs more work on her stance and maybe some lessons on friendly fire but all in all she’s coming along nicely. "

Gale looks towards Mara, and brushes his hands through his hair.

Gale: "I was due for a trim anyway, but now I’ll have to make an appointment with my stylist. Boy do I not envy her job, having to handle this beautiful mane and not be able to touch the rest."

Gale looks toward the rest of the group with a sly look.

Gale: "It’s ok ladies if you want a touch, I can’t help my genetics."

Gales head twitches quickly to the side, and with that the burning red pupils of Aphrodite can be seen.

Aphrodite: "Codex entry lacking. I need to examine a corpse to make a full analysis. If you need me I’ll be over here. Gale can hear you as well. I suggest you all figure out our next action, now that some of you have seen battle maybe your minds have swayed. I will remain with the one who holds the key to my potential freedom."

Gale walks over to a carcass and begins to look and cut quickly through the poor creature.
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[Red Forest]

Lassy looks down at K as Nebu finishes patching her ankle.  She crosses her arms and thinks before placing her hat back atop her head of fiery red hair.

Lassy: Well, that's that, then.  I guess I'm goin' with ya.

K: You? What for?

Lassy: Like I said.  I'm after the same varmint.  Seein' as you're all after her, too, it couldn't hurt to tag along, see to it she ends up behind bars.

Nebu chuckles and Lassy cuts him a glare.

Nebu: A truly interesting response.  She'll certainly be useful in keeping this one alive.

Nebu nods towards K, who glares at him and seems to turn red with fury, not unlike a thermometer.

K: Look, Fido-!

Nebu: I believe we should set up camp for the time being, however.

Lassy: Yeah.  Sunset already.  Guess most of our time got used up tryin' not to go 'n' die before we found who we were after.


Sabrina: Well, I ate.  I'm going to head to bed.  I could use the rest... and the opportunity to clear my mind.

Sabrina nods and heads off, nodding for Cyan to follow.  They make their way to one of the spare rooms.
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[Red Forest]

Mara sits firmly on the ground (avoiding as much bloody grass as she can) breathing quite heavily.

Mara: (breathing only slightly less heavily) My hometown burns up in flames, and now I fought for my life against a hideous wolf pack. Sweet Radishes. I almost don't want to know what's the next challenge in this journey.

Mara smiles at Nebu who provides an in-mind comforting thought. Kinara looks around at the canine carcasses. Passing a few Aeris had already skinned, she shivers.

Kinara: Even after the years I've been a huntress, there's a few creatures whose skins are just a little too freaky still.

After a few more passed canines, the fox finds the few bodies she needs, a few with still intact teeth. She brings out her dagger to pick at the gums, removing those worth the most at market.

Kinara: (smiling deviously) Opportunist.

Mara still on the ground watches Nebu play nurse on K's injured ankle. She turns her head when she hears Gale's needing a hair stylist comment. Being post battle, and blocking that fact from her mind, Mara becomes irritable. She's both sympathetic towards her aiming skills and wanting to throw a kitchen knife to worsen his hair cut.

Mara: I said I was sorry. Neorah.

Kinara snickers with amusement before turning her attention to Aeris.

Kinara: Aer, I can't wait to see your finished product of that fluffy coat.

She leans by a tree behind Mara, counting the her collected fangs in her side satchel. She begins cleaning her weapon while they discuss their next objective, presumably about the lovely map K snatched earlier. After a few moments though, thoughts aware of the group's condition, the vixen speaks up.

Kinara: I'm glad we're making some progress, but I'd say we wouldn't want to be here much longer. I know we need to finish our plans on a firm direction, but I know these woods have creatures attracted to a post-battle field. I'd rather leave these puppies to their woodsy graves.

The huntress notices the looks she's given, other than Aeris who either doesn't care or is struggling too much with her wind needle in that fur. Though Mara looks slightly more relaxed at the thought of not needing to forever stare at the canine carcasses.

Kinara: Even a short distance from here would make a fine camp, like just over the hill. Those with night vision can do more of the work as those without while we lean off these rays of twilight.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Agrabah- Kishiou's House]

Lucas grabs a roll from the table to munch on before heading up the stairs. He sees Sabrina take the first spare bedroom, one of baby blues and lacy curtains. Cyan follows close behind.

Lucas shrugs, chewing on another bite, and heads to the other bedroom. He passes a room he guesses is Kishiou's and turns the small hallway to what appears to be a room painted a sage green. There are a few knickknacks on the side table and shelf, reminiscent of a forest homeland, matching those in the living room.

With an ear twitch he goes back downstairs to Kirei, who gave in and was eating at least something.

Lucas: Sabrina and Cyan took the first room. That leaves us with the green one a little farther back, past the bathroom.

Lucas grabs another roll. Kirei gives him a look.

Lucas: What? They're very tasty.

He goes back upstairs, preparing the brown arm chair in the corner for himself, half of the second roll in his little fox stomach.

Lucas:[thinking] I know Miss Kishiou will want me in the bed, but I normally take smaller sleep areas when traveling. I rather Kirei take it, he's ... a little off anyway. Besides, this is a very plush chair.

Lucas spots a level on the side, hidden by the side table; his eyes lid up.

Lucas: Oh, a uh what's it cal-recliner! It's a recliner. Even better.

Lucas with a smile finishes his roll, then grabs the extra blanket and pillow for himself. He lets his thoughts roam. They travel through the last couple hours, to earlier in the day, to these new people, how strange they all were to those in his city. His master came to mind, and recent magic lessons. Doing chores. Sneaking friends into the study. Lectures from the master. He missed his parents some, but thoughts of his sister being a better traveling companion than him to his new friends angered him, pushing homesick thoughts away.

His thoughts kept him awake til his sensitive ears picked up the forest fox host returning home. She had some conversation with Kirei,

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun - Page 3 Broken11
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I had some help from Raven thus the delayed posting time, sorry Ink

[Red Forest]

Aphrodite finishes her examination of the corpse. She wipes the mess from the surgery on the already dirty pelt. Standing she looks back at the group while Nebu finishes patching up K and has a short discussion with Lassy and Mara. Aeris and Kinara claim the spoils of the battle. Aphrodite speaks quietly to Gales body.

Aphrodite: “Little one is injured. If I am to get a use from her you need to keep her safe. Look after her better.”

Gale (inner thoughts): “It’s a scratch, calm yourself. She is quite capable of looking after herself, I was close to her age when my parents bit the bullet.”

Aphrodite: “Idiot, if you wish to compare sticks to stones far be it me to point out the differences. Now go figure out our next move.”

Gale returns to full control and starts walking back to join the group. A brief discussion about moving on and camping for the night is agreed upon and the group sets out.

As they walk the twilight begins to fade and the group plod along following Lassy and Kinara who seem to be having a discussion on most strategic and defensive spot to set up camp. Gale moves closer to Mara for but a moment.

Gale: “You getting a good vibe from her yet? Does it feel like a match made in heaven?”

Mara looks at Gale momentarily confused. Looking around for answers she finally realizes he’s talking about the gun she’s been toying with for the past hour.

Mara: “Oh, um… maybe. Is it supposed to feel so, um, I don’t know rough? I mean my arm is bruised a bit I think.”

Gale: “Sadly, I did not have time to properly teach you how to handle it so your kind of learning on the go, the kickback is an affect you’ll learn to handle, don’t let it discourage you.”

Gale looks over at the group again and back towards Mara.

Gale: “May I ask you a question? Do you feel the little one should be walking on that leg?”

Mara: “She should rest it, but you know how stubborn she can be.”

Gale: “Indeed, which is why I need your help, I’ll offer her a ride, if she refuses, pick her up and put her on my shoulders. She won’t kick you… that hard.”

Mara’s expression turned to mocked appreciation. Kinara’s ears twitched in the darkness, Gale could swear he saw the fox girl nod in acknowledgement of the plan along with hearing a slight chuckle from Nebu.

Gale cleared his throat and tried to match his stride with K, he eyed her up and down trying to figure out the best approach, he could tell she noticed and was eyeing him herself from the corner of her eyes.

Gale: “K, my fuzzy little brat. How ‘bout you let me carry you the rest of the way? You can rest that ankle a bit and maybe catch up on some sleep.”

K looked up at Gale with an irritable look.

K: “Like hell, I can walk on my own you green haired daisy pusher!”

Gale places a gentle hand on her shoulder and hutches down to her level looking her square in the eyes. Kinara makes a move falling back to get behind the girl while going unnoticed.

Aphrodite (inner thoughts) : “I believe Kinara is aware of your plan and in position.”

Gale: “Don’t make me get Mara to stop making you delicious food. Also you see we a… Now.”

Kinara grabs the off guard kitty while Gale turns around. She quickly plops her on his back and he secures her feet and returns to full stance. The angry swipes continue but momentarily as Gale begins walking again making her cling to not fall backwards.

Gale: “Easy peasy, thanks ladies. Now just sit tight little lady… and don’t mess up my hair. I carry my little girls just like this so I know what I’m doing.”

Several of the group stop mid-stride, as if they walked into a wall.

Almost everyone, in unison: “You have kids? You’re married?”

Gale: “Yes 3, and yes, I was. And how is that so hard to wrap your heads around to warrant a combined exasperated comment?”

Gale looks at the group a brief moment before continuing on, the rest shake their heads and try to come to terms before continuing.

The rest of the walk goes without hassle as Kinara and Lassy finally agree on a campsite. The night is already upon the group as they quickly set up the site. Gale finally lowers the very annoyed K and with a pat and shake he ruffles her hair before aiding the others.

-feel free to post anything that people want to talk about during the camping sequence. -

Gale volunteers to stand the first watch, he walks a small perimeter looking out towards the greenery and lets his mind wander. After a few hours, he sits down near a log near Lassy. He looks over at her hat half covering her face.

Gale (quietly): “You’re not sleeping darling, I figure it’s either you don’t trust me, us, or someone else. Or it’s just who you are, but if we are to continue this journey I would ask, am I safe in your company?”

Gale see’s a slight nod in acknowledgment, like a tip of the hat. With that Gale stands again, stretches a little and right before returning to his rounds he opens his mouth to put his foot in it.

Gale (quietly): “Good, by the way I really haven’t had the time but you are an extremely attractive woman and the fact you know your way around a piece is even better.”

As Gale walks away he feels a pair of eyes burning holes in the back of his head. He continues his watch for just a short time longer until he is relieved for the night.

The morning comes and the day is on the way. The team begins to pack up their things and continue forward.
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((It's cool.  I quite enjoyed this post.  Only thing I'd have to say about it is that I think K would probably have spoken and acted a bit differently.  But the bit with Lassy towards the end got a chuckle out of me, as well as the whole conspiring against K bit.))

[Red Forest]

The instant K senses her space being doubly violated, she tries to reverse leapfrog over whoever has gotten behind her.  However, the instant she puts the added pressure on her ankle, it sends the pain of a thousand stabbing needles up her leg, petrifying her.  Before she can react, she's up on the man's shoulders.

She tries to make a snappy remark but the pain in her leg welds her mouth shut.  Her hair practically stands on end.

By the time they reach a spot to set up camp, the pain dies down and bit and K occupies a tent, pitched by Lassy.

Before Lassy retires, she catches Nebu, sitting alone near a tree.

Lassy: Hey, Hound Dog.

Nebu: Nebu.

Lassy: Right.  Nebu.  You're a monster.

Nebu chuckles.

Nebu: How astute of you.  Did you come to that conclusion all by yourself?

Lassy: I ain't stupid, ya sarcastic mutt.  So tell me somethin'.  You ever seen Mordubeasts randomly attack people?  Or Dire Wolves huntin' in packs?

Nebu stops for a moment to ponder, looking up into the night sky.

Nebu: Now that you mention it, that does seem rather odd.  Perhaps there is something wrong with the spirit energy in the area.  Of course, there is the less likely but more frightening possibility.

Lassy: That somethin's wrong with Wyk.

Nebu: My, you certainly do know your stuff.  Not common for a Frontier native.

Lassy tips her hat down and sheathes her gunsabre, walking back towards the campsite.  She takes up a seat and pulls her hat down over her eyes to rest when Gale trots over the speak with her.

Come morning, there is a loud sound of pain.  Lassy tips up her hat and the others all pop out of the tents or sit up from their sleeping bags to find K, standing over Gale with the claws out on one of her hands, having brought them clean across Gale's face, leaving a red mark.

K: Pull that crap again and next time I'll make sure it scars.

She turns and walks off, sitting on a rock whilst the others all go on about packing up the campsite.  After packing and a few hours of travel, the first town appears on the horizon.

Lassy: And there ya have it.


Cyan opens the window to Sabrina's room in the morning, allowing sunlight to pour in and shower the professor.  Sabrina hisses and tries to hide herself beneath the covers of the bed.  Cyan, however, yanks the covers clean off and Sabrina groans.

After getting cleaned up, Sabrina heads downstairs.

Sabrina: All right, so the plan is to find a Treasure Hunter in this town that can help us reach our objective ASAP.

Cyan: Population analysis suggests that the place with the highest concentration of individuals liable to assist with our mission is the local saloon.

Sabrina: That place again, huh?

Sabrina sighs.  She walks toward the door and opens it, stepping outside.

Sabrina: The rest of you can stay here.  I'll bring back any help we can-

Axel: Heeeeelp!!!

Sabrina: Eh?

Axel shows up, rushing towards the house, only to run into Cyan, who remains planted like a wall of brick.  She catches him in her arms and looks him over.

Cyan: I appear to have caught the waiter from yesterday.
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[Red Forest]

Aeris sighs irritably, having packed up her gear for nothing. "Fine, fine," she mutters. "Brats. Packing it in so early... we'd better be rising with the sun to make up for lost time."

Nebu looks faintly insulted at the "brats" comment, but Aeris simply slots him a flat look. "Yes, even you. You might be 184, but that's practically an eyeblink to me."

She pulls out the fur she'd wrapped up, flapping it out and letting it hang from a branch before bringing out a salt kit and grinding some into the skin thoroughly so that it drys.

She perks up at the mention of her coat. "I have enough for three, Kinara. I plan to keep one for myself and sell the others, but if you'd like one..."

She trails off, losing her attention again as she goes back to fiddling with her salt kit.

"I kind of hate having to talk to nothing. I need somebody to talk to, like Kirei and Kishiou," she muses aloud, ignoring the weird looks that are becoming commonplace every time she opens her mouth. "Eon, you should get on that."


"Why not?"

We are not discussing this now. You are in the middle of your post.

"Technically, you're in the middle of your post.

...*sigh* Will it shut you up if I give you someone to talk to?

"Yes, yes it will," she replies with a bright smile.

Fine. You will have a new companion later on in this post. Now pack it in; night-night.

Aeris salutes sarcastically in a random direction. "Sir, fuck off sir!"

...I hate you.

"You created me."


[Agrabah- Kishiou's House]

Kishiou yawns widely as she comes downstairs, dressed the same as yesterday, before blinking at the commotion going on outside her house.

"Oh jeez. Not again," she groans aloud, ears drooping and tail twitching in exasperation. "Axel, whose girl did you unintentionally mack on now?"

Kirei, who is drinking coffee at the table, glances up in a baffled manner. "How on earth do you unintentionally- never mind."

The fox Zum shrugs, snagging her own coffee cup and filling it from the carafe next to the stove. "By the way, Kirei, I checked your equipment and noticed your blast globe stock was a little low, so I took the liberty of filling it up."

Kirei grimaces, slanting a look at her. "Those are expensive-"

"And if the world ends because you're one grenade short, it won't matter. You can pay me back later if it means that much to you."

Being too restrained to sigh out loud, Kirei just drinks another sip of coffee. "I think I liked it better when you actually listened to me."

"Liar liar, pants on fire~" Kishiou sing-songs, taking a sip of her hot beverage.

"You stay away from my pants, vixen. I prefer not having burns in unmentionable places."

Kishiou promptly chokes on her coffee.

While his contact is coughing, the black-suited mercenary turns towards the young silver-haired fox boy coming down the stairs. "By the way, kit. Thanks for giving me the bed. It was very generous of you." With that he polishes off the last of his coffee, and stands. "Axel, was it? How can we assist you?"


[Efreet- Outskirts]

As the group crests the hill, the sound of loud, bass roaring shakes the air from an area that looks like a destroyed farm. As their attention is drawn to it, a large lead-grey giant with red eyes and a mane of black hair sweeps out of a dust cloud, swinging wildly at something not visible to them.

"What is that?" K asks, eyes halfway bugged out at the sight of the thing.

"Mad Titan," Lassy replies, her voice a tight hiss. "Eleven foot tall, quarter-ton behemoths with rocks fer brains an' an appetite fer anythin' that moves."

"The hell is one of those doing so close to a town?" Kinara asks, eyes narrowed.

"Don't know, don't care," Lassy shoots back, hefting her Gunsabre. "Imma kill it. That varmint is too dangerous to leave alone."

"Wait, look at that!" Aeris shouts, pointing at a figure emerging from the dust cloud.

A man in black priest clothes and a blue cassock flies out of the dust cloud, ducking under one of the monster's punches and hitting back with fists like striking cobras. The grey giant reels backwards and tries to get some distance, but every time one of its feet touches the ground, the man's foot is right there next to it. He ducks and weaves around punches that cause loud thooms with every swing and strikes back with blows that leave visible divots in the Titan's iron hide.  

"Who is that man?" Mara asks, squinting at him and the damage he's doing. "He's taking on that monster with his bare hands."

"And winning," K points out.

The man goes airborne to dodge a punch that shakes the ground, flipping over and slamming a horrific axe kick into the top of the Titan's head. It falls to its knees, clutching its head as it growls in confused agony. The priest drops to the ground, his right leg flashing up in a textbook-perfect roundhouse kick that nails the monster squarely in the temple with a sickening crack.

Now most definitely concussed, the Mad Titan rears back and roars in pain. The priest ducks in and smashes his fist into its bent left kneecap, dislocating it with a crunch of breaking bone. With a moan, the giant crashes to its back, and the priest spins again and leaps up onto its chest before ramming his hand into the hollow at the base of its throat. The monster gurgles for a moment, then the man rips his hand out, pulling the trachea with it and dropping it to the ground as the Mad Titan breathes its last.

The man chuckles, shaking the blood off of his fingertips before glancing up and catching sight of the group.

"Ah, Rejoice, travelers!" he calls out, his voice incredibly deep and somewhat smug-sounding, matching the smirk on his face. "For you have come to a town besieged, and may yet save your lives by fleeing and not returning!" He taps his jaw a few times with a bloody fingertip, as though considering something. "Or, you could be foolhardy heroes and attempt to help. It's none of my business, really, but good day to you all the same."

Aeris cocks her head to the side, mirroring Nebu beside her, and asks the question on everybody's minds. "And this guy is supposed to be a priest?"
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[Efreet- West-End District / Outskirts]

The morning peak brought with it the glow and radiance of the beautiful day which promised to the people of Efreet a comfortable life of peace and privilege. Too bad it was being shit upon by the creatures who have decided that Efreet seemed to be the place to be on this pleasant day. The people ran as home after home was overrun in the West-End districts. The creatures scurrying on the ground past the giant woman with ice colored skin seemed to be insignificant and pest-like. The normal patrol and guards could easily handle them, if they got off their asses and actually decided to help the poorer folk. Being that as it may, the glances of the woman were meeting that of a much larger threat. The creature lumbered forward smashing buildings as it’s massive body wondered haphazardly towards her in excitement. 15 times as tall as a normal human and being comprised off all bone. The giant woman raises a hand in a ponderous way trying to recall the tales of a creature the foreigners of far lands called Gashadokuro. A creature that ate the heads of it’s victims and drank their blood, if that wasn’t enough it would add their corpses to it’s mass becoming larger and larger with each onslaught.

Æthelinda stood calmly allowing the monster the first move in the dance called her life. With its mighty clawed hand it reached for her in its excitement. It gripped her tightly, she could feel the cold in its fingers. Then with a pull its whole body moved slightly back and then stopped suddenly shaking roughly, its head whiplashing. It looked down in confusion, again it tried to pick up the giant but she did not budge. It reached its second hand down and gripped her as well. With a tug and pull it tried once again to heave the woman, somewhat like a child trying to pull a stubborn stem from the ground. She stood still, grossly unamused at the creatures groping of her personal assets. Finally either she had enough or it did, fore it released her and formed a fist. Punching towards her with all its might, the fist connected. Then continued to move, unfortunately for it the woman did not. The hand shattering and spitting in two as it went further and further down the street until half way up its forearm was spit and chunks of weaker bone fell with their trademark clatter to the streets. Finally she looked the creature in the eye socket, her boredom with it was enough finally. She opened her mouth releasing her heavenly dainty voice across the mornings brilliance. “I do have a life you know. Can’t spend all morning playing games with you, places to be you understand. Just a little helpful advice, next time you want to feel up a girl… don’t.”

She clenched her right hand with all her might, knuckles whitened at the pressure. With a simple spry tap on Gashadokuro’s shoulder the entire arm exploded backwards dislodging and flying across the roofs of several homes before landing in front of *some poor duffs impressive entrance. Bone fragments shot out like spears across the street killing many of the little monsters still milling around. The bone creature looked down in an almost shocked and horrified look at it’s missing appendage. It stumbled backwards falling on its back releasing an almost glass shattering shrieking noise like a child throwing a tantrum.

K’s party stood watching in confusion at the scene before them. Some with mouths agape, others in quiet half titled contemplation. The priest took a few steps toward the group as the dust settled around his presence. He looked with a sly eye noticing the impressed looks on the groups eyes. He began to open his mouth when the shadow appeared blocking out the sun, looking up he stepped but just a few feet back as what resembled a somewhat mangled giant bone hand landed directly in his path. He looked over the appendage at the once again confused party. With a sigh he reached with his sleeve to remove the fresh dirt and dust staining is face. Stepping through the debris he moved to the party once again opening his arms to begin a reading and greeting. His mouth just got to form his first word when a screech of unnatural original completely blew over the group silencing him. The priest looked towards the town in annoyance, tapping his foot for a moment, finally with the silence he looked back at the group and smiled once again. “Wh-” *CRASH* a giant skull 3 times the size of the man hits the ground rolling past the intermission between the groups. The priest looks at the group and violently throws his hands up in the air in enragement, he looks to the sky as if talking to someone. “C’mon, I mean I just want to say like 3 damn words and apparently someone thinks this is becoming amusing, shall I do a little dance for you as well?” The priests arms drop to his sides and he once again wipes away the dirt and dust. He stands but three steps from the party at this point, realizing his closeness he gives a sly smirk and opens his mouth. “Ho-”

“Excuse me darlings.” A dainty voice carries a heavy weight across the field but the source could not be seen. It seemed to originate from behind a pile of rubble from a collapsed house. The priest shut his mouth once again, he shoots a heavy look towards the direction and begins walking that way.

“Are you kidding me already.” The priest shouts in an annoyed tone. “I mean I just want to introduce myself to these fun and adventurous looking people, but nooooo, someone is playing a game having their little fun. Now come out here so I can look down at you and scold.”

A large chunk of rock displaces as a giant frost colored woman flings it across the destroyed street. “What did you just say to me little man?” She walks briskly and fiercely towards the priest pulling the sleeves up on her coat before stopping in front of him. “I just wanted to make sure the damn skull isn’t still alive, but nooooo” She bends half over to meet his gaze, the look on confusion as he tried to match the angelic dainty voice to the large woman in front of him, her cleavage not more than a foot ahead of him shaking directly in his face with her motions. “You have to give me the 3rd degree, I mean are you that enthralled with this group here that you couldn't show some mann-” Her gaze meets with Gale who has slowly worked his way to the front of the team.

“Miss Tanis, is that you my beloved, I mean that outfit, WOW?” Gale bravely spoke out.

Æthelinda moves quickly and excitedly towards the green haired man, the priest stepping back to avoid being caught in her stride. She reaches out her arms in mid stride and picks up the defenseless man squishing his face between her breasts. A small smile creeps across his face as she shakes him happily. “Oh my handsome green haired wolf you, I am so tired of this shit it makes me so happy to see you again.” She drops him before backing up a few steps. She eyes the group and opens her mouth. “Who are all you idiots?”
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Wishful Thinking: Voyage of the Sun
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