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 Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)

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PostSubject: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 2:34 am

This will be for information on your all of our Main Cities, Attributes, Environments, Secondary Cities, Minor Characters, as well as Advantages.

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 7:04 pm

How To Make your Main City / Camp / Kingdom.

Location: (based off main city Perlins or another players stuff, try to use days travel for distances)
Population: (our main locations will be starting with populations of 500-1000, if you have different populations of people post how many of each race there are.)
Peoples Main Trades: (this is for uncommon types of people in your city, such as a commonly practiced trade that is not normally done. Examples are; Fire Wizards, Pit Fighters, Clerics, Assassins, Inventors, Gun-smiths, Ninjas, etc... please only pick 2 for now. Just because it's not on your main interests it doesn't mean certain things are not practiced in your city either.)
Peoples Beliefs / Traditions: How your people work and act in your city.
Population Emotions: How are they, do they feel safe, panicked, discriminated by another race. Do they like visitors or are they staunch traditionalists.)
Capital Building: (The center of town / leadership / where you live)
Important Structures: (Libraries, master smith shops, guard towers, special invention shops, special stables, etc... Things that are amazing or groundbreaking impressive. While your city may have some of these buildings, there considered not impressive. So the Important Structures are things people may come to visit since yours is considered unique and above all others. To start the game you can only have 2 important structures)
Town setup: You don't need map or anything but a short description of the layout and what your cities houses and stuff looks like)
Security: (Are your people all neutral and peaceful and allow anything to go or do you have some kind of security implements in the works to keep them safe. This can be saying you have guards, or volunteer squads at night or whatever, if you have too much security remember your people may not enjoy the constant sight of armed guards and make them uneasy.)
Other: (anything else important to post)

How To Make your Attribute.

-an attribute is a special resource your domain exports and cultivates, it makes you a viable trade partner to other places and gives you the unique control over it. (unless you get invaded or your facility is destroyed) While it is an attribute it is cultivated somewhere close by, such as a forest, mine, factory, etc... Your resource can be just like a useful material or it could be a weapon or armor or whatever. For now we each have 1 Attribute.

Where it's Cultivated / Created: A mine, factory, etc...
How is it Cultivated / Created: Description of how it's obtained
What does it do: Brief explanation of what it is used for.

How To Make your Environment.

-an environment is some kind of terrain or location around your domain. It is not something you control more of a place that adds interest to your domain. Such as a lake, forest, mountain, ghost town. Something that allows interaction with and makes our world seem more realistic.

Location: Where is it in respect to your main location.
Anything Special:

How To Make your Secondary Location / Village / Small City.

Location: Where is it in respect to your main location.
What it's Like: Describe it.
Population: Just like you did main location, between 100-200.
Important Structure: Just like main location but this time only 1.
Special / Other:
Who's in Charge: Who runs this place.

Secondary Character.

-since it seems the person in charge of your 2nd territory is special you get to make a mini character for them.


*The Stats work just like main characters but instead of starting with 1's in everything, they start with 0's. You get 5 points to spend.

Equipment: What they usually carry


- We each start with ONE advantage. An advantage is something special or unique that adds or benefits you. This can range from anything. Like a War Asset, Defensive Benefit, or Special Case. Some examples may be; A giant monster that you've trained for attacks. A Special tower that is defending your secondary city with magically fireballs or something else. Or even a special buildings or sights that adds bonuses to things like food, supplies, happiness, or even population every season or year. Check the God-Kings since I will give him a few advantages for examples since while we only have one, he has many.

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 7:18 pm

God-King Fearon

Name: Perlins
Location: Center of the world
Population: 150,000 Humans, 100,000 Others
Peoples Main Trades: Many uncommon trades are practiced, the ones not really seen inside the cities walls are inventing types, Fearon enjoys simplicity and hates the machines of the new era.
Peoples Beliefs / Traditions: They believe in God-King Fearon, they abide by the Lottery tradition. They do mostly normal day things and live normal lives. The humans in Perlins are more bigoted towards other races, even the guards and God-King himself feel other races are never equal.
Population Emotions: They feel safe from outside threat and normal day to day problems. They are horrible scared of the Lottery the God-King implements but other than that are happy and do not fear the Go-dKing would hurt them without reason. Crime is non-existant due to harsh punishments for being caught doing anything wrong.
Capital Building: The Ivory Tower, stretching miles into the sky and lined with spikes baring the bodies of the Lottery winners.
Important Structures: Many, but most are only able to be visited by approved workers and people, not really public places.
Town setup: Everything circles the tower. Structures are made of white and green marble and looks brand new and vibrant. Mile high walls circle from center out in 3 layers, the middle is high class and important people, middle is middle-class and important other races, and final ring is low-class and a lot of other races.
Security: Fearon Knights walk the streets, they implement the God-Kings will and keep the city pristine and safe. Very powerful Warrior Mages that have magic gifted by the God-king himself.
Other: Lottery = 1 person above the age of 5 is picked randomly every day and sacrificed to the God-King, he does what he wills with the person and then leaves the remains on 1 of his many spikes lining his tower.


Raging Titan (War Asset)
A massive Elephant thats been trained and tortured for war. It's size is about 5 times that of a normal elephant and it has 2 sets of massive tusks covered in platinum and spikes. It is rarely seen in the streets except during the God-Kings parades. It could be considered as having the strength of about 100 men. It also has harnesses with a massive trebuchet mounted making it a horrifying siege machine.

Opal Tower (Defensive Asset)
A tower rising about 100 yards with a large opal sitting atop it. It sits in the center of the slave district of Perlins. when one exits past a set curfew or breaks a law within sight, it can fire a beam of old world magic that turns victims to stone. It is for enforcing law and suppressing riots. Each shot has about a 3 minute delay.

The Foster Statues (Training Bonus)
A group of enchanted statues. They really have no use in battle or defending the city but they function as full on trainers and parents for children orphaned by events... sadly it's usually the Lottery. These orphans are raised under constant training to be the God-Kings elite army. So the Foster Statues produce high ranking soldiers faster than normal.

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 25, 2014 10:25 pm

-Main City-

4 days travel to the SouthWest of Perlins
745 (10 Blood Sisters)
Peoples Main Trades:
Witchcraft and Necromancy are the two most practiced trades throughout my land. Both are kept within check by Dusk and have strict rules on never causing harm to others in pursuit of discovery. Doesn't mean I won't let them practice on enemy invaders or threats to my lands tho.
Peoples Beliefs / Traditions:
They welcome visitors warmly but enjoy the initial looks of horror and unpleasantness they cause by how they dress and go about there lives. The Witches who live in the town are very ritualistic in how they go about there days and practices, they will not be upset if ritual is disturbed by outsider but will be upset if disturbed by those who should know better. The Necromancers are the elite few, they walk with grandeur and are quite commonly seen with a drove of skeletal animals following them. They tend to avoid outsiders due to past history of being considered evil people but generally enjoy intellectual talk and magic speak. The Top Witches known as Blood Sisters are like the royalty of the town. There is no bottom class of people, since most jobs are seen a rituals to most and much better then life inside Perlins.
Population Emotions:
Happy, social people. They live most their lives considering it's fate so some of them are very impulsive.
Capital Building:
BloodMoor, an Old Haunted type looking mansion overgrown with unique blood red vines and plants, inside is amazing detailed and clean and polished, like complete opposite of outside, known for housing Dusk as well as handling diplomacy matters and housing honored guests in his land. Filled with lots of strange creepy artifacts kept under museum type glass.
Important Structures:
Cauldron of Blood, a kind of Stonehenge type area that had a large cauldron in the middle of it that houses blood from almost every inhabitant of WillowBane, volunteered of course or secured from hostiles. It's a very potent tool for most Witches and Necromancers and boosts the effects of their spells. Blood Sisters bathe in it to gain immense power for when they need to perform major spells or fight against dangerous foes.
Witches Hollow or better known in the town of WillowBane as Little Shop of Horrors. Here is where you will find all sorts of materials and books for most kinds of magic, not just Witchcraft and Necromancy. People come from all around when needing rare supplies for their magics and rituals. Not uncommon to find the head witch giving lessons to young potentials or seeing scarecrow crafting and creation. Also a rather large venus fly trap sits in the front of the store and is magically enchanted to act alive and talk and offer advise to visitors.
Town setup:
The town is hilly and has plenty of pumpkin patches and scarecrows throughout, crows are prevalent as well. Large ghostly decayed type houses dot the tops of hills and form small alleys of homes throughout. No real center of town and stores and businesses are located throughout. Think Nightmare Before Christmas style. While homes look aged and old they are quite well maintained and usually look amazing on insides, even small homes could be considered large houses and many tribes of Witches tend to live together in manors and such.
Blood Sisters work powerful blood magic over the various Scarecrows that dot the town, usually one is in every yard if not more. They can become active when told or when they detect foul play as judged by the Blood Sister in current control, they arm themselves with sickles and pitchforks. Currently there are about 100 Scarecrows that protect the area but sadly they are cumbersome and while scary looking are about half as powerful as an average human, but easily made and crafted daily by beginning Witches and Necromancers.


Name: GhostRock
Where it's Cultivated / Created: A mine just a mile outside of WillowBane. It's entire trail from the town is lined with Jack-o-Lanterns and Scarecrows. It's outside resembled a Skull with the entrance going inside it's open fanged mouth.
How is it Cultivated / Created: Ghostrock is made out of living beings that have passed on. Their corpses are prepared by a witch coven who value respect and courtesy for the dead beyond all else. They are then buried in set chambers of the mine and sealed with the dirt of the cave. More revered or special burials have more elaborate rituals instead of a just a quick burial. The only ones who get a less than note-worthy burial are enemies of the land. The more elaborate the burial and time given to decompose the better quality the GhostRock.
What does it do: GhostRock can be used in a variety of ways. It burns hotter than coal and powers any kind of device it's attached to. It is extremely safe and handles all kinds of stress well. It is known far and wide one low quality GhostRock can heat and cool a families home for about a year or light a cities streetlamps for months. High quality GhostRock is basically limitless in power but most devices of this era need not it's power.


Name: Darkwood Forest
Location: A days travel North of WillowBane
Description: A forest composed of black coniferous trees. Some of it's more dangerous plant-life have vines that act like octopus tentacles that grab their victims and leech life from their blood. Extremely dangerous place with very dangerous creatures. Usually the only visitors are people wishing to test their survival skills to the max or expeditions wishing to find the hidden runes and treasures, the forest contains. So dangerous that Dusk has ordered a small coven of witches to patrol it's outer edges to warn newcomers of it's dangers.
Anything Special: Hidden runes and treasures, as well as the animals themselves being noteworthy trophies for hunters and their skins / scales being usable for high quality goods. Again... Extremely Dangerous.

-Secondary Location-

Name: Deadtown
Location: 1 day travel to the East of WillowBane
What it's Like: Deadtown is a strange but wondrous in it's mere existence and potential. It is built between canyon walls and has the bones of all sorts of creatures surrounding it and even being the bases for some of it's more impressive structures. It is even believed that some of the more elaborate and unclassifiable bones are those of the slain gods from the time of the first war. The town stretches for about 10 miles and most structures that are being built are being built higher than wider. All kinds of plant-life, structure materials and designs are utilized by the denizens of the town, it's considered one of the most amazing cities to see and visit. Any person of any race may visit the village and are greeted with brilliant minds, great artisans, and many more gifted peoples. Not requiring sleep or sustenance the people work day and night on their passions.
Population: 200 (Deadlanders)
Important Structure: The Ancients Library. A tower like building built from the bones of the ancients. Power can be felt throughout the entire 25 floor structure and books of all sorts can found and explored in it's halls. It is meticulously cared for by the Deadlanders and all people of any race or domain are allowed to peruse the collection for free. Deadlanders have nothing to fear in the ways of violence or death so they do not fear the exploration or collecting of any subject in the library. Often messages are sent to far and new lands asking for books and information to stock the shelves of the library and the ones who share information are usually given a wealth of gifts from Deadtown.
Special / Other: Deadtown is a mysterious place. A Deadlander is immune to all types of damage, death, poison, etc... but if they leave the radius of the Town they collapse and turn to dust. When a living person visits they can only stay in the town for up to 48 hours in a weeks time. If they stay longer than that the transformation from whatever race they were to Deadlander is permanent, there is no turning back. The Deadlanders allow any to join them but stress the severity of the choice. If you visit the land you are tracked by the RED MESSENGERS, people who keep up with your hours and location so when time gets close you are warned to leave.
Who's in Charge: While the Deadlanders are self governing they listen to Dusk like a leader, he has placed Dawn "Green Eyes" in charge, while she does not live there she visits frequently to keep Dusk updated.

-Secondary Character-

Name: Dawn "Green Eyes"
Race: Human
Description: "Green Eyes" walked into Dusk's life at a harsh time. He was in the middle of defending his people from the harsh creatures of Darkwood. After losing his arm to the vicious T-Rex like creature that chased his people to their new location he was weak, tired and the mask was ever winning it's fight for control of his mind.

Out from the harsh elements walked a young girl, barely 9 years old. With large green eyes and butchered hair. Dressed in nothing but a straightjacket, clearly with no purpose or plan to stop her march she drudged on. Dusk approached the poor girl. Kneeling, he placed his only remaining arm on the girl and without a word from either of them a mutual bond was formed. He placed his vest around the girl to keep her dry and brought her to join his people. Since then she has remained a mystery to all but Dusk, who cares for her. She has shown great ability with magics, and while continuing to barely speak along with wearing her straightjacket she is trusted and revered enough to be the right hand of Dusk. Her name comes from a comment Dusk made, that she was "the Dawn of better times for him."


Strength: 0
Endurance: 0
Agility: 0
Knowledge: 1
Magic: 4 "Healing and Telepathic Magics"

Equipment: Straightjacket
Other: With months of combined efforts from the regenerative abilities of the mask and her potent healing abilities she was able to return Dusks missing hand to him.


DoomTrain, a large powerful locomotive created from bones of the old gods. A brilliant designed engine runs off of specialized GhostRock. It is tinted a steel black color and other than the large demonic skull for the front looks like a normal if not gothic styled train. It is about 50 compartments and is able to fly off the ground if needed and requires no rails. It sets down as set points and unless a point is established will be unable to stop fully. Doomtrain has the unique ability to hold Deadlanders inside without them dying, if they set one foot off the train they explode to dust. So Doomtrain has a crew of dedicated Deadlanders that are powerful fighters if any threat is made towards the train or its riders. Doomtrain currently travels from WillowBane, Deadtown and Perlins. Waypoint Crystals will be given to other players if they wish to allow Doomtrain to go through their lands or not. Mainly for transportation and supplies, it allows any riders for free as long as they abide the 1 round trip rotation so no living on the train. Has carts dedicated to fine dining and even trading.

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 28, 2014 12:00 am

Dodging the Milky Way ad for no matter whether or not it pops up

Main City

Name: Keaton
Location: Southeast. A five day travel distance.
Population: 867 population- 541 Vulpinians, 172 humans, the rest of the population is Other.
Peoples Main Trades: Minstrels and Artisans.
Peoples Beliefs / Traditions: Living aside a deep forest, nature is very important, though not absolute; it can be manipulated when it is not seeking to regain its control over us. Visitors, scholars, researchers, performers, and the like are welcome. Really only those who seek to do harm are disliked and/or refused entry. The citizens are asked to pursue their interests, be it intellectual and scholarly or physical and enduring. There is usually a small business owner of any kind of trade. This is the one place where people are accepted and free and usually can act as such; some regulations apply. They have festivals for each season, and the solstices. One odd celebration is of the Blue and Clear Moons. They feel something in nature and Spirit happens around times of a second Full or New Moon within a month. They set aside time to honor this phenomenal. While hard work isn't a value per say, as of course there are lazy civilians too, there is an understanding that your effort gets results.
Population Emotions: All in all, the place and its people are genuinely happy. As they are encouraged to follow their passions, less conflicts occur. The largest regulation is simply know when not to cross the bounds.  Most citizens feel accepted. Both of the leaders try to be as involved in the city and region as they can, getting dirty and being with the people, learning as many as they can. If a towns member doesn't know the two rulers, then one of the Council does or the Vulpine Warriors.
Capital Building: Keaton Castle found toward the center of Keaton but leaning towards the north and which ever direction is Perlins. The castle is split into three wings. The first has the most medieval castle structure in terms of that's where the servants work, sleep and take care of anything. Muyira and Lucina house here, each with a main quarters and an extra privacy quarters acting like a mini wing. The second is the councilmen rooms, and other government needed rooms. The third section takes up the most square footage. The castle has a large foyer hall with, dining hall (think Hogwarts-like), ball room and stage. During festivals, the times of gather the citizens join to eat together and dance. Only 2 festivals require use of the castle.
Important Structures:
The Grand Plaza: a large flat area of paved brick a mild walk from the castle, known for its fabulous fountain in the center and 'hot spot' of a location. One can see the castle and the top of the coliseum from there. It is the heart of town, and the location of many holidays/festivals.
The Colosseum: a large arena carved into 2 1/2 large trees with connector brick walls and seats along the ring. Here is where the more action based festivals and holidays take place, or the local where the more aggressive play sports or duel. (hey if you ever wanted to have the Olympics, we'll host) When the festivals are taking place at the plaza, this is where the fireworks are shot from. Yes there's a spot to dodge the trees, whose branches actually secure and stabilize the wind, making firework control and aiming much easier. Plus Ironwood stands help.

Town setup: Most laws are set up with economic principles in mind: not mindless controlling but are done to keep things running smoothly. Half of the city starts to lead into the forest. Toward the continent's center, outside of the main borders, smaller half-suburb (village-like) areas are used for farming. If  traveling from Perlins, or the center of the continent, one would see the farms first, with the castle on the horizon. Through basic trees the stonework is clean from moss and entanglement. As one progresses, past the Castle and the Grand Plaza with plants living around the city and multiple level do to the one corner turns into a small river at a much lower altitude with a lower section of the city called The Under. As one continues, the city looks like it had been in the forest for much longer, built around large trees and allowing even more small ones between the cracks.
Security: In Keaton, there are four police stations positioned near each plaza/square in each cardinal direction. The police officers go on regular patrols, but everyone tends to be fairly easygoing so they don't need a lot.
Fun note: the Dark Arts and Black Market, while illegal, are persistently instead of viciously pursued; as long as it doesn't endanger the common public or the Great Spirit's gift of nature the criminals usually won't get severely punished. There's a mutual understanding between the law, the bystanders and the public. While they want it controlled and not expanding, as long as boundaries are set and not cross their existences are accepted.

Other: The Vulpine Warriors: a group of eleven foxes trained with the top skills of the land. Each member has a different fur color. Only the main leaders are more powerful.

Keaton Castle:


Name: Ironwood
Where it's Cultivated / Created: Azzar section in the Iarann Forest
How is it Cultivated / Created: There are certain quadrants designated for Ironwood Cultivation. It works a lot like a timber yard, but suited up with equipment that could actually cut it, meaning magically induced tools.
What does it do: Ironwood is a type of tree subspecies that the wood has developed into being more strong than steel.  There are several versions, all of which are found in Iarann Forest for whichever bizarre reason. The versions include coniferous trees, certain shrubbery and bamboo. There are workers who cultivate usually have 4 tails. The bamboo is the fastest sprouting.

Name: Iarann Forest
Location: Keaton is on the edge of this forest which stretches pretty wide behind
Description: The Vulpinians have explored a fair amount of the woods, so they named certain sections for making their lives easier. There are the Bakal, Ferro, Altzairu, Azzar, and Karfe. Any type of tree basically grows here. The classic fantasy 'thick forests' is how it starts to get when you travel far enough in. There are pockets of bamboo forests, still baring Ironwood.
Anything Special: um...debateble xD Non-canine species tend to have an easier time getting lost.

Minor Location

Name: Azeria Pokiha
Location: East-Souteast from Keaton
What it's Like: In the Iarann Forest, there is a large lake. Azeria is on the edge of the lake between it and the deep forest. The city actually has two parts, the fisherman/travelers half on the land, and the other half that's in the trees. The citizens show a nice blend of living in and out of nature. There's enough on the ground for visitors to think that ground level is the whole city, but the proportion is about 60-40 (either direction works lol.)
Population: 137
Important Structure: Just outside the city, there is a large black tower in the center of a large lake. No one has been inside it. However there are multiple creatures living in the lake that are serious threats. They generally seem to prevent intruders near the tower. Over the years the locals, and fisherman, have learned the signs of their presence and know how to escape unharmed; as such they can still make a living by fishing
Special / Other: While for the main festivals (involving fireworks or the castle) Azeria citizens are invited for attendance at Keaton, there are always a few who prefer to celebrate further into the woods
Who's in Charge: Lorelei
Here she is:

-Secondary Character-

Name: Lorelei
Race: Vulpinian
Description: Where the rulers lack in experience, Lorelei is intelligent and mentors them. She is seven years their senior and spends time at both Azeria and Keaton. Lorelei has known them for years, watching them grow up almost like a big sister, cousin, or neighbor. She comes to Keaton whenever the girls need her wisdom.

Strength: 0
Endurance: 0
Agility: 1
Knowledge: 3
Magic: 1

Equipment: Um... ??? Depends on the day
Other: As Muyira and Lucina like to perform music, Lorelei likes to dance.
Here is the tree half of Azeria:


In Azeria's lake, the lone tower has a guardian creature Uryanal, the Serpent of Time's Forest. Over the centuries, the snake has protecting the tower, allowing no one inside or near it. It swims real deep beneath the waves or climbs the tower to block aerial assaults. However, a group of Vulpinians and two humans approached it one night, and learned it was intelligent and spoke aloud, unlike it's roommates beneath the waters. Over several visits, an understanding occurred, and Uryanal accepts the Vulpinians and other citizens as 'good life' for these woods. However, only a select few are given 'friendship' from him.

The tower:

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Broken11

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2014 5:03 pm

Name: Yoshpet
Location: Seven days to the south of Perlins. At the foothills of the southern mountains, the area is fairly snow-covered and forested.
Population: 160 Fenrir Ninja, 124 Human Ninja, 16 Vulpinian Ninja, 467 civilians (56 Vulpinians, about an even mix of Humans and Fenrir).
Peoples Main Trades: Ninja, Metalworkers
Peoples Beliefs / Traditions: A lot of faith is placed in self-determination. Though some religions are practiced, the city is home to more Agnostics (those who do not follow a religion) than anywhere else in the world. There are two holidays that are commonly celebrated, the Dawn of Dawning (May 24th), and the Day of Rest (December 17th). They are similar the summer harvest and new year's festivals (respectively), though they happen at different times.
Population Emotions: The people of Yoshpet are very straightforward, go-with-the-flow type people. They're not all warriors, but they all have their own sort of courage. The civilians live hand-in-hand with professional killers, and they know it. They sell food to a guy who can stab them faster than they could blink, clothes to beings who will only rip-tear-shred-bleed on them. People race over their rooftops at all hours of the night. And when the call to evacuate comes, they calmly pick up their emergency bags and go. When it's all over, they come outside, take stock of the damage, and breathe a sigh of relief before moving on with their lives. They're not ninja. But they don't let that phase them.
Capital Building: The Tower of Yoshpet- a sixty-foot tall tower constructed of both wood and stone, placed centrally in the town. A defensible position, but doubles as an administrative building.
Important Structures: The Archive- a place full of information, tomes, and artifacts collected by the Yoshpet Ninja and their spy network. Doubles as a library, but there are sealed-off sections that only Ninja of certain ranks can access.
Shinobi Academy- The place where new ninja recruits are trained. Larger than most town structures; doubles as a secondary barracks for the ninja.
Town setup: Circular, several miles in diameter. Ringed by a low wall, with the back of the city against a mountainside. Farms are built around the secondary village, about fifteen miles east, with a few easily traveled roads connecting the two.
Security: Five teams of Ninja (four apiece, making 20 total) take separate patrol routes across the city and around the walls. Three more teams scout the roads leading to the farmland outside the walls, keeping them safe for the farmers to travel. Neighborhood Watch programs run by the townsfolk are common, which keeps incidents of crime down even lower.
Other: The Yoshpet Ninja often accept contracts from other towns and from trade convoys to protect them from bandits and other threats.

Name: Lozarin Mountains
Location: Directly behind the village, and stretching to the south for a good thirty miles.
Description: A large mountain range catagorized by moderate snowfall and forested slopes. Home to many dangerous animals, but also a great natural defense against invaders.

Anything Special: The mountains are full of caves and tunnels. No one knows who built them, and they're mostly unexplored.

Name: Mercenari (Mercenaries)
Where it's Cultivated / Created: In Yoshpet itself.
How is it Cultivated / Created: By training up ninja and forming contacts with the other cities.
What does it do: The Yoshpet Ninja run a thriving mercenary business, running missions for all sorts of clients. Protection details, courier missions, bandit hunting, driving off dangerous animals from settlements, finding treasures and information, the list goes on and on. They try to stay away from assassination missions, however, as Ranulf doesn't want to tick off too many people just yet.

Name: Kamira
Location: Fifteen miles to the east
What it's Like: A small farming hamlet, mainly built out of thatch houses and wheat fields. Near the Ravio River, which created a fertile soil plain to farm on.
Population: 183. 21 ninjas (five rotating squads of rookies, on training exercises plus Cynthia Remolino), the rest civilians of both Human and Fenrir races.
Important Structure: Central Keep- a fenced-in area of the town where the citizens are to gather in case of an emergency. It has a bunker dug underground and many traps hidden within and around it.
Special / Other: (Maybe later)
Who's in Charge: Cynthia Remolino

Name: Cynthia Remolino
Race: Fenrir
Description: Cynthia is the daughter of the Remolino Clan Head, the enemies of the Ivalo Clan and the Yoshpet ninja in general. She was the only Jounin of their clan to defect the night of Ranulf's coup. Haunted all her life by her unusual appearance for Fenrir as well as her status as an Omega (one who lacks the will to do violence, but has strong protective instincts), she finally found a place as Ranulf's second-in-command, training the rookie Yoshpet ninja up to standards and making sure that the city has a steady food supply. She is very kind, despite her fierce appearance and great power, and is very much a maternal or older sister figure to many of the younger ninja and civilians, once they get to know her.

Strength: 2
Endurance: 1
Agility: 1
Knowledge: 1
Magic: 0

Equipment: Just her armor. Cynthia is extremely strong and skilled, and doesn't need to fight with anything other than her natural advantages. Her armor, despite being metal, has been worked and spelled in such a way that it is completely silent, and will not make noise no matter how quickly Cynthia is moving.
Other: She is attracted to Ranulf and holds strong feelings towards him. However, she keeps them held close to her, as he does not return her affections.
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)   Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 8:41 pm

Name: Cruor
Location: A 14 days travel directly north of Perlins, right at the southern edge of the Naobi desert.
Population: 500. 499 Invis, 1 Human (Verum)
Peoples Main Trades: Metalworking (specifically blades and other warfare weapons) and agriculture.
Peoples Beliefs / Traditions: While the Invis seem to have replaced the tradition of worshiping whoever is next in line the chief family, it still has not fully faded away as the chief has been replaced by Verum. All of the Invis in the city look up to Verum in very high respect, and while he refuses to let them worship him as a god, some continue to do so anyway. At the very least, all of the Invis recognize him as their leader, even the former chief family. The Invis also have three holidays throughout the year, each one signifying a different aspect of their lives: The Day of Life (the first day of the massive three-day harvest), the Day of Death (the first day of a three-day fighting tournament) and the Day of Enlightenment (the first day of a three-day scholarly pursuit, where all Invis participate in a retelling of the past the first day, the state of affairs the second day, and the hopes for the future on the third day.)
Population Emotions: As stated in their bio, the Invis are a very downtrodden people who lack confidence in themselves, but they see Verum as a beacon of hope. When rallied by Verum, the Invis prove themselves to be a very strong people who are undoubtedly loyal. After centuries upon centuries of being discriminated against and hated by almost all other races, they find themselves to be very wary of outsiders, and while they are open to visitors, they are always on the defensive.
Capital Building: "Ionad," located directly in the center of the city, on top of a massive rock in the middle of the Infinite Oasis (with a path leading to it). Like the rest of the buildings in the city, the capital is square and constructed of a hardened clay substance similar to adobe, although much more durable. The first floor contains the living quarters of the city's chief generals and commanders, as well as the majority of the heavier weapons for the cities' militia. The second floor belongs to administration, where economic and political decisions concerning the city are made. The third floor and final floor belongs entirely to Verum, and houses all of his collected artifacts, from books to weapons and the like.
Important Structures: The most important structure (other than the capital) in the entire city lies to the southwest. This building is referred to simply (and rather uncreatively) "The Building of Life." It is the cities' chief agricultural building, housing all of the land's incredibly rare and coveted "Holy Soil," a soil remarkable for being able to grow any type of food or grain available, and within a very short amount of time. In fact, the Day of Life is more cultural than anything because the Holy Soil is constantly providing food and resources. It is enough to sustain all of the Invis while still being a major export. The other major building is "The Building of Death" which is essentially a massive smithy. The Invis have always been very knowledgeable with weapon making, and the smithy is designed to provide the most high quality, durable and yet beautifully intricate blades available. This gives the Invis very powerful offensive weapons, attracting many warriors from the continent for the expensive blades. While the Invis have attempted to dabble in armor-making, their attempts have resulted in mediocrity, so for now they stick to blades. Someday, however, Verum plans to introduce the Invis to the much more recent art of gunsmithing.  
Town setup: The city is organized triangularly: the massive Infinite Oasis (and Ionad) in the middle, with a complex system of canal networks running through every building to provide fresh water. At the top of the triangle is the Building of Enlightenment, a recent addition to the city that provides a place for scholarly pursuits, housing a small library filled with citizens' works. As it is new and still growing, it is not yet considered an important structure. The left node of the triangle is the Building of Life, and the right one is the Building of Death.
Security: Due to the city's very low population, every citizen is required to be join the army upon coming-of-age. While there, they are taught adequate use of the blade and other weapons. For this reason, the whole city has a very strict bond of trust and loyalty with one another, causing crime to be very uncommon (but not nonexistent).
Other: Verum has only recently gotten the city's scholars to reveal the magic scrolls that they had kept hidden for so long. Verum believes that these scrolls can help the Invis reunlock their potency with fire magic, however he currently only teaching his apprentice to confirm that this works.

Name: Holy Soil
Where it's Cultivated / Created: Currently it is all housed in the Building of Life, where it's being cultivated almost constantly.
How is it Cultivated / Created: Used just like any other soil, except for some reason the results appear much, much faster.
What does it do: The Holy Soil is able to cultivate any type of fruit or vegetable, regardless of it's origin. It feeds the people of the city and is used as a major export.

Name: The Infinite Oasis
Location: The Infinite Oasis is directly in the middle of Cruor.
Description: Providing a water source for the entire city, and connects to other locations in the desert.
Anything Special: While not actually infinite, it gets it's name because it seems to have a near constant supply of water. In fact, the Oasis is merely one piece of a massive aquifer-esque system that stretches all through the Naobi Desert. The desert's sporadic weather (although this is only in the more northern regions, as Cruor is on the southern edge) fills this aquifer with water and deposits most of it "miraculously" at the Oasis.

Name: Mire
Location: A 1 day travel to the north-west of Cruor
What it's Like: Mire is a settlement started not by the Invis, but by traveling adventurers and and agriculturalists looking to find Holy Soil and other hidden wonders within the Naobi Desert. But seeing as it was established in a time where the Invis were even more hated and despised, they decided to start their own settlement to provide a jumping-off point for those coming to seek what lies within the desert. While it still provides this purpose, the Invis have entered the city, making Mire a small but growing place of intermingling cultures and ideals.
Population: Mire has about 175 people, with 35 Invis, and 140 various: About 95 humans, 15 Fenrir, and 30 Vulpinian.
Important Structure: The Adventurers Guild- Established at the same time as Mire itself, the Adventurers Guild is only one of many similar establishments throughout the continent. It provides a place for adventurers to meet and plan and what-not, although this one is meant specifically for ventures into the Naobi Desert.
Who's in Charge: Verum's apprentice, Crosc.

Name: Crosc
Race: Invis
Description: Crosc was a mere 13 years old whenever Verum arrived in the the city of Cruor. While the boy had a home, he was little more than a reject of rejects, secretly despised by a people too afraid of their own shadow to voice their emotions. Crosc had been treated this way thanks to his red-tinted skin and the black "tears" that seeped from his eyes at birth, instead of the traditional blood-red (in addition to his already odd black eyes). All of these "defects" were a result of a disorder that hadn't been seen in thousands of years. While it had formerly symbolized godly potential, the Invis had abandoned that tradition and saw the boy as little more than an abomination. Crosc was delighted the day that Verum arrived in the city, as he finally found someone different, someone that wasn't like everyone else. It was Crosc that offered Verum a place to stay, not in his family's home but the small shack he had forged in the back alley, his own private estate that he retreated to whenever the kids went out to play. Seeing the boy's potential and simultaneously bonding with the downtrodden, Verum took the boy in as his son and apprentice, which was of great relief to Crosc's family. Since that day, Crosc has grown right alongside Verum, learning the way of battle and balancing the rage inside of him. More recently, Verum has unlocked Croscs' affinity for fire magic, making the 23-year-old a loyal, fiery, and most importantly: worthy apprentice. While young, he has proven himself to be an able leader at Mire, solving many otherwise anarchic problems.

Strength: 0
Endurance: 1
Agility: 1
Knowledge: 0
Magic: 3 (Fire magic, or pyrokinesis)

Equipment: Crosc commonly wears the same mysterious robes that Verum wore during his training with Rector. Crosc is extremely proud of the robes, seeing them as a symbol of accomplishment and determination. Additionally, Crosc carries around his own double-bladed sword similar to Verum's, except that Crosc crafted his own at the Building of Death, adding his own touch to it and making the weapon perfectly designed for his stature. The blades are made of a unique metal with a very high boiling point, allowing Crosc to channel his pyrokinetic abilities through them.
Other: Extremely loyal to Verum, seeing him as a father.

A gigantic thank you to DuskCorruption for his help with ideas for the city.
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Brave New World (Cities, Attributes and Environments)
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