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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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PostSubject: A amor fabula   A amor fabula Icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2015 10:57 pm

Description: This story will focus on a young prince named Theobald and the woman he is in love with Felicity, however she refused to acknowledge his feelings for her and ignores him as if he is the scum of the earth. How far will Theobald go to prove his feelings to her and will she ever understand.

Attention!: this story will include 18+ content, if you do not wish to read a story containing said content then please leave now.

This story is set in the fantasy world of Uflara, the world is in a medieval time period where magic exists. The world has several land masses and countries within them, but the setting will be in the country Uzon where it is divided up into several Kingdoms. Theobald belongs to the Zarus Kingdom while Felicity belongs to the Treya Kingdom other Kingdoms will be spoken of as the story goes on, I will try to create a map which should help clarify things. The kingdoms of Zarus and Treya are neighbors though.

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

Posts : 72
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: A amor fabula   A amor fabula Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2015 5:52 pm

Chapter One: Letters and Business
My dear Felicity,
 I hope this letter finds you well, it would appear that your father has invited my family to stay with yours for a festival. I would care to spend some time with you during these days of festivities. Along with this letter should be a ring I had crafted for you, I hope it is to your liking.

                                                                                                   Until next time,
                                                                                                                         Theobald Zarus

Felicity sighed as she folded the letter and place it back into its paper envelope looking at the ring that came with it. The ring itself was a pretty thing made of gold with a diamond set into the face. The band was thin a set nicely upon her finger, she placed it to the side next to one of her jewelry shelves where a collection of rings, necklaces and pendants had begun forming over the recent past few years. She sighed once more as her maid entered her room.

"Another letter from the young Prince, you know he is quite the catch and handsome as well. Why don't you give him a chance? He has had his eye on you for quite some time you know and with good reason." she said.

"Marie you know I won't give him any such thing as a chance, I don't look at him as a potential husband." said Felicity as she stood and gave herself a look over in her full length mirror.

Her hair was long and fell to the middle of her back with a deep full black which stood out against her white skin, her eyes were a deep blue and her lips are full, she has a slender frame with a small waist, her breasts were larger than some girls her age but nothing to be overly impressed about, she had long legs and slender arms. Her outfit was designed to accentuate each part of her body, it had a low neckline to display her growing cleavage and came in tight around her waist, the skirt fell close to her body leaving her enough room to walk comfortably despite it touching the floor.

"Why not though, several kings from from our neighboring lands have asked him to marry their daughters, his family is powerful and holds one of the largest kingdoms in Uzon, some even rumor that he could rise up to be the next High King." said Marie with a laugh.

"There hasn't been a High King in over a hundred years the council keeps creating draws in the elections that happen every five years, they only want to retain the power that they have now and the Kings themselves will never agree on a vote." said Felicity.

"That is true dear, but Theobald has a certain charisma about him, it makes you want to listen except it doesn't seem to work with you." said Marie.

"His 'charisma' as you call it only puts me off I've never seen him act in such a way that he could be a leader or lover." said Felicity.

"Well you should consider picking a prince to marry or your father will arrange a marriage for you, you are seventeen now Felicity, time is growing short for you to have your freedoms." said Marie.

Felicity sighed once more before responding "I know Mar, its just that I want to marry out of love, not power or security."

"I understand dear, now we best hurry and get moving for your lessons, wouldn't want to upset your father now." said Marie.

Felicity nodded and tied her hair into a pony tail letting it sway as she walked out of he room with Marie. Anywhere Felicity went so did Marie since Felicity only trusted her with private matters or counseling, not to include that Marie had known her for her whole life. Marie was ten years older than Felicity but that did not stop their spark of friendship upon meeting.

When they first met Marie was a serving girl and aide to the Queen during her pregnancy. When Felicity was born Marie began caring for her as if she was her younger sister. The Queen then appointed Marie as Felicities private maid to watch over her and when she came of age to console her.  Ever since Marie has been a part of her life always a respectful one step behind but never far from her sight.


In the neighboring Kingdom of Zarus the young prince Theobald was in a sparring match with his father King Alfric Zarus. They both had on leather padded armor and wooden swords.

"Did you send her another letter?" asked Alfric as he made a jab towards Theobalds ribs.

Theobald responded as he blocked the strike. "I did, although she has not returned a reply." he said.

"Hmm well I don't know why you pursue her even though there have been offers made by other Kings for you to marry their daughters, yet each time you respectfully declined." said Alfric as he made a series of strikes and slashes towards Theobald.

"I still pursue her because I feel that I love her father. True the other princesses that were offered to marry were beautiful in their own right but I never felt much more than a physical attraction to them." said Theobald blocking the strikes then going on the offensive driving his father back.

"Well you should figure this out soon - you are almost to the age for marriage - if you don't decide - your mother and I will arrange a marriage for you." said Alfric pausing between blocks of his sword.

"No need father, I'll prove to Felicity that my love is genuine somehow." said Theobald as he moved to make a finishing strike raising his sword to the air.

Alfric grinned at took the opening disarming his son and ending the match.

"I only hope you courting skills are better than your sword techniques." said Alfric with a laugh.

"Don't you worry father, someday soon I'll beat you in a match." said Theobald.

"I can only hope you will my son. Come lets wash up a bit before we go meet your mother." said Alfric.

The father and son duo shed their leather armor and stripped down to cotton pants, their bodies were coated in a sheen of sweat. Like his father Theobald had inherited his height standing a head taller than the average man at only seventeen years old, his body was covered with muscles from years of training and sword play, his hair was a dirty blond color and the beard that was forming along his chin and neck held a slightly deeper tone to it. His eyes were the color gold just like his fathers and if he stared at you it appeared as though he was gazing into your soul.

To rinse off the men would follow their routine of using the rain trough and towels to rinse, but to do so would mean going into the training yard from the practice hall. As they made their way through the corridors to the outside passing maids would blush and avert their gaze, giggling amongst themselves.

"You know there are even some lovely looking maids you could choose from, there is no law that prevents it." said Alfric.

"And you know that I would never do that." said Theobald with a laugh.

As the pair entered the outside the flare of the sun made them squint, it was nearly noon and the sun was high in the sky. They went to the trough and used buckets to rinse themselves drying off before going inside to change into more proper clothing. Once changed they went to the dining hall to have lunch together with the Queen Armani and discuss the days business.

"So my dear how goes the days business?" asked Alfric as they ate.

"Well the cities and towns are thriving this harvest, gold is pouring in from our neighboring lands from our resources, the taxes have been collected and the weather is to hold for a good while longer." said Armani.

"Excellent, we are to travel to King Forwins lands for the festival in three days are we not?" asked Theobald.

"Indeed we are, has the princess responded to your letter?" asked Armani.

"Unfortunately no and I am unsure of as to why." said Theobald.

"Well it is no matter, you'll be seeing her within the next two weeks. Now how goes your lessons?" asked Armani.

"Ever since father has included me in his council meetings and taken me to the towns with trouble, I've learned more now than I ever could with a tutor. Having actual experience has always worked better for me." said Theobald.

"Good because I'm putting you in charge of the guard detail when we travel later this week, I believe you are ready to lead the men. They all look up to you as it is." said Alfric.

Theobald smiled at the acknowledgement. "Don't worry father I wont let you down."

"I expect a draft of the men on the detail and the assignments of where they will ride alongside our carriage by tomorrow." said Alfric.

"Consider it done." said Theobald.

He then left the dinning hall with his heart filled with hope and his mind on thoughts of Felicity. He had seen her last year and she was beautiful to him then but something about her had captured his mind and he was determined to show his love for her. If the rings and necklaces he made himself working with the forge master did nothing to sway her opinion he would have to actually change her mind by being in her presence. With that Theobald began moving amongst the men observing their skills and with which weapons they were proficient with so that the trip to King Forwins lands went unhindered.  

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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PostSubject: Re: A amor fabula   A amor fabula Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2015 7:15 pm

Authors note: it's short because I did this from my phone. Enjoy.

Chapter Two: Preparations

"Theobald, have you made a draft for the guard detail yet?" asked King Alfric.

"Yes Father, I could show you now if you would like." said Theobald.

"Certainly, lets see how you did." said Alfric.

Theobald removed a piece of parchment from his back pocket, unfolding it he began to read.

"In the foremost part of the company will be five of our best archers on horseback. Behind them will be five pike men with shields at the ready, on the ground beside and behind them will be three swordsmen. Next to our own carriage will be four of our swordsmen on each side on horseback, directly behind the carriage will be a swordsman and archer watching behind us. After them comes our luggage cart which will be protected by a small group of swordsmen on foot." said Theobald.

Alfric listened with intent as his son told him the layout.

"Hmm I like all of it except two things, our luggage cart should be directly behind us not spaced by our own men, that way if something happens they can all rush to the front or back of the detail rapidly and second, you've forgotten our mages." said Alfric.

"I opted to have the mages remain within the kingdom to ensure its protection, they would take orders from the court while we are away." said Theobald.

"Clever, now tell me what happens if we are ambushed by mages on the road?" asked Alfric.

"The master blacksmith and I have been enforcing our mens arms and armor to resist magic, The archers will dispatch them from a distance and if they get close the swordsmen can surround them." said Theobald.

"You've done well my son and I'm proud of your improving skills as a swordsmen, blacksmith and partial mage, you can thank your mother for that trait, but I will be bringing at least one mage on the road regardless to be safe." said Alfric with a smile.

"Of course Father, shall I inform the guard captain of the detail then?" asked Theobald.

"Yes see to it my son." said Alfric.

Theobald quickly left his fathers study and made his way to the captain of the guards' quarters. Once the detail was delivered and understood clearly Theobald would have the rest of the day to himself, he could either go work with the blacksmiths and craft another gift for Felicity or he could go train himself more alone. Letting his legs make the choice for him he began making his way towards the indoor practice room. Opening the door to the room revealed a wide and tall space with a set of stairs that led to a lowered dirt practice area packed down by years of use. Their was a walkway that went around the practice area which would allow persons to enter and exit freely without disturbing whomever was practicing, many of the doorways led to the castles halls and had simple curtains covering them instead of wooden doors.

Lined along the pit walls were racks of blunt practice swords and shields made for sparring, several were made of wood while several were of heavy iron. Theobald selected a single edged iron sword, testing its weight he nodded in approval of the weapon. He then made his way towards the center of the pit and began doing a series of motions swinging the blade in wide sweeping arcs extending his arm to the fullest. After a few cycles of movements he switched the blade to his left hand, never wanting to be put at a disadvantage for having a broken arm or wrist he had trained himself to use both hands in combat both in armed and unarmed. Moving through the motions was in itself a workout when done correctly.

Within several minutes Theobald had to remove his vest and was reduced to worn pants, and a loose fitting white long sleeved shirt. Before long that was covered in sweat and he removed that as well uncaring and unaware if anyone was watching him, he was lost in his thoughts as his body continued the routine.

"It won't be long now, I'll see her again and may yet have the chance to sway her heart." he thought to himself.

"But what if she never sways?" asked a small voice in his head.

"Then I will find out as to why and change the reason." he responded.

"But things are never that simple you know."

"They are if you can figure them out."

Oh but can you?"

Without realizing what was happening the magic power that Theobald had inherited from his mother was activating from his emotions causing small waves of heat to be thrust from the blade with each slash and strike.

"I will figure out why she shrugs me off."

And if you do figure it out, what happens when you can't fix it?"

Emotion welled up inside of Theobald being expelled from his blade as he made a turn and reversed his slash and thin blade of fire cut through the packed earth and slammed into the stone wall of the pit. The shock is what brought him back to reality.

That was when Theobald also realized he had gathered a crowd of giggling maids taking off of their duties to gaze and gawk at him as he practiced his sword play, when they noticed him starring they all quickly left to return to their duties laughing amongst themselves. Theobald went over to the stone wall and pressed his hand to it. The stone was hot to the touch from the magic, the cut was several inches deep. His father always said he would be lethal in combat if he didn't control it. His father and mother only hoped he would never have to fight for his life or take another.

Theobald himself wondered if he could do it.

Deciding that he had practice enough for the day he washed himself off and returned to his bedroom to pack for the trip. Despite his argument with his mind, his thoughts drifted back to Felicity bringing a smile to his face as he packed clothes away.
Soon I shall see you again.

Felicity wandered around the castle grounds with Marie in tow, she had been walking for why seemed like hours despite it only being several minutes.

"Everything right?" asked Marie.

"Yes I'm just lost in thought is all." answered Felicity.

"I see, what are you thinking of if you don't mind my asking?" asked Marie.

"Oh just lessons and the festival coming up." Felicity said with a smile.

"You always did enjoy the festivals. Do you plan on spending some time with Theobald? You haven't seen him in nearly a year, perhaps some things have changed." said Marie.

"I highly doubt anything has changed but I don't plan on spending any more time with him than I have to." answered Felicity.

"It's only a few days away you know, your father has already ordered the preparations to begin." said Marie.

"I'm well aware. Mother had me tell her the exact expenses of this festival as a lesson as well as how many workers we would have and a full count of food needed." said Felicity with an amused laugh.

Then I suggest you begin making your trading gift, I'm sure Theobald has already begun his for you. Now I know you don't enjoy it but at least try." said Marie.

"Very well, I'll attempt to put effort into this one." Felicity responded with a drawn out sigh.

Only a few days of having to deal with him.

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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