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 The Tale of Halil

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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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The Tale of Halil Empty
PostSubject: The Tale of Halil   The Tale of Halil Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 8:14 pm

Dear reader,
                                      this story that you are about to read contains the events of a man named Halil Le Catral, currently Halil is sitting inside of a tavern called the Screeching Eagle drowning his sorrows away while memories of his past try to claw at him. This tavern is on the edges of the Kingdom of Alannor in a small obscure town named Mistcliff. As the name of the town implies it lies near the edge of a cliff and at the early morning mist rolls through the town and over the cliff.   Within the Screeching Eagle a new patron has entered the tavern. His cloak hood is up hiding his eyes and face from the crowd within. The sound of many voices conversing of various topics fills the room as only a few patrons glace at the newcomers entrance. The smell of different meats and breads flows through the room wetting the man appetite. The man then scans the room searching for his target, once his eyes find Halil he makes a deadline to him. Standing before him the man asks if the seat opposite Halil is taken. Halil makes no motion of acknowledging the newcomer. The man pulls the chair out and sit down without a sound. As the man sits he takes in Halils appearance. Long hair that is in need of washing, a beard of at least several months, worn cloths and a dirty traveling cloak.

"You are a very hard person to track down Halil Le Catral. Don't you think its time to stop running and drowning your mind in alcohol? Come back with me to the capital and reclaim your place in the city." said the man.

Halil glances up at the man but does not speak. All he can see is the tightly pursed lips of the man and a beard of at least a weeks worth of growth.

"Come now Hal, the king has never felt safe without you to defend him. How long has it been now? Seven years?" asked the man.

Halil continues to stare down into his drink. As he attempts to drown out the mans words he listens to the tavern noise instead. One of the serving girls is being harassed by a rather rowdy patron. The patron is close to drunk and is groping the serving girl. As she refuses his attempts the man begins to get upset and stands up from his seat pushing the serving girl to the wall. Halil suddenly becomes alert and watches the man closely. The patron continues to harass the serving girl moving his hands along her body. She tries to move away but he draws a knife and presses it to her throat. At this Halil stands up quickly and moves across the room towards the patron. Before the patron realizes what is happening he is looking at the ceiling then just as suddenly his is staring at the floor with a pain is his nose. Halil had flipped the man over his shoulder sending him crashing into the floor causing the crowded tavern to stare at him.

"Leave." says Halil.

"And just who are you to attack me, on top of that you have broken my nose!" says the patron. Blood drips from the mans nose as he glares at Halil. The man then spits blood out of his mouth and onto Halils worn traveling boots.

"Leave. Now!" says Halil his anger rising.

"Or what. Are you going to make me?" says the patron extending the knife towards Halils chest.

Halils hand flashes upwards faster than the patron could see. The sound of a sickening crack echos in the room. The mans wrist has been broken in one swift motion. The man screeches in pain and lashes at Halil with is good hand. Halil then kicks the man towards the tavern door sending him crashing into it. Halil then kicks the man once more sending him out and into the cold night air.

"And do not let me see you around here again!" shouted Halil as the man ran away from the tavern.

Halil then returned to the serving girl. "Are you alright?" he asks.

"Yes thanks to you. I'll get you another drink for the trouble." she says and then leaves to return to her duties.

Halil returns to his seat and grips his cup of ale.

"It seems that even drunk you still have your fighting skills." said the man sitting opposite him.

"Why did you come here, Rhiras?" asks Halil.

"To find you of course my old friend. The man you were once before is still inside of you and you can have a purpose again. Come back with me to the capital." said Rhiras.

"I'll do no such thing. Much less do I want to go back to that place." said Halil.

"Thats right, she died there, didn't she." said Rhiras.

Halil gripped his cup even harder until his knuckles turned white.

"What happened to you Hal, you used to be the greatest fighter I knew and then suddenly you disappeared after her death?" asked Rhiras.

"Now that is a long story." said Halil.

"Well I've got plenty of time and the night is still young. I'm not going anywhere Hal so you might as well start telling me what happened to you seven years ago." said Rhiras.

"It goes back further than seven years Rhiras, much further back." said Halil.

And so dear reader Halil will begin his tale from his past. I will be leaving you now and do not know as to when I will next speak with you. Take care and listen to dear Halil for me. His tale is a long one of love, power and loss. Farewell Reader,  until next time.  

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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The Tale of Halil Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Halil   The Tale of Halil Icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2014 8:42 pm

Chapter One: Ancient History

Several hundred years ago an tribe of mages used the spell called 'Future Sight' to glimpse into the far future. They saw a man with immeasurable strength in combat as well as magic. He would be able to face any who opposed him and win easily. What they did not predict was that there would be those who were destined to be stronger than he. Within the mages temple they carved the images which they had seen for future generations to discover and unravel. Moving forwards a few years the mages performed 'Future Sight' once more. This time however they discovered a terrible future, one where darkness ruled the land and no one could do anything to stop it. Once more they carved the images into the walls of their temple. The mages left many more carvings along the walls in hopes that they would be able to uncover how they all connected. With no success eventually the mages dispersed from the temple and spread themselves across the land to further their skill in the arcane arts.

The temple was lost from memory as the original mages from the temple created their own school to teach the future generations. Standing within an ancient forest the temple began to crumble leaving little evidence of what once was there. The history that the mages had once painstakingly carved into their own walls was now only known through the schools, the master mages each passed down the legends as the next master mage was selected. Over time many of the schools lost the knowledge entirely until only two continued to pass down the information. Moving forwards two hundred years before Halil was born the monarchy of Alannor took over the region and formed its capital, the mages at first resisted yet later yielded and formed a pact with the king of Alannor to allow them to keep teaching their art as long as citizens from all over the kingdom of Alannor were allowed to study under the mages. Agreeing on the pact sealed the kingdom of Alannors' place as a region to be feared as a condition of the agreement was if the kingdom comes under attack then the mages would assist in battle.

The kingdom continued to thrive as time went on and one year before Halil was born a dark and eerie shadow began to creep across the kingdom, it spread until the whole land was covered in it. Day and night continued as normal but all the citizens could sense something was wrong indeed. Many pleaded with the current king to investigate the problem with the mages, yet the king refused to believe anything was amiss in his own kingdom. As the time of Halils' birth drew near the feeling within the capital began to subside slightly, the people began to grow hopeful that it was finally passing. It was as if the very earth itself knew that the man from the mages legend was going to enter the world. The meeting of Halils' mother and father was that of chance. Their names were Maribelle and Falker. They met within the central market near the kings castle, soon after they had fallen in love and conceived a child together. Three months into the pregnancy Halils' father died in a bandit attack. They chased him into an alleyway then killed him. Halils' mother found out from the city guard and mourned until Halil was born. As Halil exited from his mother the shadow began to withdraw from around him. The doctor who witnessed the event immediately contacted the closest mages school. Halils' mother marveled at what happened around her son.

When a messenger from the mages school arrived upon Maribelles' doorstep she knew why they were there. She allowed them to enter her home and look at Halil. As they used magic to survey his body they confirmed what they had expected. Halil was gifted with incredibly strong magic and his ignorance of how to control it as of now was what was driving the shadow away from him. The mages put a spell on him that would seal his magic for eight years time during that time the shadow would remain as normal and affect him as it did everyone else. After the eight years were almost over the mages would return for him to train him how to properly use his power. As Halil grew his mother coddled him keeping him away from others and rarely letting him out alone. This would be Halils downfall as a child. It left him ignorant of how the world really worked and when things turned bad they would always get worse. When Halil was nearing the age of eight his mother grew deathly ill. She was unable to get out of her bed and barely spoke. Halil was unsure of what to do and in the middle of the night when his mother died he knew nothing of it until the next morning. When he realized his mother was dead Halil fled from his home and took to the streets, he had no knowledge of where he was or what he could do he only knew that there was no one to look after him now and he would have to do it himself.  

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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The Tale of Halil Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Halil   The Tale of Halil Icon_minitimeThu Mar 06, 2014 7:58 pm

Chapter Two: The Great Fire

Halil continued to wander the streets for a full day going aimlessly from street to street. He had gotten lost and had no idea where he was, glancing around the crowded streets he managed to find a plaza that was somewhat empty. Entering into the plaza he took a seat on one of the stone benches. As he sat he looked around him. The plaza had a fountain in the center that was operated by magic and had water spewing out from the top, it gathered into a basin below it. The area around the fountain was made of smooth polished stones set into the ground so close together weeds could not grow between them. There were a few buildings surrounding the plaza but it was otherwise barren. Halil sat on the stone bench for several more hours wondering what to do when he noticed something was glowing under his cotton shirt. Lifting the collar so that he could see he noticed a mark directly over his heart that was pulsing very dully. The mark was of an eye surrounded on four sides by different marks of fire, water, earth and air. Halil knew little of what it was only that it had not been there a few days before.

Far on the other side of the capital city two mages were standing before the house of Maribelle. Knocking on the door gave them no answer.

"I knew we should have left a few days earlier and picked up this Halil child." said one mage.

"Perhaps you are right on this one, if we don't get to him soon who knows what will happen." said the other.

One of the mages put his hand on the lock of the door and check it. The door swung open easily.

The second mage nodded his head telling the first to enter the house. As they entered they could tell that it was empty...well almost empty. They began searching around the house suspecting that Maribelle was hiding Halil from them not want to let her son go. As they made their way to the second floor they discovered the body of Maribelle herself looking as though she was sound asleep. Instantly they both knew that she was dead. Their next thought was where was Halil?


Halil had remained on the stone bench until well near nightfall, as the setting sun shone in his eyes he realized how late it had gotten. Standing up quickly he wondered where he would go for the night. Knowing nothing of the outside world he kept to himself and slowly began wandering the streets once more. Once the sun had set and the first of the three moons rose into the heavens he realized that the glowing mark on his chest was glowing brighter.

"What is this thing?" he asked aloud.

As the evening grew deeper still the mark began to burn on his chest and he scratched at it furiously yet it did nothing to soothe the burning. He began to run through the streets as quickly as he could. Unknown to him he was heading closer to the cities East gate. As he ran the mark on his chest began to glow so bright one could clearly see it through his pale white cotton shirt. The mark had begun to change from a dim aqua to an angry red. Halil had no idea what was happening only that he was beginning to get very warm.


"We have to find him quickly before the spell wears off!" said the first mage.

"What will happen if we don't find him?" asked the second.

"Well I created the magic seal that is upon his body. Should we not find him in time before a full eight years is up then all the magic from eight years will dispel from his body in a violent rage. Thats why I said we should have left a day or two earlier." said the first.

"Well what do we do about his mother?" asked the second.

"There is no time for that. This could be catastrophic and if he survives the incident then we have to find him before anyone else does." said the first.

They then left the house at a sprint searching for any clues as to where Halil could have gone. Not much longer after their answer could be seen clearly in the dark night sky.


Halil had ran so long that he collapsed as the burning in his chest intensified. Propping himself against a building he attempted to breath slowly but failed. As he moved his hand away from the building he saw a glowing red imprint. He had begun to melt the stone. Halil then ran again and came to another plaza that was empty, he ran to the fountain and jumped into the water only to have it steam and vaporize around him. His body was growing weary from the heat then just as suddenly the heat went away. To Halils misfortune the symbol on his chest appeared in the air before him as a large magic circle that had begun to spin. As Halil climbed out of the fountain it followed him. The center of the circle began to glow an angry red and the heat returned to Halils body. It drove him to his knees as he watched his hands begin to turn red. Flames began to appear around him and Halil was suddenly afraid of being burned alive. The flames began leaping off his body and landing on the ground around him. The entire magic circle was now red and as Halil slowly stood back up the magic accumulated from eight long years was suddenly about to be released from his body.

Halil saw the plaza around him for only a second then all he could see was fire around him in every direction. He could not hear anything and was disoriented. The pain emanating from his entire body had all his attention. For him it felt like his body were being torn apart each cell at a time. The fire around him swirled angrily out and struck buildings lighting them ablaze traveling along the wooden roof.


As the two mages ran through the streets they felt an incredible magic pressure suddenly flare to life. The first sign of the magic seal falling apart was the blast of air from an incredibly fast fire magic spell being activated. The mages were knocked to their backs by the blast of air then as they stood back up they could see the pillar of flames blazing high into the night sky. Even from where they were they could feel the intense heat from the fire. It was spinning and lashing out at buildings causing a series of fires to spread rapidly.

"Is that where Halil is?" shouted the second mage.

"Yes...I can only pray that he managed to survive this somehow." said the first.

The mages took off at a mad dash towards the pillar of fire. No doubt the city guard had been alerted to the crisis at hand and was taking action. The mages had to reach the fire before they did.

"Take hold of my hand. I'm going to push us to it." said the first.

They linked hands and suddenly vanished from the road only to appear mere feet from the pillar of flames. The first mage could sense Halil was still alive within the pillar of flames. He immediately began the binding spell once more. This one would only hold for a week at most since Halil was now older but it would be enough time. The spell surrounded Halil and outlined him in the pillar.

"Seal!" shouted the first mage.

The pillar of fire slowly dissipated yet the fires raging in the houses around continued to burn. The mages ran towards Halil picking up his unconscious body.

"I can only shift us once more. I'll take us out of the city this time." said the first.

They once more linked hands and vanished from the spot only leaving a melted ring of stone and the raging fires in their haste.  

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Halil   The Tale of Halil Icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2014 9:13 pm

Chapter Three: A New Beginning

Outside the city gates sat a small hill lying dormant and rarely used. Upon its peak was a large tree that had flourished in recent years of its life. The leaves were a healthy green for the warm summer months. Despite it being nighttime, just beneath the tree sat three figures. One a sweating and very much out of breath man in a mages cloak, another that was the exact opposite but also with a mages cloak and lastly a young boy who was unconscious on the ground.

"Is he really worth all this trouble? You know that the king is going to look at the mages schools for the damages to the city. The fires are still spreading as of right now."

"I'm...aware of that...this boy is more important...than you can...possibly imagine."

After regaining his breath the man continued.

"The schools will be able to brush this aside and the kings coffers go deep enough that this will have no effect on his expenses. Although if anyone was injured...that is another case."

As the men continued talking Halil began to regain consciousness.

"W-Whats going on?" he asked.

"Oh you are awake much earlier than I expected, Halil. My name is Maxim Hafri and this is my assistant, Ethil Reznik. Tell me Halil, do you know what just happened to you?" asked Maxim.

Halil stared up at the man but could not see any features due to his hood and the light of the largest moon blinded him.

"No all I know is that I was very hot and the pain wouldn't go away." said Halil.

"Well that is about all you will need to know for now. I hear that your mother passed away." said Maxim.

Halil nodded his head slowly in response.

"Tell me Halil would you like to go somewhere else where you can have your own freedom so longs as you can follow some simple rules?" asked Maxim.

"Yes, now that my mother is dead I have nowhere left to go." said Halil.

"Oh but you do. We will take you to a place where you can make many new friends." said Maxim extending a gloved hand towards Halil.

Halil reached out and grasped the mans large hand with his own small one. Standing up the two men stood on either side of Halil and began leading him away from the capital city. For Halil it was an entirely new experience being outside the city walls. He tried to take in as much as he could, the smells, the colors at night and the sounds of the world around him.

The men continued to walk with Halil for several days stopping to rest every so often and for a child Halil was well behaved and complained very little.

"Maxim do you really think he is the one from the ancient legends?" asked Ethel.

"I do. He was pushing the shadow away from him even as a baby just a few hours out of the womb. The pillar of flames should be enough to prove my point, even I after eight years would not have been able to accumulate that much magic. He has a large capacity and should be able to master the elements easily. After that he will be tested in physical fighting." said Maxim.

"I just think it may be a bad idea to take him to the mages school of flame first since that is the element that erupted from his body." said Ethel.

"All the more reason for him to master that one first. Besides we are only one day away and the Master is expecting us. He will take Halil as his apprentice I presume." said Maxim.

"But the Master has not taken an apprentice in years." said Ethel.

"Yes, but times are changing and we must adjust as well. The Master is no different. Once he sees Halil be tested he will change his mind, I'm sure of it." said Maxim.

"I can only hope that you are right." said Ethel.

The following morning the three set off once more getting ever closer to the mages school of fire. As the three made it to the crest of a rather large hill Halil gasped in awe as he could see the school from where he stood.

"There it is Halil, the first stop on your journey." said Maxim.

Halil could only smile from ear to ear knowing that he would be going to such an impressive building. Once they arrived at the gates of the school Halil took in all the details. The gates were and amber color and seemed to shift and warp as they stood still. Just inside the gates were fountains on either side of a walkway that led to the building itself, except they were no ordinary fountains. These fountains were pushing flames that flowed like liquid down their sides and into the ground before them only to be pushed back up through the fountains. The building itself was also and impressive feat it had many large and tall spire that each held a massive crystal with a flame burning brightly within it. The center spire though held the largest of them all and burned a golden hue. Halil was amazed at the sight before him yet remained calm so as not to upset Maxim or Ethel.

The three approached the massive doors of the school and they swung open on invisible hinges. Stepping into the main rotunda the three were greeted by a elderly looking man with a beard that was completely white. He wore robes that were a dark crimson color with orange flames moving from the bottom of the robe up to his chest.

Maxim and Ethel knelt down before the man and Halil mimicked their display.

"Master, we have brought the boy named Halil from the capital city after eight years of being sealed away." said Maxim.

"I see that Maxim, are you sure this is the child of prophecy?" asked the Master.

"Yes, Master." responded Maxim.

"I see, well then lets waste no time and have him be put to the test to see his capabilities with the magic flow of the world." said the Master.

Halil was then led to a set of doors that had carvings of flames in them with the Master standing directly behind him as well as Maxim and Ethel. The Master nodded his head and the doors opened allowing the four to step through into a dark room. Once they were inside the doors shut behind them encasing the room in darkness...until Halil himself began to glow.

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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Vir Honestus
Vir Honestus

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The Tale of Halil Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Halil   The Tale of Halil Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2014 8:23 pm

Chapter Four: The Test
The darkness engulfed Halil and the three men who entered behind him as he was about to call out to them he realized that he had begun to glow.

"Whats happening to me?" asked Halil aloud.

"Don't worry Halil, this is a test to see how compatible you are with the element of fire." said the voice of Maxim.

"Please step into the center of the room using the light emanating from your body." said the Master.

Halil attempted to move about the room but with the small amount of light he was producing he could not find the center.

"I-I can't do it. I can't see anything." he cried out.

"Then create more light." said the Master.

"Create more light? How?" asked Halil.

"Use your imagination." responded the Master.

Halil then began pondering what he could do to create more light. He immediately though of a candle flame yet nothing happened, he then thought of a torch held in a wall sconce. Again nothing happened.

"Focus your mind and imagine your vision as reality." said the Master.

Halil did as he was told then as he focused his mind once more a small candle flame appeared over his index finger. Smiling Halil forgot about the task of finding the center of the room and quickly began remembering stories his mother used to tell him.


"In a land far far away lives the mighty and fearsome dragons, they were so feared for their terrible dragons breath and no Halil it was not because it smelled although I'm sure it did." said Maribelle.

"The Dragons could breath fire for over three hundred feet before it began to dissipate, They could fly and would soar through the air gracefully." continued Maribelle.

"So why are they not around anymore?" asked Halil.

"Perhaps there still are some dragons left in the world, maybe you'll even see one. Just watch out for its breath though." said Maribelle smiling.


Halil quickly felt a warmth in his stomach build as he was reminded of the dragons breath in his mothers story. Unconsciously Halil directed his mouth towards the ceiling of the room and suddenly a gout of flame erupted from his mouth. When he realized what was happening he stopped remembering his mothers story and the flames disappeared.

"Master what just happened? Should we allow him to continue?" asked Ethel.

The master stared in wonder at the young boy who was standing only a few feet from him.

"He is able to expel flames from within himself...He can use the old magic of fire. Yes, let him continue." said the Master to Ethel.

"Halil find the center of the room now." he continued.

Halil nodded and instead of a dragons flame he imagined a small flame held between his hands. The small fire blazed to life in his palms and Halil was then able to see around him for several feet. Moving around the room he found a carving of a flame within a large circle. Stepping into the center of the flame caused the carving to blaze red. Halils fire extinguished itself as the room fed off of his magic energy. The circle and carving of fire glowed a white hot red and then blazed to life surrounding Halil. Halil then remembered what had happened the night he was in the city and how the fire had engulfed him. He held up his hands to shield himself yet the fire continued to burn towards him.

"No!" he shouted aloud as the flames engulfed him.

Halil held still when he realized the flames did not hurt him as he looked around the entire room had been lit and was glowing brightly. From the center of the room Halil could see carvings along the walls that had begun to glow. In succession they went from a candle flame, torch, fireplace, raging fires, salamanders breathing fire, a serpent with wings behind its head also using fire, a phoenix and lastly a dragon with its head pointing towards the heavens with flames erupting from its maw. All the carvings were glowing. Looking at the image of the dragon caused the memories of his mother to stir once more and just as suddenly all the realization that she was no longer with him and he would never see her again. Tears began to fall down Halils cheeks as he stood in the center of the raging flames. He fell to his knees where he began to weep and sob for the loss of his mother.

"Master, what should we do now?" asked Maxim.

The Master paused before answering as he watched Halil sob on the floor, the flames slowly began to extinguish themselves yet the carvings remained aglow.

"We teach him the ways of magic, He has perfect compatibility with the element of fire." said the Master as he began to walk towards Halil.

Upon reaching Halil the three men stood above him. The Master then knelt down in front of him.

"Halil, What pains you?" asked the Master.

"M-my mother is dead, sh-she won't be coming back, I-I don't know what to do." said Halil still sobbing.

"Hmm I see, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I have an offer to make you if you are willing to listen." said the Master.

Halil wiped his eyes and slowly stopped sobbing as the Master waited with great patience. Halil then looked the master in the eyes and nodded that he was ready to listen to him.

"Alright, Now how would you like to live among the mages of this school for a time while you learn the magic of fire?" asked the Master.

"Ok" said Halil as was a typical response of an eight year old.

"And on top of that, I'll teach you personally along with Maxim and Ethel here." said the Master.

At that Halil smiled a small amount and wiped his eyes again.

"Learning here won't be easy but if you really try I'm certain you can master the element of fire." said Maxim.

"Now come along Halil, lets get you fitted for a mages robe and get you a room." said the Master.

The Master stood up and offered Halil his hand, Halil accepted then the four left the room as the large doors swung shut behind them.

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Halil   The Tale of Halil Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2014 6:26 pm

Chapter Five: First lessons

After Halil had been fitted with a mages robe set for the size of a child he and the Master along with Maxim and Ethil proceeded to show Halil around the school.

"Here is where a normal student would begin their training, unlike you though you will be taught under us three at all times, your room will also be close to my own." said the Master.

"But why is that?" asked Halil.

"Well in this case, you are special." said the Master.

"Ok. But why am I special?" asked Halil.

The master had the patience that was earned after many years and was used to dealing with children and could answer their endless questions for an equal amount of endless time.

"Ah now that is a good question Halil. Maxim could you describe to him what happened back in the capital first?" asked the Master.

Maxim nodded then turned to Halil, he then knelt down to Halils height.

"I want you to pay close attention to what I'm going to tell you now. The night we found you a magic spell had finally been released. What it did was seal the magic energy inside of you yet allowed your body to continue to absorb it. I cast the spell on you when you were just a newborn."

"Why did you do that?" interrupted Halil.

Maxim pursed his lips back not wanting to tell Halil the truth yet, he turned to look at the master.

"Well you see Halil, Maxim wanted to test his spell and see if it would grant you great strength later on in life. Continue Maxim." said the Master.

Halil accepted what the Master told him because he trusted him then turned his attention back to Maxim.

"Now the magic in your body after eight years was to great for you to control and as a result was expelled from your body rapidly and violently. The magic also took the shape of an ancient magic spell that has not been seen in many centuries. Only those who are gifted with an inborn ability to shape the magic of the world can use spells close to that magnitude and your body did it by instinct. Tell me Halil did you feel any pain after the sudden release of magic?" asked Maxim.

"No it only hurt beforehand, my body felt like it was burning and the stone around me was turning red." said Halil.

"Ah now that is what happens when magic gets out of control, it can turn against its user and consume them instead. Luckily you were able to resist the magic and the spell was released." said Ethil from behind Maxim.

"What spell was it?" asked Halil.

"An ancient magic that is one of five. They are called the Pillars of the Gods. Each element has its own Pillar that can be created by magic, and since you managed by some incredible feat to do so Maxim and Ethil thought it best to bring you to this school of fire first so that you may learn to control your magic." said the Master.

"So when do I learn to do it again?" asked Halil.

"Magic is not a toy Halil, you must learn this quickly. It can be a weapon or a tool, never foolishly use it or you may regret your actions." said the Master.

Halil nodded making note not to play with his own magic once he could control it.

"Now we will begin your lessons today once the sun is at its peak in the sky. I personally will teach you the basics of fire magic." said the Master.


Once the sun was in position the Master took Halil into his own personal training chamber. Maxim stayed to one side of the room while Ethil was teaching other students.

"Alright Halil, we will now begin your training. Now out of the four elemental magics fire is the strongest. It can create light, warmth and help us cook our food. It can also destroy buildings, forests and even kill people. Fire is a magic to respect and fear all at once. To begin your lesson I want you to summon a small flame in the center of your hand like I do." said the Master.

The Master then held out his hand and focused for a brief second before a small flame the size of an apple appeared in his palm.

Halil mimicked the movement and opened his hand in front of him. He then imagined a flame like the one he had been shown. After a few seconds Halil realized that he could not summon any magic.

"I can't do it." said Halil.

"What do you mean?" asked the Master.

"I don't know how to summon any magic." said Halil.

"How could I forget the most basic instruction of any magic. It seems we will have to postpone your fire training and instead begin your magic drawing abilities first. Maxim will be able to teach this to you better than I. He is the fastest I have seen at drawing and replenishing his magic. Even faster than me." said the Master with a grin.

"Come along Halil, we need to be outside for this training." said Maxim.

Halil followed Maxim out of the Masters training room and into the main building, from there they left through the main entrance and exited the schools gates. Maxim then led Halil out into the  small hills that stood to the east of the school. Once they reached the top of a small rise Maxim stopped next to a tree. He then sat down crossing his legs and gestured for Halil to do the same.

"Ok Halil, all magic comes from the world beneath us and the sky above us. Those who wish to use magic must be able to draw upon both of these sources in order to use magic constantly. To use any magic you need to summon the flow of magic from the earth or sky and channel it through yourself. You then change the form of the magic into the type you want to use. Some mages can use two or more magics while only a small number can use all four." said Maxim.

Halil hung onto every one of Maxims words. He was determined to learn magic now.

"To begin you must meditate and learn to feel the flow of magic, Once you can do this you will be able to shape the magic by using your will." said Maxim.

"Now start by placing your hands palm up on your knees." he continued.

Halil then moved his hands to his knees and opened his palms facing upwards.

"Good now just begin to breath slowly and focus on the sounds around you and the feeling of the earth below you. Now this training can improve all magics that you can use and will make them stronger. With this being the most basic magic teaching it is also one of the most important and can take years to enhance your magic absorption rate so don't worry if you don't feel anything today." said Maxim.

Halil nodded then shut his eyes as he began to breath deeply and slowly. He tried to focus on the sounds of the wind and the feeling of the cool ground beneath him. Halil and Maxim sat there for several hours. Maxim also had the patience of the Master and took the opportunity to train himself further in magic absorption. Suddenly his concentration was interrupted by a small yelp from Halil.

"What is it? Whats wrong?" asked Maxim.

"I felt something. It was like a warm yet cool feeling in my stomach." said Halil.

"Impressive. That Halil is the feeling of magic entering your body. Now all you have to do is focus on what you did to draw it into you. Then improve on that technique to continue to strengthen yourself." said Maxim.

Halil nodded then went back to meditating. Maxim as well went back to meditating to pass the time.

Halil himself began remembering the thought that had caused the sensation in his stomach. He rethought of times he had fun or times when he was whistling to himself. But once he passed over a thought of his mother the sensation came back once more. Shocked Halil began recalling memories of his mother but more specifically when she would kneel down and hug him. The sensation in his stomach increased greatly and he could actually feel the draw of magic entering through his legs and into his body. He then began breaking down the memories for parts that increased the sensation more than others and only began to focus on those images.


Before Maxim or Halil knew what time it was they were both sitting facing each other with their eyes closed in the middle of the night, neither of them would open their eyes until the next morning as they were both deep in thought and therefore did not notice the passing of time or the world around them. Unknown to Maxim thought the ground around Halil had begun to shift slightly...or seemed to. Halil was grasping the method of magic absorption at an alarming rate and the magic was condensing around him in a circle before floating directly to his stomach.

When the sun rose the next morning and struck Maxim in the face he finally opened his eyes and was thrown back by the sight before him. Halil was no longer merely sitting on the ground. He was floating several inches off of it and was sitting on top of a pool of magic it was spiraling around him rapidly while entering his stomach and leaving just as quickly from not being used, but for a new student to be able to do what an expert mage is capable of in just one night was unheard of.

Maxim slowly edged forwards and nudged Halil as he floated in the air.

"Halil! Open your eyes!" he said.

Halil then slowly opened his eyes and suddenly the magic disappeared causing him to drop back to the ground. He stood up with Maxim as Maxim stared at him.

"Whats wrong? Did I do something wrong?" asked Halil.

"No not at all. I'm just astonished is all. What were you thinking of that allowed you to condense that much magic?" asked Maxim.

"Well at first it was of my mother, then of things that made me happy, then it was of my mothers hugs and finally of how much I love her even though she is gone." said Halil smiling.

"Love...a very powerful emotion indeed." said Maxim.

"And Halil, it appears that we mediated through the night. How about we go get something to eat and let the Master know of your progress." said Maxim as his stomach and Halils rumbled together.

Halil laughed and began walking back to the school.

Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return
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