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 Brave New World (Characters and Races)

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PostSubject: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:53 am

This Page will be for information about our heros / kings / leaders. As well as information about the race of creatures that joined us. If you wish to ask questions please use general discussion.

To create your character here is a simple layout for you.



Item of Independence:
Other Items:

Heres a description for everything now.

Name: Easy, what your called.
Race: Are you human or the race you created, you'll describe your race later so don't worry about telling us everything about it currently.
Description: How people see you, as well as what kind of ruler you are. Age, and other general info, if you wish feel free to add small background.

The next set of things is how talented / powerful you are. We are all considered gifted so we all start with a 1 in five attributes below. The way it works is whatever your number is x2 is how comparable you are to a standard human. So a 1 in Agility means you twice as fast as a common human. a 5 in Agility means you are 10 times faster than the common human. The only Attribute that brings other benefits is Magic, since normal people do not have magic at all usually. A 1 in Magic means you are in touch with magic and sense it, at 2,4,6, etc... you gain a element of magic you master over, such as Fire or Water, etc... (just side not please no time altering magics, makes things problematic).

To start we have a 1 in everything and have 5 more points to add between the 5 choices.

Item of Independence: This is the item your character came into possession of that gave you the ability to scare the God-King enough to let you all leave without war. Remember you had all the other players with items, so yours alone did not threaten the God-King.
Other Items: this is just other gear you have, like if you have 2 pistols or wear some kind of special armor or whatever, this will more expand over play time then start with.

To create your race here is a simple guideline for you.

Name of Race:
Lifetime of Race: (humans are generally 80 years)
Physical Description: (how they look)
Mental Description: (how they think / act)
Compared to Humans: (are they the same, a little stronger if so how much, things like this.)

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:04 am

Here is the God-King Fearon... he is meant to be overpowered and insane.

Name: God-King Fearon (if you don't call him that you are sentenced to death)
Race: Last of the worlds Gods (looks human in presence)
Description: A mighty man, God-King Fearon wears flowing robes that flow to each side over his chest depicting powerful diamond inlaid runes. He wears lots of jewelry, mostly gold and gems. He is bald with piercings in both ears and wears a tiara that works like a mood stone, changing colors based on his emotions. He is a brutal ruler who daily requires a sacrifice from his city of at least 5 years of age or older, this works like a lottery, you wake up one morning and a special guard squad takes you to your death. His city is in pristine condition due to punishment for lawbreaking and while the people are scared, they know there safe from outside threats.

Strength: 100
Endurance: 100
Agility: 100
Knowledge: 100
Magic: 100

Item of Independence: God-King Fearon doesn not have an item, he has several relics but none are known to public other than his tiara that has the ability to blast a furnace of heat and scorch away all skin, tissue, everything from a skeleton. Very dangerous close range weapon.
Other Items: Jewelry
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:25 am

Here is the my Character...  these will change over course of developing out other stuff for the game so no worries if you miss something or need time.

Name: Dusk
Race: Human
Description: 31 years old (21 when he stood up to the God-King before Independence... 10years ago...)Dusk walks with a slow stroll, he's usually seen with normal jean type pants and either protective armor or no shirt. He stands close to 8 ft. and looks to weigh well over 500 lbs. mainly muscle. His people love his peaceful nature and stand behind him due to his ability to get serious and stand up for what he views wrong. He brings a unique nature to peoples views about darkness and witchcraft by showing the sides of good they can bring while watching that no one do anything unethical. The only other feature he has is the strange almost demonic looking bone mask he wears, which is fabled to be from one of the old gods.


Strength: 2
Endurance: 4
Agility: 1
Knowledge: 2
Magic: 1

Item of Independence: The Demon Skull. (The human who changed his name to Dusk after being led to this long hidden, buried mask heard the whispers from long dead gods who wished for revenge as well as to free the subjugated people from the God-King. When he placed it on his face it permanently attached to his face and made him grow to his immense stature. While the skull holds some hidden mysteries unknown at this time, it provides several benefits. Currently its added huge bonuses to Strength and Endurance and also gives him the ability to be immune to much of the Old Gods magic (not magic that we the players use) as well as the uncanny ability to recover from grievous wounds
Other Items: Currently none until we get to our kingdoms and such

My people did not join me until I established my territories, then they came about.
Name of Race: Deadlanders
Lifetime of Race: +1000 years after original races lifetime.
Physical Description: Deadlanders look like skeletons of their former races, some are still decaying to that point but usually they get acid-bathed to make them clean and appropriate looking for the area they are in. The background of these people will be explained more based off one of my settlements.
Mental Description: They act like they did before they joined the ranks of Deadlanders, usually they are brilliant or talented people who couldn't accomplish what they wished in their lifetimes so they joined the group. They come to be non aggressive and very friendly since the area makes them impossible to kill other than removing them from the settlement which makes them instantly dissolve into dust.
Compared to Humans: They are usually more intelligent, skilled in most forms and very talented. Their drawback is they are never allowed to leave the area that made them into a Deadlander.

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:38 am

Name: A'kyvah Hol
Gender: F
Age: 17
Race: Myet-Oq Taio "The Ocean Dwellers"
Description: Like all of her race, Kiva is as capable in water as surface dwellers are on land, if not more so.  Unlike her kind, she needn't swim mechanically.  She can propel herself through the water like a torpedo by combining her swimming abilities with her water control abilities.  However, Kiva is a bit of a speed swimming prodigy, capable of pushing herself to swim nearly twice as fast.  She is fairly average in stature, capping out at 5'7".  However, because Ocean Dwellers are generally denser, they are heavier.  Kiva is no exception, weighing in at around 300 pounds.  She is very honor bound and carries herself in a pristine manner.  However, it is no secret that she is lacking in confidence.  Her people generally stand divided.  There are those who encourage her infinitely and wish to see her grow into her role.  Others believe that her powers is wasted on her, finding her weak willed and too inexperienced, not to mention naive.  She generally values the honor of her people over all else, preferring to preserve good standing with other peoples.  If there is anything she finds more valuable than the honor of her people, then it is the beauty of their culture and their tranquil way of life.  She is peaceful and would rather not stood to violence.  And this is where the divide factors in.  The Ocean Dwellers were once a war-like people, feared for their combat prowess and often sought as allies.  It is this history that creates conflict with the people where she is concerned.  As generations passed, the war-like culture began to die down.  She was the first to completely stray from this path.  Generally, she is rather sweet and tries to be much more formal and forceful than she actually is, trying to fill in the role once occupied by her parents.

Strength: 2
Endurance: 2
Agility: 2
Knowledge: 1
Magic: 3

Item of Independence: The Trident is a powerful artifact, granting those dubbed worthy of it the power to control the seas, themselves, and all of its brother and sister waters.  It was given to her upon receiving the dreadful news that her parents, who rebelled against the God-King 20 years ago, had overtaxed themselves in trying to prevent a disaster that would have brought the city crashing down around them.  They were ultimately frozen solid by their own power but sent the trident back to the city to deliver the message to their daughter and their people.  The trident possesses both their souls as well.  Because of this bond, Kiva can use it to communicate with her parents, though only she can do this and no one else.  The trident also has a mental link to whoever is deemed worthy of it, allowing its owner to call it to their hand.  Because the trident is bound to two souls, it is presumably far more balanced and guaranteed not to overpower its owner as it did in the past.  The only thing limiting its use now is the ability of the owner (Kiva) to command it.  Its full power is difficult to tap and takes a tremendous amount of willpower and spirit.
Other Items: None Really

Name of Race: Myet-Oq Tai (The Ocean Dwellers)
Lifetime of Race: The average lifespan is roughly 130 years.  Though some anomalies can be counted as the longest living was well over 300 years of age.
Physical Description: Generally they looking strikingly similar to humans.  The only differences are a larger variety of hair and eye colors and the much less apparent traits.  Ocean Dwellers have incredibly dense tissue, making them far stronger and more resilient than human beings.  They are also powerful swimmers and can breathe both on land and underwater.  For obvious reasons, they tend to be a bit paler than surface dwellers.
Mental Description: For the most part, Ocean Dwellers have a very strong sense of honor and brotherhood.  They are distrusting of outsiders but tolerant of them.  Some are more war-like than others but, as a general rule, they simple like to live their lives.
Compared to Humans: As previously mentioned, Ocean Dwellers are much stronger and more resilient than human beings.
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:59 pm

I think this is everything lol. Maybe

Name: The Tokala Sisters. Muyira and Lucina
Gender: females
Race: human/vulpinian
Description: Two sisters who faced the God-King at the ages of 17 and 15 (born like 2 months apart in terms of human closeness of age). Their parents were a human and Vulpinian. They both are the leaders of their region, splitting the responsibilities. Muyira likes having her presence known and seeing all her opponents. Lucina is quite comfortable to remain quiet along the side and look at problems from a distance. While Miyura is commonly mistaken as the 'real ruler' since she tends to appear more dominant,  the people know how Lucina's work goes into the land. They are capable of running as separate rulers, and will do so at times when it fits, but can be as in-sync as human twins. Both love music, they play often themselves and encourage the liberal arts throughout. Occasionally they will hold performances with either singing or playing their flutes for their people. 

Muyira is the older one at the age of 27. She classifies herself as a strong, independent woman, and a fair ruler. She takes after her mother more in liking to maintain a certain kind of strength in matters. She is both physically stronger and has more stamina than her sister whom she values dearly as a sister and co-leader. She'll usually be the one to travel to other lands when dealing with contracts and neighbors. Her flute is attuned to humans.

Lucina is the younger one at age 25, sometimes called "Little Lu" by her older sister. She takes after her father in being nurturing and more nature-in-tuned, as such she developed her magical ability more than her sister. She likes blending in with her civilians in secret; to not only bend to her free spirit of adventure, but also to better watch over the 'little people'. She does this so 'the leaders' of the kingdom Queendom never lose sight of the people's needs, which she discusses with her sister all the time. her flute is attuned to most races.

Muyira, the older sister:
Strength: 2
Endurance: 2
Agility: 2
Knowledge: 1
Magic: 1

Lucina, the younger sister:
Strength: 1.5
Endurance: 1.5
Agility: 2
Knowledge: 1
Magic: 2
You never said they had to be integers lol

Item of Independence: Ariyum and Anicul, the Instruments of Dawn and Dusk. (A pair of flutes that can transform into swords made of sound. (The blade looks like light or plasma, but that's the sound moving as the 'blade' and distorting the light) One for each sister. When used as a flute, the tones will lower hostility and raise diplomacy; it calms people. When a sword, being formed of mystical sound waves, normal armor and shields are cut through like they don't exist and can't defend against them.
Ariyum is attuned to work on humans while Anicul is tuned to work on most other species. They both affect animals and lesser beings, and may faintly affect others the stronger the magic skill over time)

Other Items: not sure quite yet

Name of Race: Vulpinians
Lifetime of Race: about 200 (scholarly ones over 250)
Physical Description: bipedal canines, namely anthropomorphic foxes. While neutrals are usually the most common, their fur color can be any color under the visible light spectrum, from even greens to pinks. The fur usually starts a tad on the dark side when kits, then lighten up as they grow older, but in general the browns may stay darker. Many wear clothes, but those with thicker fur may pride with going out in simply their 'fur coats'. An interesting quirk is depending on the Vulpinian's personality, it may grow from one up to nine tails. Single tails are the most leader-like and independent; double tails are the most empathetic and nurturing; triples are the most sociable; four tails are the most practical and hardworking; five tails means they love their freedom and to travel; six tails are the most family orientated; sevens tend to be the most noticeably loners and most secretive; eights make excellent directors and businessmen; nines being humanitarians are the most generous. Of course there are plenty of exceptions, but this is how it tends to occur.
Mental Description: Vulpinians tend to get along well with most species, even for ones that like to keep to themselves, they can quite sociable. They certainly like play, whether its intellectual or physical. They don't care to fight, but that doesn't mean you should go up and pull their tails without expecting to get fangs injected into your flesh.
Compared to Humans: Vulpinians are very close to humans, only less bent on war and more durable. They usually have 2.5x the strength, stamina and agility to humans with the most athletic reaching about 4x in extremes. If you made a scale between (0/1)human and (10)wolf, they would be a 7.5

there's stories of few survivors of those who made it over the lake, but inside they never made, the lake's denizens give them quite a struggle
This will be the picture of their second in command:

What do you see reflected in the mirror?

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:13 am

Pictures of character:

Name: Ranulf Ivalo
Race: Fenrir
Description: Ranulf was raised as a Ninja of the Ivalo Clan in service of Emperor Fearon. He never knew his parents, as it was the tradition of the ninja clans to raise their young entirely separate from their families. Even from a young age, he was a prodigy in his people's arts, and quickly rose to the rank of Jounin (Elite) by the time he was twelve. Ranulf was not satisfied with his lot in life, however. He was extremely dominant, and as such, desired freedom above all else. He was also extremely loyal, and sought to pull his people free of the God-King's grasp. At age 14, he finally found the means to do so, in the ancient and powerful Blade of Rosuran.

Ranulf trained day-in and day-out to master his body and become strong. Over the next two years, he slowly rose in power and prestige, and finally became Head of the Ivalo Clan just before his sixteenth birthday, the youngest leader in the clan's history. During this time, he also put out feelers with the Clan's spy network for those who would aid him or be loyal to him. Finally, he collected enough followers that he would have a reasonable chance of standing up to the God-King. Because of his extensive spy network, he timed his uprising to coincide with those of the Vulpinians and the Myet-Oq Taio, thus giving him the best chance at success. However, it wasn't perfect, as much of the Remolino Clan of the Fenrir ninja did not agree with Ranulf's uprising. In an act of desperation, Ranulf used the Blade of Rosuran to single-handedly defeat all sixty of the Remolino Clan's Jounin, taking the forty or so Chuunin and Genin (Journeymen and Neophytes, respectively) into his clan as the rebellion reached its peak. Ultimately, the God-King decided to part with them peacefully, though Ranulf left several of his best spies in the capital, not trusting the terrible monarch.

Will complete this later.

Strength: 1
Endurance: 2
Agility: 3
Knowledge: 3
Magic: 1

Item of Independence:
The Blade of Rosuran:

The Blade of Rosuran is a highly dangerous sword, given only the the most skilled Fenrir shinobi or kunoichi. Rosuran, the Clan Leader of the ancient Rafir Ninja Clan, reputedly forged the blade by folding the metal over four-hundred times to remove impurities in the steel, all while soaking the ore in her own blood and magic, leaving the blade a gleaming red color. The Blade of Rosuran reacts to the blood of its wielder, forming a bond with them and granting them immense power; at their peak, the user can literally burn the air with the speed of their slash, leaving trailing red shimmers of heat in the wake of each swing. However, it also fuels their bloodlust, and will constantly try to overwhelm its wielder in the heat of battle. Should the wielder loose themselves to the sword's power, they will become little more than an animal, and their minds will be forever broken. As such, it is very much a weapon of last resort for Ranulf.
Other Items:

Name of Race: Fenrir
Lifetime of Race: 170 years on average, though they have been known to live much longer.
Physical Description: Bipedal, anthropomorphic wolves, essentially. Fenrir always have all the usual lupine features, but while their feet are partly paws, partly feet, their hands are normal, humanoid hands with large claws. They generally have very solid and well-defined muscles, and their fur is thinner on the arms and legs, making this quite apparent. Their eyes change color to gold when they are hunting or experiencing strong emotions, but otherwise their eyes mimic normal human colors, just much brighter.
Mental Description: The Fenrir had been servants of the God-King for hundreds of years, and, as such, follow a very strict hierarchy. Their loyalty belongs to their Clan Head first, their liege second, and each other third. They rely on dominance and power both to determine their ranks, as the two often go hand-in-hand. Dominant Fenrir are very strong, drawing the eye either with sheer force of personality or by their good looks. They are very compelling, and are often leaders in a group. They are also more territorial, protective, and somewhat violent when provoked. Submissive Fenrir are much the opposite, near-impossible to provoke and very calm; they tend to blend into the background. Finally, Omega Fenrir have all the protective instincts of a Dominant Fenrir and all of the patience and calm of a Submissive. When interacting with other races, the Fenrir tend to be very respectful, as they have an open mind towards differences, and are very willing to adapt to changing situations in order to get along with their counterparts.  
Compared to Humans: Fenrir have roughly three to four times the physical capabilities of humans on average. Their senses are also sharper, and their instincts are honed and very potent.

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:56 am

This character is a work in progress

Name: Bergthor
Race: Nordic (Viking)

Strength: 4
Endurance: 2
Agility: 1
Knowledge: 2
Magic: 1

Item of Independence: Aegisbane - A magical warhammer that glows red when in combat. This warhammer causes enemies to suffer severe burns at contact.
Other Items:
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:32 am

Name: Verum
Race: Human
Description: Verum is a tall man of about 29 years of age, a man who conveys a twisting, conflicting mixture of resistance and acceptance, of passion and a lack of faith. From his birth, Verum has been the black sheep of any society he has tried to mingle with, all due to his distinct golden eyes. His nomadic family was a simple minded one, who had previously given birth to two sets of identical twins, each with "normal" blue eyes. When Verum came along, they were so disgusted by the "curse" that the gods had bestowed upon their boy that they left the young child to die on the lone tree stump that stood amongst a desolate valley. Perhaps by the machinations of fate or pure coincidence, the infant was found on the brink of death by another nomad, one who went only by the name "Rector." Seeing as Verum possessed the same golden eyes as he, Rector formed a bond with the boy, taking him under his wing and raising him as the son he never had. Rector taught Verum how to control the anger he could feel stirring inside the boy as he grew older, teaching him the art of balance using his self-crafted double-bladed sword. Rector hoped that the focus and discipline required to wield the weapon would diffuse into Verum's heart and mind. Around Verum's 17th year of life, Rector found himself dying at a surprisingly rapid rate. Days before his death, Rector bestowed two items to his adopted son: his own double-bladed sword (seen in the link above) and the Relic of Dubium. Rector died in his sleep the day that Verum arrived at the gates of Perlins, as were his masters wishes. While he had found a place to rest his head, Verum still found himself treated as an outcast, taking whatever odd-jobs he could find around the city, eventually finding a steady job as a janitor for an inn. While he hated the oppression he constantly faced, he did enjoy the supposed balance that the city provided. Through the inn he heard scarce conversations of a revolution, of a group of people rising up against the oppression of the god-king. While he was initially against the revolution because he feared that it would "upset the balance," he was finally convinced to join when the only true friend he had made in Perlins, a 11-year-old girl by the name of Shira, was chosen by the god-king's twisted lottery. Using his job to discover the location of the insurgent's meeting hall, he was admitted in with reluctance. In truth, Verum knew that this small group of rag-tag rebels would accomplish nothing. They were all too young and knew nothing of the god-kings power. But, the group rose nonetheless, coinciding with all of the other simultaneous revolutions, which led to every single member being ruthlessly slaughtered with the exception of Verum, who's Relic of Dubium proved to be his savior. Verum was allowed to leave peacefully but was forced to leave in exile, once again a lone traveller. After a year of nomadic endeavors, he stumbled upon the small city of Cruor, a city inhabited by the lonesome race known as the Invis. Connected with these poor, downtrodden people, Verum quickly proved his skill as a leader, establishing his rule and finally, after years of hardship, finding a place he can call home.

Strength: 1
Endurance: 3
Agility: 3
Knowledge: 2
Magic: 1

Item of Independence: Relic of Dubium- This weapon appears on the surface as nothing more than a crystal ball, but the power held within is stronger than a thousand blades. Rather than attacking one's body, the ancient magic contained within attacks one's very mind. When used on someone, it barrages their mind with powerful magic that peels away any layer of resistance, searching their cortex for their deepest and darkest secrets, resurfacing and amplifying feelings of doubt, dread, failure, and incompetence. It has known to drive the weaker-minded insane almost instantaneously, and leaving some of the strongest of heart as mere shells. Both Verum and Rector consider the Relic to be incredibly dangerous, with Rector using it only once and Verum not using it at all, only seeing the effects after a vision given to him by Rector.
Other Items: Verum's (once Rector's) double bladed sword. This weapon requires special training to be used properly, lest an inexperienced fighter maim or impale themselves with it. Verum uses it as a symbol of the balance that he values so highly, as the weapon is restricting, requiring him to attack only at certain angles, and certain movements require awkward body contortions. While more may exist, so far this particular double-bladed sword is the only one that Verum has encountered. In addition, Verum is commonly seen wearing the gear that Rector bestowed upon him, found only recently as Verum returned to his master's grave.

Race: Invis
Lifetime of Race: Generally they live about as long as humans, so approximately 80 years.
Physical Description: From afar, the Invis are nearly indistinguishable from humans. Close up, however, the Invis exhibit several unique features, mainly concerning their face, particularly their eyes. The sclera (the white part) of their eyes are instead an inky black, whereas the color of the iris can range from a piercing scarlet to a royal purple, even to a sunlight golden similar to Verum's eyes, and in some rare cases, their iris' can be as black as the sclera. However, the black iris only occurs in the equivalent of albinos in the community, and while this affliction is much more common among the Invis, it is still considered rare. Other than the color of their eyes, the Invis also possess a condition that causes them to secrete a dark red fluid from their eyes upon birth, these fluids permanently stain an Invis' face to give them the appearance of crying blood. The final special trait that the Invis possess are the horns that grow from their head, which very greatly in size depending on genetics. While in the past the horns have been used as a sign of leadership, this tradition has faded away due to a series of weak leaders.  ( For reference, here is a picture of a teenage Invis.)
Mental Description: The origin of the creation of the Invis is a mystery, all that the people currently living know is that the Invis have spent many generations living in the shadow of oppression, due to being "offspring of hell." Years upon years of constant hatred by just about every community has left the Invis as a shattered and broken people. Many of them lack confidence and see themselves as inferior to all other races. Verum, however, is working to change the Invis community, to make them a more confident and powerful community and make them see their true worth. Being the only outsider that has ever accepted them for who they are, the Invis idolize Verum, however he refuses to let them worship him as a god.
Compared to Humans: The Invis are very similar to humans in just about every way with the exception of their affinity with magic. Legends tell of the Invis having very powerful fire-bending techniques, and while the Invis scholars have locked the secrets to this power away, Verum plans to find the scrolls of the past and help the Invis recover their magical abilities. Even without fire-bending, the Invis are in touch with magic, and can sense it's presence.
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World (Characters and Races)   

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Brave New World (Characters and Races)
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