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 Brave New World

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PostSubject: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeWed Mar 26, 2014 2:02 am

Worldwide Post
SPRING begins.

9 years and 350 days ago several brave heroes stood up against the dreaded God-King Fearon and declared independence for themselves and any who wished to follow. It was rough at first but these brave people forged worlds of their own, and now begin to think back to that first day outside Perlins. Atop that hill they all said their farewells and went in their own directions. The promise that they made now echoed in their minds.

"Let us meet back here, 10 years from this day. Atop Heroes Hill we will look back upon the city we left."

15 days to prepare and travel to that hill, just a few miles north of Perlins. There we will meet again, and discuss the changes of our world... this Brave New World.

---first turn or two can be arriving at Heroes Hill for those that wish to meet. If you wish to not meet there then you can just go ahead normally with your turn. Discussion has info on turn order, aslo how turns and seasons work.---

Current player turn is Anyone

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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 12:16 pm

Curse your randomizer for making me first :-P

I'm keeping it short for now

Miyura stepped out of the council room doors, finally done with a long conference. Her sister was chatting with a servant worker, discussing a few qualms about the servant quarters. Upon seeing her sister exiting the doors, Lucina finished her point with the vulpinian servant and dismissed her. Then Lucina walked over to her fellow leader.

Lucina: Sis, I finished the paperwork for that new water cleaning system in Azeria. You did remember that the reunion at Heroes Hill will be soon, we should start getting ready, did you mention it at the meeting?.

Muyira: Yes I almost forgot but I remembered about ten minutes ago. Since Lorelei needs get here, we decided to have her travel to Keaton in a few days, then the two of us can head out a week beforehand. That way we have an extra day for rain.

Lucina: That's great. The castle will be fine then. Let's do a quick performance in two days at the Plaza so the townspeople can celebrate a full decade of a new life.

Muyira: You just want another excuse to play that new song you composed last week.

Lucina: You're just jealous because you've been stuck in meetings for a full week and I've been doing the more active stuff with the citizens recently. And of course, the song is perfect for this anyway.

Muyira: *laughs* True. It is. Let's just get lunch.

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeSun Apr 06, 2014 10:15 pm

The suns light was strong and radiant on Dusks face. Even with the mask, he still felt the warmth. Dawn "Green Eyes" was growing impatient, standing at the half tilt, her arms crossed in front and the straight jackets sleeves drooping towards the ground. Dusk looked down, realizing the stance and the glare from Dawn, knowing what was coming. But before she could speak, Sabrina, the half breed exited the manor. Sabrina's red tipped tails bobbed and her black and red silk witch robes dragged as she made her way towards the two. Dawn moved to make space for her, an eerie smile rose across her face, she was up to something.

Sabrina: "Dusk, might I have another word with you?"

Dusk: "Is this about the ritual? Or something else?"

Sabrina: "The rituals fine, no problems we can think of. But I wanted to ask again, are you sure?"

Dusk: "Of course. You witches foretell everything. I can't get a glass of water without one of you telling me you've had a vision. The only time it's been important is when Deneb said I would lose my arm to that creature... and I'm pretty sure she saw the thing coming towards me so I'm calling that one a fluke."

Sabrina: "Laugh it off all you want, you know us Blood Witches have been correct with almost every premonition, and this one means death. But you never have danced with us, so you will never see the full picture."

Dusk: "I know, I'm sorry. I don't mean to ridicule you but I have too much invested to back down now. Thank you for your concern Sabrina. You have been a good friend to Dawn and I." *Dusk makes a gesture crossing both arms and bending forward* "Fly safely in the moons embrace Sabrina."

Sabrina: *repeating the same gesture but with a curtsy instead of a bow* "Walk proudly into the arms of death, fore she will want you by her side."

Sabrina walked off and Dawn rammed into Dusk making him walk in the direction she wished to travel. They walked through the fields of villagers, Dusk responding with a wave or nod as people shouted greetings from afar. Dawn finally opened her mouth.

Dawn: "Sounds like she invited you to dance?"

Dusk: "Thats what you took from that?" *Dusk rubbed the top of his mask*

Dawn: "She's pretty, so is Deneb. Have you thought about it? They both are single from what I hear, and your not getting any younger. Well the mask is, your pretty much a giant bore now though so you better make a move."

Dusk rubs his head again, walking in silence. The mask is calling out to him, telling him what it could do if he would simply let it spread, let it go free. It silences itself just in time for Dusk to think about the prophecy he's heard. He wonders if meeting his fellow rioters will finally tip Death's Hourglass, eventually leading to his demise. "No one lives forever," he mutters under his breath as he continues walking.
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 9:45 am

Kiva, trident in hand, swims about in the wide open depths.  A shark swims by her but she doesn't flinch.  A whale passes beneath her but she keeps straight ahead.  Soon she emerges on surface level, resting on a small island.  In minutes, more of her people surface, some holding trunks, while others bear arms.  "My queen," one of them says.  "You needn't make this trip.  You could simply pass on a messenger to tell the other warriors what has happened to your parents."

"It is my responsibility to be there.  Besides.  They live on in this trident.  I will not break their promise for them by staying away."

"I meant no disrespect," the soldier says.

"I know.  Forgive my tone.  I...the trip is taxing. Will we be there soon?"

"Yes, highness."

"All right. We can rest here, for now, if anyone is tired."
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeTue Jun 03, 2014 12:30 am

I've finally posted... I'll color-code everything later, but at least I've got it out now.


Ranulf gazed out through the howling winds and snow over the Lozarin Mountains, his golden eyes picking out every stray detail. His tawny fur and leather armor protected him from the cold, and the snow seemed to flow around him despite sticking to absolutely everything else.

"Milord, Lady Remolino has arrived at the tower," one of his human ninja said from behind him. He would have been impressed with their stealth if he hadn't heard every one of his steps for the last three blocks. Hadn't been able to count his breaths for the last two. It wasn't that the man was a poor sneaksman, or that Ranulf being a Fenrir gave him some massive advantage. He was simply on another level as a warrior of the shadows.

"Thank you, Sarek. I will greet her myself," Ranulf replied, then launched himself backwards into a swan dive off the roof. He fell gracefully and flipped fully over, landing on his feet next to another Fenrir.

The female laughed lightly, brushing her long, hair-like white mane of fur over her shoulder and turning to pin Ranulf with an amused glance from her ruby eyes. "Always with the theatrics, my lord," she murmured in a low, smooth alto voice. "We both know that wasn't going to surprise me on my worst day."

"It wasn't for your benefit, but our subordinates, Cynthia," Ranulf replied, motioning her to follow him into the tower. "Acting so flighty keeps them on their toes."

"And your love of showmanship has nothing to do with it?"

"I never said it didn't." A flash of a fanged grin was exchanged, then the both padded across the main hall into a side room and over to a table filled with maps. Ranulf sighed, then glanced at his exotic second-in-command. "Final reports on our erstwhile allies, Cynthia?"

"Yes," she sighed in return, sitting down and pointing at the south-western city of WillowBane. "The Deadlanders have done much as they always have, though their leader seems to be getting restless. They have not set out for their destination." To the southeast, the city of Keaton. "The Tokala siblings have yet to set out as well, though they are well-prepared in leaving their second in charge." She then pointed to an area along the river near the Heroes Hill. "The leader of the Ocean Dwellers-"

"Myet-Oq Taio."

A flat look was directed at Ranulf. "I can't pronounce that, my lord."

"Hm... pity. You were saying?"

A huff. "Young Kiva Hol has taken up her parents mantle, as you well remember. Originally, we believed that she would pull out any support from her people, but it seems she has her parents backbone, and refuses to bow out."

Ranulf let out a relieved breath. "I was hopeful... but this is unexpectedly good news."

"It comes with its own fair share of bad. We have no idea if the other 'Heroes' will come. They've gone utterly silent in recent weeks."

"Merda. One step forward and two steps back, it seems."

"Unfortunately so," Cynthia replied, shifting her armored shoulders uneasily before glancing at him. "My lord... I don't want to question you, but... is it really wise for me to come with you? Should I not stay and guard the city?"

"No," Ranulf replied with certainty. "Nothing short of Fearon himself attacking this place could crush it too quickly for us to return. However, if I go with average ninja as my entourage, I risk running into opposition that we cannot handle. Besides... we need the insurance."


"Against the other 'Heroes'. 'Keep your friends and enemies equally close; the line between them is often blurry, or even non-existent.' That was one of the first lessons I learned as a ninja. The enemy of my enemy is never my friend. He or she is simply another player in a game with only one winner." He turned his golden gaze to her ruby one, adding a slight smile. "You are the only one I can completely trust, Cynthia."

She blushed slightly and looked down at the table. "...thank you, my lord," she muttered, embarrassed.

"I only speak the truth." He glanced towards the door. "Shall we prepare?"

"Y-yes. That would be wise."

"Hm. Then let's go."
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2014 11:30 pm

GodKing Fearon - Perlins

Blood drips, the pitter patter echos through the lowest levels of the Ivory Tower. Looking down at the crumbled remains of a the human / vulpinion child Fearon bears a demented smile. Her hatching was early but he had to see his progress, see how long she would live. Extras were made for this exact reason, one of the others will continue on it's growth tract and the problem will be fixed. The clear glass tubes filled with lime green solution bubble and turn every so slowly in the underground levels of the God-Kings Tower. The hum of machine and magic come together in a brilliant way. This lab has been around since before the rebellion and since has bred the God-Kings discontent for the so called heroes.

Fearon walks slowly, stopping in front of several tubes before stopping at an alter just outside a set of 3 larger tubes. Atop this alter sits a beautiful work of art, crafted from bone by the best artisan Fearon could hire and then kill to hide his plan. This mask, a perfect representation of the one the rebel Dusk wore. He holds it up to the middle tube and smiles. He proceeds to the next set of tubes and stares hopefully into the eyes of the mature Fenrir, he adjust a nob labeled muscle mass and moves to the next set. The Myet-Oq Taio couple still grow, a shame they may come to be useless. He moves down the row, the haunting colors shadow the walls. A now empty tube bearing the nameplate Lucina02 is still dripping, the crumpled child in front was close to perfection, but sadly the premature opening of the tube caused a slow death... that and Fearon being unable to resist choking the life out of even a look alike hero. He moves to the other sets of tubes in the room before stopping at the heavy marble door of the lab. He smiles and speaks aloud, as if addressing a room of children.

"Sleep well my loyal leaders of my new claimed lands, I'll see you in a few more weeks."
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2014 11:18 pm

Verum could only chuckle to himself as he heard the resounding footsteps of his young apprentice as he came down the hallway, no doubt preparing to scream his lungs out once again. Verum knew that Crosc was close, because he heard the momentary silence and following crash as he jumped over the large cracked Foo Dog head lying in the hallway
I really should get that out of there…
Crosc was coming very close, as Verum could hear his guard Hollid rising from his slumber and to attention.
"Let him in, Hollid. I know what he's here for."
Verum was able to deduce that Hollid had followed his instructions as Crosc entered in his usual fashion. Unfortunately for Verum's chambers, Crosc' "usual fashion" involved nearly kicking the door down and knocking it off it's hinges. not to mention the large boot indent that was cratered into the door.
"Please, Crosc, don't even star-"
"Are you serious, Verum?! How could you do this to me? I thought you trusted me! Can I not do things on my own without you breathing down my back the whole time? I mean first you…"
Crosc continued with his angry rant as Verum zoned out, as he tended to whenever the boy was angry. All Verum could focus on was the little piece of food that was stuck in Crosc' teeth. For a boy that constantly complained about girl problems, he certainly didn't seem to bother with his dental hygiene. His breath alone was testament to that. Verum noticed that Crosc had paused, so he figured it was his time to speak.
"I know why you're angry, Crosc. I can explain."
"Yeah, you'd better explain! I want to know why you sent that stupid scumbag to keep me from doing my job! If you're gonna hire a replacement, you better fire the OG first!"
Verum took a few seconds to translate and process the teenage slang. Apparently growing up on the outskirts of the Invis society didn't keep Crosc from picking up on what the kids were spitting at each other.
"I had…umm…"
Verum struggled to remember the man's name.
"Well, whatever his name is, I had him take your place in Mire because I'm going on a journey and I can't leave you to do unruly things."
"Aha! So you don't trust me!"
"I didn't say that! If you would just listen to-"
"You didn't say it but I know you meant it! I saw it in your eyes!"
"Crosc, I had him take your place because I'm taking you with me. The reunion is soon, and I have some things to show you. It's time we complete your training."
Immediately, Crosc was humbled, but showed a hint of excitement at finally completing his training.
"We leave in an hour. Pack your things."
Crosc hurried out quickly. So quickly, in fact, that he forgot to jump over the Foo Dog and tripped. Verum had a thirty-second laughing fit as Crosc cursed loudly on the ground before getting up and hurrying away again.
"Would you move that damn dog?" cried Crosc, his voice getting fainter as he moved down the hallway.
"Eh. Later."
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2014 5:15 pm

In Keaton, a large Ironwood carriage and trailer arrived at Keaton Castle. Awaiting the passengers, rulers Muyira and Lucina stood at the steps. The door opens and out steps a Vulpinian with red brown fur and garbed in green. Her hair had a single braid hanging from it. With a blink, the fox woman sniffed the city air and walked to the castle. The leaders ran down the stairs to give their dear friend and mentor a hug.

Lucina: Lorelei, it's so great to see you.

Lorelei: Oh girls, it's amazing how much you grow every few months. Gorgeous ladies both of you.

Muyira: Welcome back to Keaton, Lorelei.

The younger two attempt to back away from the embrace but their mentor holds on for a moment longer.

Lorelei: Girls, I know I said you grew, now correct me if I'm wrong but I'm Vul-positive the sets of both of your girls grew too.

Lucina: *blushing* Lorelei!!

Muyira: *groans* Yep. You've been doing well in Azeria all right. Same old Lorelei.

Lorelei: *laughing* I just know you two that well. Yes I've been fine in the other city. However, I think you two should get refitted for your travel gear before you leave next week.

The sisters groan in tune with one another. Lorelei turns them backwards.

Lorelei: Come. The castle awaits us. Now tell me, how is the council treating you.


After six days, with one celebration in the middle (of course), the leaders of Keaton, the Tokala Sisters, set out for the five day hike back to the Hill of the Heroes.

The preparations are all made and everything is packed. The sacred flutes weren't forgotten either. The girls set off, to the grand reunion.

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
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PostSubject: Re: Brave New World   Brave New World Icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 4:04 am

Dusk stands patiently, admiring the runework on each violet crystal shard his necromancers hand him. Their energy can be seen flowing like veins under the glossy surface. Red flashes of energy flicker on and off throughout, holding the fine crystal in his hands he feels the tremble of power inside. Dusk looks up to the eager eyes of his top necromancers. They have been working in tandem with the Blood Witches to create the crystals, carved to perfection.

Dusk: "I could think of no greater gift to present my fellows, you have done amazing work these past few weeks. Funny how something one can hold in their hand can unite our peoples in collaboration."

Necromancer Bane: "You may be able to hold with one hand sire. But us normal sized denizens require both. Also to your delight, The Deadlanders have sent word... Doomtrain is ahead of schedule, if you plant one of these at Heroes Hill we will have our first connection from our lands to the outside world."

Dawn and Sabrina can be seen walking to the meeting point, a smile across Dawns face gives away a surprise. Dusk only can play stupid and hope she has not meddled to much. They finally join the small group, Dawn can't seem to contain herself, like a giddy school girl who just found out juicy secret and can't wait to share.

Dusk: "What is it young one, and Sabrina what brings you, a personal send off is usually not your thing."

Dawn: "Tell him Sabs, tell him now... BRING THEM OUT!!!"

Sabrina: "Calm youself Dawn, and I will. I came to show you something, Bane and I have been cooking up this idea for awhile and think you'll approve. And seeing how you forfeit your command to Bane and I till you're back you don't have a choice."

A fog has been rolling in slowly, Dusk thinking it's part of a training ritual had not thought anything of it. Suddenly large horse sized figures could be seen emerging walking towards the group with heavy cracking steps. Out rolled creatures of an old era, or at least their skeletons. These bird like reptile's (Velociraptor) bones cracked and popped as their magic binding their long dead bodies back together worked perfectly. Atop these powerful skeletons sat the Children of the Blood, the young witches who have just begun their trials to be acknowledged as apprentices to the Blood Witches. They seemed rather well equipped with books and all sorts of witchcraft. Dusk looked on with awe, Dawn moved closer, watching Dusks every movement to the new mounts. The creatures stopped feet from Dusk, allowing him to move his hands over the leads smooth skull, imagining what these creatures were before death. Dawn breaks the silence with fast clapping / padding of her straightjacket.

Dusk: "This is a surprise, are these new experiments, or a new trial to integrate with Witches to Necromantic possibilities?"

Dawn: "No Bonehead! Sabrina..."

Sabrina: "These are your emissaries, they will be spreading your teachings and their expertise to distant lands. Also they will carry Doomtrain's crystals. These young girls have vowed they will not return from their mission until cast away by your fellow rebels, or they have formed a strong bond with the denizens of their lands. It is their task, to be a Blood Witch you must have knowledge, without the vast resources of Perlin's Libraries and Archives they must learn first hand."

Dusk: "This journey should be safe. Safe being the key word, we do not know if anything bad will happen. What if Fearon sits waiting in a trap, I cannot let them risk their lives for my cause... I can't have this on my h...."

Bane: "Too bad! You always have said you speak for your people, today we have spoken for you. Change can sometimes bring sacrifice, you cannot be the one to always be giving of yourself, we are with you, and in order to stand with you we must first actually stand with you. These girls know the risks, and I personally crafted each mount, they will cause enemies to think twice to mess with our little ones."

Sabrina: "Now go, we have WillowBane under safe care, the scarecrows will patrol triple and there will be nothing to fear while you are gone."

After being shot down by the three, Dusk decides to face it. In order for his lands to grow he must trust others to step up as much as he has. WillowBane is a fortress of nightmares, but even all the strange rituals and spells are nothing compared to the fear Dusk feels. What if his fellows have passed without him knowing, what if Fearon has broken the treaty and slain them... thoughts cross his mind while Dawn finally places herself behind him and forceable pushing begins the march to Hero's Hill.
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Brave New World
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