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 Vangelon RP's (WT, DC, MC)

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PostSubject: Re: Vangelon RP's (WT, DC, MC)   Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:23 pm

*Name: Gwenevere Dulac
Nickname(s): Gwen
*Age: 19
*Gender: Female
*Alignment: True Neutral
*Party: K (eventually. Right now, she's kind of on her own, gathering intel)
*Species: Human
Occupation: Mechanic

*Preferred Weapon(s): None; pipe wrench if she gets desperate.
*Skills: Working with/repairing machinery or technology, driving vehicles of any type, carrying a lot of weight over rough terrain.
Abilities: N/A
Affinity: Science
*Experience Level: N/A, Basic. Gwen is not a fighter. Never has been, never will be.
Item(s): Toolkit, pipe wrench, cigarettes, lighter. Also, her foldable motorbike, which she made herself.

Norn: None.

*Likes: Skimpy clothes, smell of oil, tinkering, gossip
*Dislikes: Fighting, tea, the smell of toothpaste
*Fears: Having nothing do to (and thus being left alone with her thoughts), jellyfish, and Kirei. Just... all of Kirei. Even though she (technically) works for him, through Kishiou.
*Values: Hard work, quality materials, and time well spent.
*Bad Habits: Gets too engrossed in taking things apart rather than putting them together. Alternately, she can get hung up on some aspect of a device and forget that she's supposed to fix a problem with it.
*General Personality: A mechanic through and through, Gwen can fix almost anything. Her passion for machines doesn't reduce her passion for conversation, and she makes time to talk with pretty much all of her customers; keeps her in the business of rumor-mongering, that way. Gwen has a nasty temper when it gets roused, but she really doesn't like violence. She refuses to fight herself, staying safe by keeping her head down and making connections with the right people. She really doesn't want to work for Kirei, but is willing to do so because it keeps her safe (very few people are willing to piss him off by attacking his informants).
Trademark: Wearing skimpy clothing, but getting highly annoyed when people make suggestive comments. "I work under blazing hot engines, furnaces, and shit all day! You try wearing anything with coverage!" and the like are common comebacks. She appreciates, though doesn't necessarily enjoy, the attention, however.

Brother(s): Garret (estranged; presumably alive)
Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Morgan (deceased)
Father: Christopher (deceased)
Non-Immediate Family: Has a few distant cousins, but they don't really matter.
*History: Gwen grew up in a poor family in Gigan. Despite that, Gwen showed a natural affinity for machines and technology, and was shoved through school on the backs of tradesmen's scholarship programs. While she thrived, her family did not, and her father eventually died due to illness caused by long-term chemical exposure at his job. Her older brother picked up for him, but after their mother passed away from her own illness from a combination of grief and poor living conditions, the two of them drifted apart. After graduating, Gwen took up a job as a mechanic's assistant, but eventually surpassed her mentors and took up the reigns of her own business, at 15. Gwen ran into Kishou and Kirei when Kirei was traveling with Kishiou after the fox Zum had killed her adoptive father. Though she shied away from Kirei, she struck up a friendship with Kishiou pretty quickly, thanks to both of them being outgoing girls with a knack for collecting gossip. About a year ago, she accepted an offer from Kishiou to work as a contact for Kirei's information network, though she insisted that she was for information and tech only, and would not fight. She's been working the rumor mills of Grandus for the past eleven months because of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Vangelon RP's (WT, DC, MC)   Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:14 pm

*Name: J
Nickname(s): ...her name is one letter.
*Age: 23
*Gender: F
*Alignment: N/G
*Party: K
*Species: Zuman-Fox
Occupation: Various

*Preferred Weapon(s): Sun Sceptre, Staves of any variety
*Skills: Mercantile negotiation, staff combat, unarmed combat, surroundings adaptation, medical expertise, fishing, hunting, organization, monetary management, giving advice
Abilities: Being a Zuman-Fox, J possesses an incredible degree of immediate speed and agility.  She can out-pace K and out-bench Lassy (without their enhancements, not with them).  She is also has vastly superior senses, particularly smell. Though her sense of hearing isn't as acute as K's.
Affinity: Zuman Affinity
*Experience Level: Intermediate
Item(s): None
Norn: The Sun Sceptre is a Norn Treasure that presumably has a connection to the Sun of Lore, itself.  The full spectrum of its abilities is unknown. However, J has been known to use it to cast nigh impenetrable wards and healing spells far and away more impressive than any conventional healing magic. She can also fire beams of some form of light energy at varied intensities.

*Likes: Unknown
*Dislikes: Unknown
*Fears: Unknown
*Values: Hard work, personal ideals, hospitality
*Bad Habits: J is absentminded to a fault at times, often getting lost in her own head
*General Personality: While not purely apathetic, she is so aloof, most of the time, that it can be mistaken for being uncaring or flighty.  She seems to possess a very tempered emotional impulse, doing everything with a rather blank expression and hardly any vocal inflection.  However, she has revealed herself, on several occasions, to be very wise.  She'll often give K or other members of the party, advice, speaking in faux-proverbs that, while odd, often suit the situation.
Trademark: Frequently popping up in various towns, each time with a different occupation. Popping up out of nowhere, speaking wisdom in her faux-proverbs.

Brother(s): An unnamed older brother
Sister(s): None
Mother: Unmentioned
Father: Unmentioned
Non-Immediate Family: Unknown
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Posts : 228
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PostSubject: Re: Vangelon RP's (WT, DC, MC)   Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:10 pm

I'm gonna just close this one off for now and start moving things over to the other thread. This'll stick around for reference, of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Vangelon RP's (WT, DC, MC)   

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Vangelon RP's (WT, DC, MC)
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