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 Blade's Edge

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PostSubject: Blade's Edge   Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:51 pm

Here I stand
On a blade’s edge
With no one but myself
To question my next move.
I seem to be neutral
On this sharp fence.
Each side has points
Both good and bad.
A decision needs to be made
And a side to be chosen.
Yet both sides would result
With a nasty cut of some kind.
Nerves would be shot and blood spilled.
The cost from my actions dealt.
As such, here I stand
With my thoughts remain divided.
Which way should I fall,
So that I lose the least flesh?
If I fall to one side,
Will I only lose an arm or leg?
Or will I come out with a small scratch?
I do not know. Who does?
A decision needs to be made
And sooner would be better
For the longer I remain where I stand
The more I cut myself and bleed,
Internally and on top this fine steel.
Perhaps my feet should move
If the brain can function logically
For the heart is too confused
To leap from this blade’s edge.

*I seem to be finding things I wrote from a bit ago. I'll share this one tonight.

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
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Blade's Edge
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