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 Wishful Thinking NPC's

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PostSubject: Wishful Thinking NPC's   Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:43 pm

*Name: K
Nickname(s): None that she likes - Kitty (Minds this the least), Kitten, Little One, Small Fry, Half Pint, Runt, Ankle-Biter
*Age: 15
*Gender: F
*Alignment: C/G
*Party: K is a Party Option
*Species: Zum (Zuman) Cat
Occupation: N/A

*Preferred Weapon(s): K falls back on the use of her claws and her Norn item, the "Dig Claws"
*Skills: Extremely Agile, Stealth, Escape Artistry, Climbing
Abilities: As a Cat Zum, K's physiology is vastly different from the human standard. She has far greater reflexes, superior senses, and can run at speeds the easily eclipse the fastest of humans. Her immune system is also stronger, making her resistant to disease. And her metabolism burns several times faster, allowing her to heal more quickly, resist the effects of alcohol, and consume exorbitant amounts of food without ever getting full.
Affinity: Zuman Affinity
*Experience Level: Rookie
Item(s): K doesn't have any particularly noteworthy items
Norn: K has access to two Norn. The first is the Norn Map, which is a Class A Norn item that can draw out a path to whatever the holder asks of it. Furthermore, K gains access to the "Dig Claws" very early on. While initially a mining tool, the Dig Claws are nigh indestructible claw gauntlets that can sheer through just about anything.

*Likes: K has a list of likes and dislikes. She loves food, shiny objects, learning, bragging, treasure hunting, adventure, sleeping, and star gazing.
*Dislikes: She hates water, authority, rules, crowded spaces, being antagonized, attention being brought to her height, being called ‘kitten’, and several other insignificant things.
*Fears: Water/Drowning
*Values: Determination, Friends, Little Things
*Bad Habits: Pickpocketing, jumping up trees when surprised (It's particularly difficult getting her down. Making her angry typically works), ill tempered. Wandering off to get food without telling anyone.
*General Personality: Free-Spirited and a little immature, sure, but K is a rather clever kid who is naturally very hot headed and competitive.
Trademark: Weaving the word "Meow" into sentences on occasion, a seemingly boundless appetite. K has no regard for the fourth wall. She'll actually pause the RP just to make a point if she wants to. K tends to enter frenzies if her ears are touched, or her tail is grabbed. When frightened, K might run up a tree. There are only two ways to get her down. Bribe her with food, or get her furious.

Brother(s): --
Sister(s): --
Mother: --
Father: --
Non-Immediate Family: --
*History: K is a cute little thing that people find difficulty taking seriously. Her number one goal in life is to be the world's greatest treasure hunter. However, she spends most of her time in a small town, stealing food and Geno (the currency of this world) from those who wouldn't miss them, all in the name of survival.
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Posts : 228
Join date : 2014-02-02
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Wishful Thinking NPC's   Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:08 pm

*Name: Sally Star
Nickname(s): Lassy
*Age: 22
*Gender: F
*Alignment: Neutral/Good
*Party: K
*Species: Human
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, (Former) Law Enforcer, Cedar Monster Control Unit Co-Captain

*Preferred Weapon(s): Dual Pistol, "Gunsabre", Lasso
*Skills: Master Marksmanship, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Swordplay, Cooking, Tracking/Hunting, Trapping, Survival, Monster Taming, Horseback Riding
Abilities: N/A
Affinity: Alchemy
*Experience Level: Adept+
Item(s): Hat, Pancho, Bandana, and Her signature weapon, the Gunsabre.
Norn: The Gunsabre

*Likes: Food, seeing new places, a good challenge, stories
*Dislikes: Heights, standing still, arrogance
*Fears: Heights
*Values: Usefulness, Justice
*Bad Habits: Hotheaded, sometimes unintentionally abrasive
*General Personality: The best way to describe Lassy is a grown up, more mellow rendition of K.  She is ridiculously blunt, and short with people, and is quite outspoken.  She is also incredibly sarcastic.  She's also tough, however.  And when those close to her are in danger, she'll fight hard enough to fell entire armies.
Trademark: If Lassy throws off her hat, RUN. Many of Lassy's interactions with K play similarly to running gags. Lassy has a bit of contempt towards pigheaded men.  She also hates it when people stare at her...assets, and will hit anyone who does, either with her fists or with the blunt end of her Gunsabre.

Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Jan Star (Deceased)
Father: Sheriff Martin Star (Deceased)
Non-Immediate Family: Unmentioned
*History: Lassy grew up in a small "Western" town, the daughter of the Sheriff.  Following his death, she joined the local law enforcement branch, and even its secret Monster Defense Unit, in which she was a major player.  Throughout the years, she developed her acute affinity for alchemy, making her a valuable member of that team, eventually earning the position of Co-Captain.  She and the rest of the team managed to accomplish some amazing things in their time.  However, when they completed what seemed to be their biggest, greatest goal, it felt as if there was nothing left for them.  The team eventually disbanded, staying on a regular law enforcers for the most part.  This didn't satisfy Lassy, however.  So she began to travel.

Lassy's Gunsabre, the trademark weapon, given to her by her "daddy" is a unique weapon that is half shotgun and half sword.  It took her nearly a decade to master its use.  Now, in her hands, it is one of the most dangerous weapons in existence.  It is a powerful Norn Treasure, which is part of the reason she took so long to master it.  Her affinity is for Alchemy, not science.  However, in a scientist's hands it still may not be as dangerous as in hers.  She may not have an affinity for science, but she certainly has an affinity for this weapon.  The Gunsabre not only produces its own ammo, but it protects whoever uses it from recoil.  Otherwise it'd tear off even a Zuman's arm.  The Gunsabre can fire off multiple types of shots, include a devastating bolt that can punch a hole through a boulder.

Lassy's affinity for Alchemy has led to her most prominent utilizations.  The first of which is a short-lasting potion that enhances her physical state, making her the equivalent of a Zuman, usually for around 8 hours.  While this improves many of her skills and talents, she is already an expert in many of those things, and tends to only fall back on the potion in combative situations.  She also occasionally tips the blade of her Gunsabre with a paralyzing toxin that causes muscles to temporarily lock.  She's developed her own gunpowder, which she uses in her pistols to give them some extra kick.  She has other alchemic skills as well, but these are what she predominantly uses them for.

At the end of the day, Lassy is a justice seeker.  She'll do what she has to do in order to achieve that end.  She'd rather not have to kill anyone, only getting lethal if defending herself.  She only accepts contracts to bring in targets alive, and only if these people are criminals or wrongdoing in some manner.  She prides herself in her efficiency.
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Wishful Thinking NPC's
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