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 Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread

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PostSubject: Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread   Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 3:32 pm


The false Holy Grail. An artifact of magi, crafted in ages past when magecraft ruled the world. Said to grant any one wish of the person who held it, three wars of legendary heroes were fought to attain its powers, to no avail. Now, magic takes a different form. Sufficiently advanced technology has taken the place of magecraft. The term "magus" is now synonymous with "hacker". And the Moon Cell, a virtual world made as a mirror image of our own, is the new battleground for the Holy Grail War.

Every participant in the Holy Grail War is called a Master. They receive one "Servant", a legendary hero or heroine from ages past, brought into the virtual world to fight at their side. Servants are supplied with "prana", or energy, by their masters, and in return will fight at their side. There are rules governing who may be chosen as a Servant, which will be discussed below, under "Servant Rules".

Whoever wins the War gets to make their wish on the Grail, as does their Servant, which is why they fight alongside one another in the first place.

However, this time, something has gone horribly wrong. The Moon Cell is collapsing, and both Masters and Servants are being deleted. Tsukimihara Academy, the "school" in which the Masters live and work, is falling to ruin. Now, the survivors have to fight their way out, with enemy programs and fallen Servants and Masters both barring their way out. The only question is, will their greatest enemy be their foes? The time limit before the Moon Cell self-destructs? Or each other?


As a notice, I am basically the Dungeon Master of this RP. You can all chase your own scenarios and threads, but I reserve the right to throw out things to mess with you. I won't be unfair, and you can tell me if you think I'm being unfair; I'll listen to your feedback. However, things that will mess with characters also include my own, so don't think I'm just picking on you. I'm also controlling some plot-crucial NPCs. These will be different from my personal character(s) (some will be on your side, and others against), but they will get profiles in the Discussion thread. There will also be a good number of redshirts who will likely not be given profiles. Also, some of my posts will be from one of the NPCs (Hakuno's) Point of View, because he's the Main Character of Fate/EXTRA.

Master Form

Name: (Pretty obvious. You can have any name you want, though know that most Magi are of Western European or Japanese origin.)

Age: (Duh. You can be any age you like, though I'd keep yourself from being a small child if I were you. Once again, this is a war.)

Nationality: (Duh.)

Appearance: (Post an image of your character, or a physical description if you don't like pretty pictures.)

Party: (Either Hakuno or Leo)

Reason for entering the war/wish for the grail: (Pretty self-explanatory. Why are you fighting as part of the Holy Grail War? What is so important to you that you'd stake your life for the mere possibility of a wish?)

Personality: (What do you act like? Opinions on other people? Likes, dislikes, hobbies? Ect.)

Background: (Give your character a brief biography. It doesn't have to be in-depth, but where they're from, the conditions of their life, and how they've lived/grown up would be preferable, at least.)

Mystic Codes: (Mystic Codes are your tools of magecraft. Each one has a specific function, such as a healing spell on a pair of gloves, or a mirror that can create a shield for you. These can be anything from a tissue to a sword, and can have any effect possible under a loose interpretation of the laws of physics. However, as magecraft is not True Magic [i.e. it's more of a shortcut for things that science can do rather than actually impossible things], you can't just pull a miracle out of your back pocket. They have to be reasonable. You are allowed to have up to two Mystic Codes.)

Innate Magecraft: (Each master is allowed ONE type of magecraft they can do without a Mystic Code. These aren't super-powerful, but they don't have to be tied into the object the way Mystic Codes do. Otherwise, same rules apply.)






[b]Reason for entering the war/wish for the grail:[/b]  



[b]Mystic Codes:[/b]

[b]Innate Magecraft:[/b]

IMPORTANT: Masters can't match Servants in a fight. Can they stall, annoy, or mildly injure them if they're smart and cagey? Yes. Can they beat them or kill them under any circumstances? No. Only a Servant can defeat another Servant.


There is a lot to take in for this. However, bear with it.

Servants can be either famous historical figures (Vlad "Drakul" Tepes, Manfred von Richtoffen, or Nobunaga Oda, for example), or they can be heroes of legend (i.e. Hercules, Beowulf, or Sir Lancelot du Lac). They also don't have to be "good guys", as every hero is also a villain in the eyes of somebody else. Each Servant falls under one of seven classes. Each class has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and none can truly claim to be "superior" to the others in every way.

The Servants each have separate "stats", which are their parameters in certain areas. They also have "class skills", which are skills that are not unique to them, and "personal skills", which are. Typically, Servants have one of the former (only Caster-class servants have two), and up to four of the latter. Finally, all Servants have a weapon or multiple weapons which are classed as "Noble Phantasms". These are the strongest weapons a Servant can have, and often play a vital part in their legend (i.e. King Arthur's Noble Phantasm would be Excalibur if he [or she, if you're going by Fate universe] were summoned as a Saber or Rider). They don't have to, but you must have at least one that does. No Servant can have more than three Noble Phantasms.

Filled-out sheets for both Masters and Servants can be found in the discussion thread, in case you need some clarification.

You must pick one of the seven classes listed; no "multi-class" Servants, or Servants of classes other than the seven. DO. NOT. GO THERE.

Saber: The first of the three so-called "Knight Classes", the Saber class boasts the highest all-around stats, and typically have very strong skills in both their class and personal abilities. They also wield strong Noble Phantasms, and generally have a strong resistance to magic. This is why the Saber class is generally the most sought-after. However, they are often fiercely independent, and as they are typically knights and samurai, they often abide by very strict and inflexible codes of honor or morality, making them hard to work with. In addition, Servants of the Saber class almost never have more than a single Noble Phantasm, with two being the maximum.
Class Specialty- Close-range combat
Class Skil- Magic Resistance: Natural resistance to all forms of magecraft directed at the Servant in question. This includes both direct assaults from spells, as well as mental control from things like Command Seals.

Lancer: The second "Knight Class". The Lancer class is typically inferior to the Saber class in terms of stats (save for Agility, in which they almost always have a very high ranking), but make up for it with a broader range of personal skills and by typically having a minimum of two Noble Phantasms. Although typically some of the best Servants in a direct fight, the Lancer class may find themselves out of their depth in situations where the opponent holds a significant tactical advantage.
Class Specialty- One-on-one battles.
Class Skill- Battle Continuation: Allows the Servant to continue fighting despite crippling or fatal injuries. Acts sort of like a secondary Endurance stat.

Archer: The third and final of the "Knight Classes". Archer class Servants have fairly average stats, but in exchange they have the most versatile and dangerous Noble Phantasms of the three "Knight Classes", second only to the Rider class overall. In addition, the Archer class is the only one to boast the vaunted "Independent Action" skill, which allows them to function at full capacity even without a master providing prana to them, for a limited time, of course. The Archer class excels in using projectile weapons of any kind, and are the only class capable of striking from a considerable distance with little fear of reprisal. However, they tend to be merely average or worse at melee combat.
Class Specialty- Distance combat
Class Skill- Independent Action: Servant can function without a Master to supply prana for them for a limited time. This can last for ten minutes (at E-rank) to a full 24 hours (A-rank).

Rider: Servants of the Rider class appear, at first, to be an inferior Lancer class; their stats are below-average across the board save for their decent Agility, and their personal skills are good, but not great. However, they make up for this deficiency by possessing the most potent Noble Phantasms of any class, some driving straight up into EX-rank territory. These NP's often take the form of powerful Phantasmal Beasts such as dragons, pegasi, or griffons, with some even posessing Divine Beasts like the Mesopotamian "Bulls of Heaven", or the flaming steeds of Apollo's chariot in Greek mythology. Their weapon types are not as "limited" as those of the other classes, and depending on their legend, may possess many different types of weapons aside from their Noble Phantasm.
Class specialty- Mounted combat
Class skill- Beastmaster: Servant can control animals, Phantasmal Beasts, or even Divine Beasts, depending on their rank with this skill. Servants can also use this to hijack monsters and enemy programs to serve as their mounts, or use vehicles they normally wouldn't know how to use, such as motorcycles or aircraft.

Berserker: The Berserker class is made up of Servants whose legends include a history of madness or being influenced by others. These servants are typically (though not always) below-average in terms of stats, but are granted a massive increase in power (sometimes upwards of three full ranks) by casting aside their rationality for the class skill "Mad Enhancement". Heroes who had a strong ambition in life also have a strong affinity for the Berserker class. The main drawbacks to the Berserker class are that they are entirely dependent on their master's commands, and that their Noble Phantasms are limited to innate abilities, as they no longer possess the brain power or skill to use their legendary weapons. Lancelot du Lac is the sole exception to the latter, as his blade "Arondight" is simply an indestructible and powerful sword, having no prerequisites for its use other than the ability to swing it.
Class Specialty- Army-killing
Class Skill- Mad Enhancement: Servant gets a boost in power while losing a corresponding amount of rationality. A-rank in this skill is equivalent to a three-rank boost to all stats, but completely removes the ability of the Servant to use Noble Phantasms requiring activation, and also robs them of any strategic ability.

Caster: Servants of the Caster class are often tacticians or brilliant people that were not magi in life (Shakespeare, Hans Christian Andersen, and Cú Chulainn are potential examples of the Caster class), though actual mages of legend and reputed mages in life (Merlin, Medea of Colchis, Giles de Rais) are part of the class as well. They boast powerful magics, and possess the Class Skills of "Territory Creation" (which allows them to bend the arena to their advantage), and "Item Construction" (which gives them the ability to make powerful talismans and golems to aid them or their allies). The Caster class has average or weaker stats in every area except Mana, and are often considered the weakest class, especially given the existence of the "Magic Resistance" class skill within the Saber class. However, with proper setup, a Caster class Servant can become an incredibly dangerous enemy. They can even empower their master to be capable of taking on Servants, provided a few gimmicks and clever use of the master's Mystic Codes. However, despite their power, very few Caster-class servants were warriors in life. As such, they may tend to miss things that experienced fighters would notice out of hand.
Class Specialty- Indirect combat and outright trickery.
Class Skills- Territory Creation: Allows the Servant to form a territory that benefits them or weakens their opponent, like a typical magus.
Item Construction: The ability to craft Mystic Codes and other magical items for their masters or themselves. Also includes golem soldiers.

Assassin: The last of the Servant classes, Assassin-class Servants are extremely dangerous in every area except combat. They are entirely dependent on catching their opponent unaware; however, in doing so, they are completely unrivaled. The Assassin class is always lurking, and their "Presence Concealment" class skill allows them to hide from even the most dedicated sensor-type Servants and Masters. In direct battle, they are capable of holding off other Servants and escaping, though it is nearly impossible for them to win a direct fight. Their Noble Phantasm is usually a type intended for some sort of instant kill, or to subvert death.
Class Specialty- Sneaking and stabbing in the back
Class Skill- Presence Concealment: The ability to hide or disguise oneself from other Servants, Masters, and enemies in general. At A-rank, it can literally make the Servant in question invisible.

Servant Sheet:

(A picture would be nice, but it isn't required. I would like a description if you don't have one, however.)

Servant Name: (Obviously, the name of your Servant. May also include a title, if they have one)
Servant Class: (One of the above seven. Once again, only those classes. No Avenger, Ruler, or Saver servants allowed. And don't even try for a multi-class thing)
Character Alignment: (Ink's chart in the second post does a better job of explaining this than I ever could.)
Personality: (Duh.)
Relationship with Master: (How do they get along? Do they work well together? Why or why not? Are they friends, allies, comrades, or more?)

Strength: (Basically, how hard does your Servant hit? This isn't really too applicable to Caster-class Servants, but for everybody else, it's one of the more important stats. Goes from E through EX-rank... though really, EX had better give you at least two E-ranked stats elsewhere.)
Endurance: (This stat is essentially defense. How much damage can your servant take before they keel over? See Strength for ranking information)
Agility: (Speed, but also reflexes and nimbleness. Characters with high agility are hard to hit, but tend to have lower Endurance or Strength stats. Sometimes both. See Strength for ranking information)
Mana: (This is more along the lines of an endurance stat. How much energy can your character expend in their attacks? And how many times can they use their Noble Phantasm before they tire? See Strength for ranking information)
Luck: (Luck is exactly what it says on the tin. Servants with good fortune tend to have better success against certain types of abilities and when using abilities of their own. Servants with low luck... well, sometimes it's basically like flipping a coin to see how well you do. Not super-important, but low Luck can sometimes screw you over. Goes from E- through A-ranks, as EX-rank Luck is unique to a certain Personal Skill)
Noble Phantasm: (Your character's Noble Phantasms are whatever unique weapons or techniques they used in life. This rank is higher the more NPs a character has [max is 3]. EX-rank is unique to the Rider and Archer classes, though even that is very rare. Otherwise, max is A+)

Class skill: (Class skills are listed above. They go from E-rank through A-rank. No EX-rank Class Skills, as they are far more powerful than the Personal Skills. For example, EX-rank Magic Resistance would make your Saber-class Servant literally immune to magecraft, which is just not okay)

Personal skills: (Skills unique to the Servant or to several Servants, but not any specific class. You can have up to four of these, but two is the standard)

Noble Phantasms: (List them here. You can have one EX-rank Noble Phantasm if you are an Archer or Rider-class Servant. Otherwise, A+ is the limit for the other classes. Three NP's maximum, with two being the max for the Saber class.)

*Image of Servant goes at the top*

[b]Servant Name:[/b]
[b]Servant Class:[/b]


[b]Relationship with Master:[/b]

[b]Servant Stats[/b]
[i]Noble Phantasm:[/i]

[b]Class skill:[/b]

[b]Personal skills:[/b]

[b]Noble Phantasms:[/b]

Servants that are off-limits: Gilgamesh, the First Hero/King of Heroes. This guy is the strongest hero in history, said to possess one of every treasure in existence (including the Noble Phantasms of every other hero). His ultimate Noble Phantasm is capable of literally ripping the world in half at full power. Nobody is allowed to play as him.

Karna, the Son of the Sun God in the Indian (as in from India) epic Mahabharata. Karna is arguably as strong as Gilgamesh, if not STRONGER. His first Noble Phantasm (Kavacha and Kundala) grants him pretty much invincible armor that reduces all damage by 90%. He could literally tank a hydrogen bomb and all he'd get is a nasty sunburn. His second NP (Brahmastra Kundala) is a godforsaken plasma spear that is capable of wiping out entire cities. And his final NP, Vasavi Shakti, is a one-shot spear that can literally kill anything. Even deities. Yeah. No. He's off-limits.

Archer from Fate/Stay Night. For god's sake, just don't. Archer is literally just a less powerful Gilgamesh, and he's smarter and better at melee combat to boot. Plus, he can copy any weapon you use against him, provided it has a bladed part to it, and then turn around and use it just as well as you can. That's just unfair.

Tamamo-no-Mae. She's an incarnation of Amaterasu, and her NP allows her to draw on the goddess' power and cast literally any kind of magic without worrying about energy drain for a limited time. That means that she can just spam EX-ranked spells as much as she wants for a few minutes. Honestly, even Karna would have trouble dealing with that crap. Yes, I know she's beautiful and adorable. No, you still can't use her.

All full gods. Susano'o, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Takemanekazuchi, Angra Mainyu, all of the Norse gods, and Jesus all qualify (Jesus is entirely divine and entirely mortal according to the bible). There are probably other examples that I'm not thinking of, but those are the ones I'd expect to pop up. Partial gods or demigods like Hercules, Perseus, and Cú Chulainn are fine, but no actual deities, whether they can die or not.

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Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread   Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 3:32 pm


Name: Kayou Takura

Age: 19

Nationality: Japanese


Party: Hakuno

Reason for entering the war/wish for the grail: Kayou bears a very serious grudge against the Harway family. However, unlike Rin Tohsaka, he is not a freedom fighter against their regime; he simply hates them and wants them dead. His reason for entering the war is not a wish for himself, but just to prevent the Harway family from making a wish of their own.

Personality: Kayou is very hard-hearted. Despite his young age, he's been living on the streets and growing up in hyper-competitive magus society. As such, he's very callous and sharp with other people, and prefers to keep others at a distance. He's not rude, exactly, but he's not kind either. He has absolutely no problems with killing the other Masters and Servants in the war, and at times seems more like a machine than a person. Unlike Rin, Kayou doesn't really have any soft spots. However, he's surprisingly willing to work together with others in order to achieve his goals, and he is admittedly more amiable with Atalanta than he would normally allow. His greatest weakness is his tendency to hyper-focus, blocking out possible problems in pursuit of his eventual goal.

Background: Kayou's parents and elder sister were murdered by the Harway plutocracy in 2020, leaving him as the sole survivor. At seven years old, he grew up on his own, learning hacking magecraft from anyone who would teach him, and eventually amassing enough skill to do complete systems hacks. He joined up temporarily with Rin Tohsaka in 2031 after the destruction of her resistance cell, learning a few tricks from her. He entered the Grail War at the same time as her in 2032, though they did not collaborate on their joining, as they knew that there was a possibility for them to end up as enemies. He ruthlessly exterminated his first two opponents, and in the third week actually scared his opponent so shitless that they fled into the Chimeratic Lunar Sea without their Servant and got themselves killed. The fourth round would've pitted him against Rin, but Hakuno and Rani disrupting the Moon Cell completely averted that, for which he is somewhat grateful. Now that SE.RA.PH is completely going haywire, he's more willing to put aside his objections and work with the other masters, though all bets are off if he has to work with Leo or Julian Harway.

Mystic Codes:
Gauge Specs- Kayou's glasses act as a super-powerful targeting and tracking computer. With them, he's able to see and judge attack and movement angles of beings far faster than him. This is a great aid when working with his Archer-class Servant, as he can find attack angles for her even if the target is out of her sight or attempting to close in on her.

Dioskouroi Tonfa- A pair of orichalcum tonfa imbued with Reinforcement magic. Wielding them, Kayou attains roughly five times the speed, strength, and durability of an average human. This allows him to defeat weaker enemies on his own, and means he can survive even against a Servant for a short time when combined with his Gauge Specs.


Innate Magecraft: Communication Magecraft. Kayou is capable of telepathically communicating with other beings over a short radius. This can be used in the obvious manner, to co-ordinate or converse silently, but he can use it as a distraction if he's not fighting by constantly badgering his enemies with telepathic garbage.



Weapon(because it isn't her NP): Tauropolos- Bow of Heaven

Servant Name: Atalanta, the Chaste Huntress
Servant Class: Archer
Alignment: Neutral Evil (for a certain measure of "evil", really)

Personality: Atalanta seems very distant and cold. She tends to speak in a very formal, old-fashioned manner, though this drops when she is surprised or flustered. Atalanta is very much like the animals she was raised with, uncaring as to who her enemies or allies are, or whether they live or die. She views survival as being dependent on one's own determination and skill. Despite her great power, Atalanta is also very patient, knowing the value of waiting for one's prey to tire before striking. She has a soft spot for children, and her wish is to create a world where all children can grow up loved and happy, so they won't have to struggle to survive the way she did. She also has a tendency to kill people who look at her simply as an object of desire, as befits her legend.

Relationship with Master: Atalanta and Kayou have a decent working relationship. Kayou is fairly self-sufficient as far as Masters go, which suits Atalanta just fine as it means she won't have to defend him against weaker enemies. His strategic abilities and his above-average skill for a magus make him a useful combat partner as well. Atalanta also appreciates that he is flexible when dealing with her occasionally strange demands and moods, and she will listen if he believes something is necessary or important, though she won't always agree. They aren't friends by any stretch of the imagination, but the potential for it is there.

Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: C
Noble Phantasm: A

Class skill:
Independent Action- A-Rank
Description- Servant may survive at full strength for up to 24 hours without a Master to supply prana for them.

Personal skills:
Crossing Arcadia- B-Rank
Description- Servant can move while jumping over all kinds of obstacles on the field, including enemies. Acts rather like a Knight in chess, to be honest. This is a great aid to positioning for a shot.

Aesthetics of the Last Spurt- C-Rank
Description- A skill that derives from Atalanta having always made her opponents run ahead in footraces that she ultimately won. Servant can anticipate the enemy by letting him take the initiative and then confirming his actions. Therefore, as long as the enemy moves first, they surrender the advantage to Atalanta.

Noble Phantasms:

Phoebus Catastrophe- Atalanta shoots one golden arrow skyward, which then splits into dozens of arrows that rain down from above. Each one isn't very strong, but they rack up damage very quickly. The attack can be spread out in a more "carpet-bomb" style move that does less damage but hits more targets, or concentrated into a precision "death from above" attack aimed at one opponent. It is associated with the legend in which Artemis and Apollo shot to death all the children of the fertile woman Niobe after she boasted that she was greater than their mother, Leto, because "Leto had fewer children". Yes, Greek gods are vindictive bastards.
Classification- B-rank

Calydonian Boar- The Disputed Spoils of War- Takes the shape of a black boar's head and pelt over Atalanta's body, with the head and tusks covering the right arm. By throwing a prana-enhanced punch with her right arm, Atalanta can travel over a long distance at high speed, with a powerful battering ram in the form of the boar's head leading the move. Targets left in the wake of Atalanta's movement become disoriented and confused. This Noble Phantasm arises from part of Atalanta's legend. When the king of Calydon forgot the offerings to Artemis in a harvest festival, the angry goddess let this boar loose over the land. The hero of Calydon who loved Atalanta, Meleager, finished it off, but Atalanta took the corpse with her, and nobody believed him, causing discord to break out in the kingdom. Hence the name, "disputed spoils of war".
Classification- B-rank

Calydonian Boar- The Beast of Divine Punishment- Removes the head of the boar, but keeps the pelt. This Noble Phantasm takes the power of the Calydonian Boar (a Divine Beast in its own right) and adds it to the user, rather than using the boar's head as a battering ram. Strength and Endurance are raised by two ranks, (to B-rank), while Agility is raised one (to EX-rank). In addition, damage dealt to the enemy can be used to recover an equal amount of damage to Atalanta. The drawback? This uses up a hideous amount of the Master's Prana, and cannot be sustained for more than ten minutes at a time.
Classification- A+ -rank

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Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread   Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread Icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2015 3:58 pm


Name: Hakuno Kishinami

Age: Unknown

Nationality: Japanese?



Party: He is one of the party options.

Reason for entering the war/wish for the grail: Hakuno was pretty much pulled into the war by accident. He has no memories of his human life... and there's some speculation on Rin and Rani's part as to whether or not he's actually a living human.

Personality: Hakuno tends to waffle back and forth between sarcastic, perceptive intensity and depressive insecurity. He often seems somewhat lost and dazed, given his lack of memories, but he's no slouch as either a magus or a Master. He's a very honest person, however, and earnest. He truly hates killing, but he continues on in the Holy Grail War because he has no choice in the matter; it's kill or be killed. You don't want him as your enemy, however. Despite his lack of memories and his fluctuating teamwork with Saber, he made it through the first three rounds without resorting to even one use of his Servant's Noble Phantasms. His natural aptitude for channeling magic and his head for strategy makes him one of the top five contenders in the entire war, even despite his other problems.

Background: Completely unknown. Hakuno only knows general information, he has no knowledge of his past except a few fragmented, half-nightmarish snippets of what might have been a terrorist attack.

Mystic Codes:
Phoenix Scarf- A black and silver scarf imbued with healing magecraft. Allows Hakuno to heal injuries to his Servant or others, but has no effect on things that actually cause damage. I.e. it can heal acid burns, but if the acid is still on the skin, it'll just get burned again.

Ether Shard- A chunk of pure ether embeddded in an amulet. This allows Hakuno go directly transfer his prana to others, strengthening and re-energizing them. In cases where he is already transferring his prana (i.e. his Servant), it acts as an accelerator, increasing the effectiveness and speed of the transfer.

Innate Magecraft: Bounded Field magecraft. Hakuno can create strong shields capable of standing up to a single direct hit from a Servant.


Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread 411?cb=20130522220214

Servant Name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known as Emperor Nero of Rome. Yes, really.
Servant Class: Saber
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Nero is... ridiculous. Really, honestly ridiculous. She has a bombastic personality, and is arrogant to the point of foolishness. She believes herself an artist and connoisseur of the highest caliber, despite all evidence to the contrary. She rarely takes "no" for an answer, and tends to do her own thing more often than not. While she is brilliant in her own right, she is very bad with people, giving immense amounts of love and passion to others, but expecting equal love and adoration in return. To her, being excessive is impossible, for the more one does, the more it means to them. Nero is excessively free-spirited, and as an empress, she believes that such is her right. Due to being repeatedly poisoned by her mother, Nero can be somewhat paranoid, making her even more difficult to work with. She has a soft spot for her Master Hakuno, whom she refers to as "Praetor", a title given to Roman military and administrative leaders in Nero's time.  

Relationship with Master: She feels that, as her Master, Hakuno can be allowed to act as her equal without having to use honorifics. She as a definite soft spot for him, considering him a valuable confidant and even a friend. Perhaps she even harbours feelings for him, but if so, neither of them knows it. However, their teamwork is all over the place. When they're perfectly in sync, fighting them is like facing down a force of nature. However, when they're not in sync, it's more like watching a comedy act than anything. They seriously suck when they're not up to fighting together.

Servant Stats
Strength: A+
Endurance: C
Agility: B
Mana: B
Luck: A
Noble Phantasm: B

Class skill:
Magic Resistance- C-rank
Description- Cancels out spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot negate magecraft on the level of High Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, but will provide some defense against them.

Personal skills:
Imperial Privilege- EX-rank
Description- Allows Servant to copy any single class skill or personal skill from another Servant, whether they are enemy or ally. Only lasts for the duration of the battle, and skills cannot be retained outside of combat.

Noble Phantasms:

Aestus Estus: The Original Flame- A magnificent flame-shaped broadsword, longer than Nero is tall. She can only wield it due to her immense strength, which was sufficient for her to strangle a lion bare-handed as a child. When the Noble Phantasm is activated, the blade bursts into flames, causing area-of-effect fire attacks with every swing.
Classification- B-rank


Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant- A Reality Marble which impresses Nero's mindscape onto the world. Within Aestus Domus Aurea, everyone but Nero and her Master has their Endurance stat reduced to E-rank, and they will grow progressively more tired over time. The drawback to it is that it makes no distinction between friend and foe, making it just as dangerous to her allies as her enemies.
Classification- B-rank

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Fate/Breakdown Discussion Thread
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