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 Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!

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Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Empty
PostSubject: Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!    Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 9:07 am

This is a RP from another forum. Super sadly can't go back on that forum, so we decided to move it here! Very Happy
I will try to condense as much as I can into as few posts!

This RP is based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter! We just added in the Samurais as Cat form. :p

Supernintendo64 wrote:
what is this rp about: You are a cat fighting for your warlord (if you are not one). Your objective is simple, protect your army and warlord with your life. You live in a huge forest with one of the 6 different army's. All 6 of these army's live in one huge clearing but different parts of the clearing. They all hunt and fight for their individual lords and army's.

story: A long time ago 6 siblings found a huge forest filled with prey. All 6 of them and their army's fought to the death for this forest. However when all of them had enough of the war they all decided to share the huge forest between one another. Even so however even the future generation still hates each other, despite the fact all 6 of them share parts of the clearing.

Rules: 1.No double posting.

        2.No spamming

        3. No being a [Oops!  Please keep language appropriate.  Thanks!] towards others.

        4.You can do simple rps like for example:"yes" she meowed. However please try to limit yourself from doing them.

         5.If one warlord declares war on another, please ask me before doing so and tell me the reasoning behind it.

        6.your cat can only avoid up to 3 of the shogun laws. Once he or she does break them a third time. They will be put to death. Also please keep in mind while there are only about a few rules that do it, If your cat breaks one of the major rules and a cat finds out he or she can be put to death (that is if the person who rps the cat is ok with it) but still don't break more than 2 laws. If your cat does, this will be permanent death without the rpers consent (unless the warlord of this cat objects).


7.No killing cats without the rpers consent (unless this person broke more than 2 of the shogun laws but this is up to the warlord)

8. You can only have up to 4 high ranking positions. However you can only have 1 warlord, 1 right hand, 1 Healer/ Healer student, and 1 tactician.

9.Please try to be active as much as possible.

10. if you are new and wish to know what positions are not taken or taken just let me know.

Religion: The shogun cats believe that when they die they will go to different kinds of heavens. Depending what clan they are from. They believe that the gods watch over them and guide them.


Warlord: It is the warlords duty to fight for his or her army. Once they are warlord they are given a special power. They are the ones who lead and make the orders. He/she and the Right hand have they're own den. he/she is also the one who promotes and demotes the cats positions. Warlords are also aloud to change the name of the army that their previous warlord named.

Right hand: While the leader isn't around the right hand gives out the orders. When the leader dies he or she along with the 8 commanding officer,s will fight (not to the death) to decide who will become the new warlord.

Commanding officer: There are up to 8 commanding officers in each army. While they do what the leader and right hand tells them, it is their job to command and order individual samurai (if they are under the commanding officers squad). If the leader dies the commanding officers and right hand will fight to decide who will become the new warlord. All 8 or less of the commanding officers share a den.

tactician: The tactician helps the warlord come up with battle strategy's. he/she is the warplanner. The tactician has his/her own den.

Healer: This cat is given special healing abilities and powers once they are gifted the honor from the Warlord himself/herself. They are skilled with herbs and different healing methods. The healer and Healer student share a den.( btw a healer can have a mate and kits)

Healer student: A young cat who wishes to learn the art of healing from the healer himself/herself. Once the healer dies or retires (with the warlords consent) The healer student becomes the new official healer and is granted healing powers.

Samurai: The samurai's are the warriors who hunt and fight for their army and warlord. They are also under certain individual squads led by the individual commanding officers. They all share a huge den.

Nursing mothers: The nursing mothers are queens who are pregnant or nursing kits. Since the nursing mothers cannot hunt for themselves. The father of their kits or the tom who impregnated her must care for her and give her food. They have their own den.

Students: Students are very young samurai who are in training. They start at 6 moons and train till 12-16 moons. They can be mentored by samurai, commanding officers, the right hand, or the Warlord himself. They share and have their own den.

Kits: a kitten who is less than 6 moons. He or she is taken care of by their mothers.

Old one: Once a cat becomes too old to fight or hunt. They become an old one. It is the students job to provide food and care for the old ones. They share a den.

prisoner/ *****: If someone from the warlords army has done something

wrong or if the warlord captures someone from the other army and warlord. They can turn these people into prisoners and slaves.

The Shogun laws:

1. Do not argue with a cat in a superior position (unless an even higher position objects or told you first)

2.Right hand and commanding officers. You may have high positions but just remember who gave you those high positions. While you are given power over many of the cats in this army you will obey and respect the warlord himself/herself.

3.Killing is a crime and is punishable by death (unless you justify the killing)

4. If you forcefully mate with someone without their consent  (whether you are a tom or she-cat) You will receive a warning.

5.Toms!, if you have impregnated a she-cat. It is your job to care for that she-cat till her kits are 6 moons. If you don't take care of her you will be put to death!

6.If you have a mate or have mated with someone outside your own army. You will be executed.

7.You can choose to believe in whatever you want, religiously speaking. However you can be put to death if the warlord wishes.

8.gatherings happen every moon. Warlords and the high ranking positions must come or they can be put to death (It is optional for the low ranking positions to come unless the leader orders them to do so)

9.If the warlord has committed atrocities and has broken many of the 10 rules of the shogun laws. Their clan can either put him or her to death or exile him or her.

10. Follow the social hierarchy of the clan.

If you wish to join:

(please note that you can have as many cats as you want but please also note that you are limited when it comes to how many high ranking positions you want)

another note: (if you want one of your cats to be a warlord. You must also put in what power he or she will have and the name of your army. Remember in this rp there are 6 armys meaning 6 warlords.)

Format you will follow when joining:



Name of army(if you are a warlord):

Army you are a part of:

Power(if you are a warlord or healer. Though only healers can have healing powers):








Any other things to say about your cat(optional):

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Posts : 111
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Age : 20
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Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!    Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 9:24 am

Characters! -this really needs to be updated, we have so many more now xD

Orange- Supernintendo
Cyan- Seek

Name: Winddemon
Gender: Tom
Name of army: Fuma
Army: Fuma
Power: He has an ability to go way faster than the average cat. 3.5x faster to be exact
Age: 18 moons
Personality: Calm, quiet, and shy. While Winddemon doesn't talk all that much, he is very loyal to his army and will die for them. He is usually quite merciful.
Description: Large fluffy black tom with red eyes.
Mate: None yet.
Mentor/student: Murasame.
Kits/offspring: None
Other: He is basically the opposite of his father. his father was evil and merciless.

Name: Murasame
Gender: Tom
Army: Fuma
Power: None
Position: Student
Age: 6 moons
Personality: Brave and idealistic. Murasame is loyal to his clan and brave no matter the situation. Even if this idealistic tom was outnumbered 5 to one, he would not give up a fight.
Description: White and black tom with
Mate: None
Mentor/student: Winddemon
Kits/offspring: None

Name: Drageru
Gender: Tom
Army: Fuma
Position: Commanding officer
Age: 22 moons
Personality: Cold and ruthless. If Drageru was leader, he would put someone to death immediately if they had done something wrong.
Description: Striped Bengal tom with emerald eyes.
Mate: Terra
Mentor/student: None
Kits/offspring: None

Gender: She-cat
Position: Commanding officer
Age:19 moons
Personality: Calm, sweet, and gentle. The opposite of her mate and just like her leader Winddemon very merciful.
Description: Tortishell she-cat with battle scars and markings.
Mate: Drageru
Mentor/student: None
Kits/offspring: None
Other: Nope

Name: Dragonstorm (seems legit)
Gender: Male
Name of army: Date
Army:  Date
Power: Lightning. His claws will omit lightning from them. You get pretty shocked if they touch you (Also seems legit)
Position: Warlord
Age: 14 moons old
Personality: Quite reckless and hard to compromise with. Likes to call a lot of cats 'Imbeciles.' However, he does listen to his Tactician and actually appreciate some things cats do for him, even though he doesn't always show it.
Description: A Sleek-brown tabby tom. He has piercing blue eyes and a yellow crescent moon shaped mark on his head (See what I did there).
Mate: -
Mentor/student: -
Kits/offspring: -
Other: Doesn't like to make treaties.

Name: Cloudstrike (Meh, I got nothing better)
Gender: Male
Army: Date
Power: -
Position: Tactician
Age: 23 Moons
Personality: Cunning about his plans, but actually quite kindhearted. Always looking out for his reckless warlord and pointing him in the right direction. Tries to prevent as many casualties as possible.
Description: A dark-brown tom. He has bright white paws and tail tip.
Mate: -
Mentor/student: Kinda Dragonstorm, kinda
Kits/offspring: -
Other: Likes to check the territory in his spare time. He wants to make sure no other army is planning anything or hanging around the borders
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Posts : 111
Join date : 2014-02-03
Age : 20
Location : Ransei

Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!    Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 9:57 am

(I'd hate to put all of Super's words in quote, so I will color code who wrote what)
Orange - Super
Cyan - Seek

^Means it is separating speakers Wink


Wind demon padded out of his den and looked over at the date side of the clearing. "Dragonstorm?!"

Dragonstorm caught sight of the black tom.
"What do you want?"

"hows your a....army" He said kinda nervously. What dragon storm didn't know is that he was trying to be as friendly towards him as possible so he could make an alliance with him.

Dragonstorm sits down and starts licking his paw.
"They are fine. But, why should that concern you?" Dragonstorm wasn't sure why the leader of Fuma would talk to him. He just went out hunted and this is what happened.

He shrugs "I just wanted to make sure. Im trying to make sure all 6 of the armys are fine is all."
Drageru pads next to the leader his eyes narrowing at the date leader
"What does this milk drinker want!!" The tom hissed at Dragonstorm
"Drageru!!!" Winddemon hissed back "do not disrespect the date leader!"

"Milk-drinker?! You just earned yourself with a fight with one of the best warriors of the forest!" Dragonstorm glared at Drageru.
"Dragonstorm, hold your temper!" Cloudstrike came up from behind Dragonstorm.

"hello cloudstrike" He nodded at him "Please forgive my soldier. He can be a little aggressive towards cats outside our own army."
Drageru got up to pad away but before doing so he stated " Just watch yourself Date scum!!!" Pads away.

"Let me at 'em!" Dragonstorm said. Cloudstrike blocked Dragonstrom's path to prevent a fight.
"Sorry about my warlord. He can be reckless. C'mon, the Clan is going to hold a meeting and they can't without their Warlord." Cloudstrike said. He butted his head against Dragonstorm's shoulder to urge him to leave.

Nods at cloudstrike "I would suggest doing inside one of the dens you never know when one of the cats outside your clan including mine might overhear"

"Of course I took that precaution." Cloudstrike said turning back. "Once I get this ruffled kit back, we are holding our meeting in the Warlord's den. "Oda activity has increased in the past moon, so I suggest you start rethinking your strategy. I know Oda borders with you."
Cloudstrike pads off into the Date clan's forest

"Im not worried about those Mouse-brained Oda cats!" He growled "though you do have a point. I should consult with my tactician"

Dragonstorm was pacing at the entrance of the Clan camp. The Date Clan was sung into the heart of the forest. The camp is roughly supported by trees. The Clan weaved brambles to seal up any holes. It's well protected from wind and rain because of location.
"What took you so long, Cloudstrike?"
"Just taking my time, now let's go inform anyone about the meeting. I know you sent out a border patrol, so they probably will come back in the middle of the meeting." Cloudstike padded into the camp before Dragonstorm.

Haku one of the 8 commanding officers of the date padded in "should I guard outside to make sure that no cats don't spy on us?" She suggested.

"No, but thanks for offering Haku. We need as much imput as we can get." Cloudstrike said to the she-cat.
"Also, don't forget about that border patrol, they would of spotted some intruders." Dragonstorm added. Dragonstorm padded into his den and sat down on his nest. The Clan started to follow him into his den. Cloudstrike took his position right next to Dragonstorm.

Cherryblossom welcomed Drageru as he came back to the camp. "Welcome back! Where's the Warlord, I have something to report on my patrol?"

Haku nodded at the tactician "gotcha" She sat down

Drageru hissed "He is in his den now. he was originally talking to that milk drinker of an excuse Leader Dragonstorm"

"Dragonstorm? You don't want to pick a fight with him, I've heard rumors of cats going into shock after fighting him. He's young, but strong." Cherryblossom said to Drageru, "Oh, and watch your back around him!" Cherryblossom padded to the Warlord's den. "May I come in? It's Cherryblossom. I have some news to report!"

Dragonstorm cleared his throat and started the meeting, "The Oda Clan has had an increase in activity lately, reporting from our scouts and border patrols. Has anyone heard a rumor or something protaining to the Oda?

"tch  Im not scared of him!!" He growled at the she-cat before padding away
"ah cherryblossom its you. Yes I would love it if you came in and told me" The tom came out of his den and politely flicked his tail at his den. Indicating that she is welcome to come in.

" I noticed this as well" Haku nodded "I have smelled oda scent all over are part of the forest. At first I thought it was the wind due to how close the oda territory is to ours but I smelled the ground to make sure and....."

"That's plenty, Haku, thank you." Cloudstrike said. "Dragonstorm and I have been talking about Oda lately. Since we would have to go through Fuma to even get to Oda, I say we see what Fuma is going to do."
"Also, I want to tighten up our security of our borders. Our kits and queens need to be protected" Dragonstorm added.
The border patrol comes into the camp, and sees their is a meeting going on. They sit in the back.

"Well, your lordship, I scented Oda scent way over on our border. I think it even went into Date's territory. We should make haste action to this. You know it is a violation of the code to cross borders without permission." Cherryblossom said. Her eyes narrowed near the end of her speech.

Haku nodded and told the border patrols that came in "They are talking about the Oda" She whispers
"Your right" He nodded "If those Oda cats think just cause I'm this Laid back cat who wouldn't fight back, they have another thing coming!! Thank you for telling me this Cherryblossom. I was going to get a piece of fresh kill. Care to join me?!"

"So, since we should be tightening up security, I will appoint someone to be my right-hand cat. I will observe all of you in the following week and make my decision at the end. Whoever I think is the most capable, gets the job." Dragonstorm said to the Clan. An excited cheer ripples throughout the Clan. It's every cat's dream to be noticed by their Warlord.
"Sure I will join you. I could go for a piece of fresh-kill right now." Cherryblossom pads on after her Warlord and settles down to eat a pigeon with him.

"Don't worry, if it is anyone who will become the right hand it shall be me!" She whispers to herself.


He takes a bite out of the pidgeon "so how have you been?" Winddemon asks her.

"Alright, I think this meeting is dismissed. Back to work everycat!" Dragonstorm said to the Clan. "If you have any questions, Cloudstrike will be free to answer them." Cloudstrike nodded when his name was mentioned. The Clan started to pile out of the den and get into small groups excitedly. It's rare that such a high position is given out. Also, since Dragonstorm was such a young ruler because of the older leader passing away, nobody expected him to give out any positions.

"Pretty good. My mentor is teaching me a lot. I smelled the scents when I went herb gathering. Also, we are running low on Catmint, a herb very abundant in Date's territory. I plan on asking their Medic to share some with us." She took a bite out of the pigeon.

"Cludstrike?!" Haku began "Is Dragonstorm contemplating a war against the Oda?"

"Your turning into a fine healer cherryblossom" Winddemon said proudly.

"He doesn't want to take action right now, until he sees what the other Clans do. Probably give it time and we will be off to war." Cloudstrike said with a deep gaze.

"Thanks, I should be becoming a full-time Medic soon. So what are you planning to do to protect the Clan against Oda?"

"good, Its been awhile since I've tasted oda blood" She hissed and padded out.

"The oda are strong. In fact one of the strongest armys and clans but we are stronger!" Winddemon meowed, bravery in his tone.

"Cloudstrike, I'm going to get some sleep and clear my thoughts. Leave me in peace." Dragonstorm said to his handy tactician.
Cloudstrike leaves his den and starts to sort out some patrols.

"Are you still trying to make an alliance with Date? If they were our ally, we probably could take on Oda."

"If you want, Cloudstrike I'll join in the patrols" She offered

"Well by becoming alliances with the Date we can achieve some pretty useful resources. Besides we don't need them to fight the Oda. Nobunaga doesn't even have that many cats to take us alone!"

"That's not what my scouts report say sir" A young she-cat appears in front of Winddemon "According to what I've heard, he has more soldiers than any of the clans"
" Terra, what kind of samurai do you have in your squad. Nobunaga doesn't have that many!!"

"Good Haku, you can join my border patrol, then. When our Warlord is sleep or out, I take on his responsibilities." He quickly assorted cats and then headed out. Haku followed him, and a gray-tabby tom also padded out with them.

"What about the other Clans? Has any of them been attacked yet?"

Haku smelled the border "More Oda clan cats and the smell is very recent!"

Terra shook her head "Not according to my squad or from what I've seen or heard. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they tried."

"Thank you terra. For you and your squads hardwork. You and your squad are more than welcome to take some fresh kill" The warlord mewed

"Thank you my lord" She nodded and padded away.

"Let's follow the scent, we might be able to catch up to them!" Cloustrike said with urgency. "Windspirit, go back to the camp and inform Dragonstrom!" He said to the gray-tom.
"Haku, follow me!!"
"Well, I will head to my den now. You know the Gathering is tomorrow and I want to make sure I have enough supplies to report."

Haku nods in agreement and follows .

"Your right, it was good seeing you Cherryblossom" Winddemon says kindly.

Cloudstrike and Haku follow the scent. They see a dark shadowy figure of one of the Oda cats.
"Stop right there! You have no business on Date territory, EXPLAIN!" Cloudstrike said in a harsh tone.

Cherryblossom starts to count her herbs. "Well, I guess the only thing running extremely low is Catmint...I will have to go get some Horsetail tomorrow..."

"Explain or I will not hesitate to claw you were you three stand!!"
The 3 oda cats turn around and one she-cat growled "The oda cannot be stopped. Our lord Nobunaga will rule this forest. You are but obstacles in his path!"

"Do you want me to come with you to help with gathering the particular herbs you need?" The warlord offered.

"Why are you on our territory? You don't own the forest yet!" Cloudstrike unsheathed his claws and curled his lips. He crouched, getting ready to attack.
"I'm fine, thanks. You should be doing your Warlord duties instead of helping a little Medic like me."

"Go ahead and attack us!!" A tom growled "once you attack one of us. You will make an enemy out of the Oda. You realize this yes" The 3 cats prepared to defend themselves
Haku growled "Like we care!!!!!" She tackled one of the cats to the ground and pinned him.
"The commanding officers are already helping me with that and besides you seem like you got your paws full" He giggled.

Cloudstrike took on the nearest cat. He raked his flank with his claws. The tom yowled in pain. A short skirmished fight between the cats now began. Since the Date cats were outnumbers by one, they had the disadvantage. But, the might of the Date was able to injury them enough for retreat.
"And stay off our borders! All other Clans are our enemies." Cloustrike said. He had a brutal injury on his leg and started to limp.
Cherryblossom giggles and said "I'm fine, really. Why not get some rest, it is getting late."


Haku received a few scratches and bites but not too bad " Cloudstrike!!, oh no you need medical attention!!" She said worringly.
He shrugs "I suppose your right, I am tired. If you need anything though just let me know ok?"

(This isn't even half of it. The replies do get longer, trust me Wink
I will be transferring it in chunks that look like this)

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Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!    Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 11:32 am

"It's not so baAAAAAH!" Cloudstrike said and then winced in pain. He didn't realize on how vicious the Oda cats were. "I'm going to have to see Sora, our Medicine Cat when we get back, I guess. Please don't tell Dragonstorm, he might be devastated that I won't be able to fight for a while.."
Cherryblossom curled up into her nest and fell sound asleep.

"Here lean on me so you don't have to put any weight on it and I'll try to hide it as best as I can" She mews

Winddemon was sound asleep until he hears someone pad into his den
"My lord!!!!! wake up!!!!" terra Yelled
"what is it Terra?" worringness showed in his eyes.
"Its the oda!... they killed Drageru" She stood there in tears
"what!!!!!!" He yelled so the whole clan could hear him.

"Thanks Haku. He will find out eventually, but I just don't want him running off after the Oda. They are probably well into Fuma's territory by now." He leaned on Haku as they made their way slowly back to camp.
Cherryblossom awoke to the sound of her Lordship in distress. She pads out of her den. "What is all the commotion? Anyone need some medicine or something?" She had urgency in her voice.

She nodded "Im sure he will but you have a point" She pads back to camp with the tactician.

Murasame appeared with Drageru's dead body "He was murdered in cold blood!!" The young apprentice hissed

"Oh Cherryblossom its you!! Drageru has been killed by the Oda." His mew filled with sadness.

Sora, a Bluish color tom with albino white eyes, came into the clearing when he saw Haku and Cloudstrike. "Let me take a look at him, come into my den." Sora said with a beckoning nod. Cloudstrike goes into the den and lies down. "Good at least it isn't infected, but it might take a few days to heal. You can't walk on it until that gash is heal up." Sora said to Cloudstrike. Then, he got right to work with the herbs and medicine.
Dragonstorm was pacing is den. Ever since one of the patrol cats came back, he wanted a report on the Oda. He pads out of the den. "Haku, you were on that patrol, weren't you? Why was the Oda so deep in our territory?"
"We will grieve tonight for a good Samurai." Cherryblossom mumbled. She sits in front of her den, watching the Clan grieve.

"I am unsure. One of them however said that Nobunaga will rule the forest. Im not exactly sure what she meant by that." haku said while wondering.

He nods at cherryblossom "He was one of the best we had."

"Why would Nobunaga and his cats do such a thing. Go into our territory and slaughter an innocent samurai. Do they have no honor, no pride!!! I never even got the chance to tell Drageru that I was carrying his kits" The she-cat growled in fury but at the same time pain was in her eyes.
"I'm sorry Terra but when did you find out that you were having kits?" Said the Warlord
"A few hours ago my lord" She said with sadness in her voice.
"Im sorry, Im sure he would have been proud."

"And where is Cloudstrike? He WAS on that patrol. I want to make sure my best tactician is alright." Dragonstorm said.

"Well, then, you might want to come in my den to get the proper herbs for when you are having kits. Follow me" Cherryblossom said.

"uhhhhh he just has a minor leg injury is all." She said trying to hide his injury as possible
The she-cat nodded "Thank you" She followed Cherryblossom.

"That's good to hear. Is he in the Medic's den?" Dragonstorm said, his fur fluffing down.
"Alright, I want you to take these herbs. If you have any pains or stomach aches, I want you to come see me." Cherryblossom said while giving the herbs to her.

Haku meowed " Yes but If I were you I would leave him alone for now. The old man needs his rest"

"Thank you Cherryblossom." She picks up the herbs.

"since Your mate is dead, I will hunt for you" Winddemon mewed to Terra
"I can hunt for myself." She retorted
"don't be stubborn, later on during your pregnancy it'll be harder for you. Carrying kits isn't exactly easy when hunting"
"Fineeeee." Terra gave up.

Dragonstorm nodded, "Of course. I suggest you get some sleep, too Haku. It is late and there is a Gathering tomorrow."
Dragonstorm padded to his den and went to sleep.
"I will grieve for your mate for a while." Cherryblossom said, comforting Terra. "Things will be better, he will live through your kits!"

Haku nodded in agreement "As you command my lord" She pads to the commanding officers den

"Thank you, I appreciate your comforting words" She dug her nuzzle into her mates fur one last time and padded to the nursing mothers den
"goodbye Drageru, you were one of our best warriors" He whispered and then turned to Cherryblossom "Well I better get going. Need to get some shut eye. Thank you for everything Cherryblossom" He pads away back to his den. Sadness still in his eyes.

The next day, Dragonstorm padded out of his den and stretched. Looks like I will be organizing patrols until Cloudstrike gets better. He looked to see who was awake. He called over to a few of his Clanmates and sent them on a hunting patrol. He then headed to Sora's den to see on how Cloudstike was doing.
"We will have to bury his body today..." Cherryblossom mumbled. She was enjoying a piece of freshkill early in the morning.

Haku stopped in front of Dragonstorm "sorry my lord but he's still asleep. You might wanna wait till he wakes" She says trying to stall.
Winddemon nodded while sitting beside Cherryblossom "indeed."

"Let me do it." Terra padded towards them "he was my mate. I know exactly where to bury him"
The warlord Nods "As you wish"
The expecting queen carried her mates dead body

"Alright, I will wait till he awakes. I wanted to discuss our next strategy, but I guess that will have to wait. Care to join me on a border patrol, Haku?" Dragonstorm said.

"So, who are you planning to take to the Gathering today. Also, do you think Oda will break the truce?"

Haku nodded "I would be honored my lord."

"I am unsure. I might take a few of my commanding officers. if you want to you can tag along as well. I'm also going to be taking my student and a few of my samurai."
"may I come as well my lord." Terra mews
"Sure just be careful around the Oda" The warlord meows at her.

"Well then, let's go. You could say this is your evaluation for the Right-Hand Man job." Dragonstorm winked at Haku. He led her out into the forest.

"Of course I'm coming! I need to ask the Medic of Date's army if they are willing to give us some Catmint." Cherryblossom purred.

Haku was speechless. Becoming the right hand cat was tremendous honor. She followed Dragonstorm's lead.


"Good idea, I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

terra padded to the warlord and cherryblossom " I buried him near the place we use to go in secret"
"He lives among the heavens now" He comforted the queen.

Dragonstorm and Haku were padding along the border of their territory. "Stale Oda scent. Probably from yesterday. Everything seems to be in order. Do you smell anything odd, Haku?"

I will be waiting in my den till it is time to leave. If anyone get's injured, just send them to me!" Cherryblossom said.

"No and they should be lucky I don't smell anything either." She sniffed and looked around

"Thank you Cherry blossom" the warlord dipped his head to show how grateful he was to the healer and padded away.
"wow! He sure does like you a lot doesn't he?" Terra whispered in the Healers ear.

"Let's keep going down the border." Dragonstorm called. He started to walk by the edge of the territory.

Cherryblossom giggles, "He sure does. Maybe he wants to be my mate! What an honor that would be! But, I'm in no position to be having kits. With a were brewing up, I can't be watching over little ones."

Haku nods "Ok my lordship" She follows

"Yeah seems like it. It seems you already have your hands full as it is being healer of the clan." She agreed

"Seems all clear, we better head back to camp. Cloudstrike is bound to be awake by now. Haku, you are an excellent Samurai, you might have a chance of becoming my Right-Hand cat." Dragonstorm said. He smile at her, which is a rare sight.

"Well, see you later, Terra!" Cherryblossom went back to her den.

"You honor me with your praise my lord" She dips her head as she follows him. "I suppose I cant hide his injury forever. Forgive me old man" She thought while following Dragonstorm.

terra nodded and padded away.
Winddemon was curled up in his nest. "Its almost time for the gathering. I wonder what the Oda are going to say" he thought.

When Dragonstorm got back, he headed straight for Sora's den. "Sora, is Cloudstike awake?"
"Oh, yes, he is your Lordship. You may come in." Sora walks to the side to let Dragonstorm walk in.
"Dr..Dragonstorm?! I didn't want you to see me like this.." Cloudstrike said when Dragonstorm came in.
"That's a minor leg injury?! Tsk, my Samurais really need to tell the truth."Dragonstorm said with his eyes narrowing.
"Cloudstrike butted in, "It's my fault, don't be mad at Haku. I will accept any punishment you may throw at me.
"Punishment? I can't punish you..." Dragonstorm said looking away. "I'll punish Oda for this, that's what I'll do."
Cloudstrike wasn't sure what Dragonstorm was going to do, but he knew it wasn't going to be taken lightly.

Cherryblossom padded out of her den. "Are we ready to leave, yet?"

"Im sorry my lord. I just didn't want to upset you. I didn't want you to do anything reckless. You have every right to punish me" She stood there with her head down.


Winddemon padded out of his den 'Yeah sure lets get going. I wanna get there early. Is everyone ready to go?" He meowed after gathering all of the cats who wanted to go to the gathering. "if you are then lets move out" he headed straight to the middle of the clearing because that's were there gathering are held.

"Haku, I know your a great warrior, so I won't punish you this time. Also, Cloudstrike, since your injury is crucial, I will exempt you from the Gathering." Dragonstorm said to the two cats. "We better start preparing to leave so we aren't late." Dragonstorm said, padding out of the den.

"Alrighty, then" Cherryblossom said. She padded near the rear of the group into the clearing.

"thank you my lord." She dipped her head.

Winddemon and his clan pads in. "Seems were here first. lets...." He was interrupted by a voice.

"Hello Winddemon!" Flare, leader of the Tokugawa appears with her cats.
"Im impressed on how early you and your clan came.Normally you and your clan come late."
"Hey I made a resolution that I would come earlier didn't I" Winddemon chuckled
The beautiful flame colored she-cat chuckled back. "and you stayed true to your word and I'm impressed"

"Let's head out! We don't want to be late! Also, Cloudstrike will not be attending this Gathering, so I will be the one to report the Tactician's report!" Dragonstorm called to his clan. He turned around and headed out.
At the clearing, when the Date Clan arrived, there was the Tokugawa, Fuma, and Toyotomi Clans already there.

"Cherryblossom, it's good to see you!" Hato, a white she-cat from the Toyotomi clan came up. Hato was the medic of their clan.

"It's good to see you, too! How are things going in your Clan?"
"Oh, just fine!"

Haku had no interest in talking to anyone so she just stood there watching all the different clan cats.
"Dragonstorm, good to see you. It seems the only clans we need to wait for are the Takeda and Oda"
An old Tom appeared. it was Tigerslash, leader of the Takeda. "Hello young ones"
"Hello old fool" Said Windemon greeting and sharing tounges with the older Warlord.
terra was sitting there with the Toyotomi queens sharing tounges with them. "Where are the oda! are they not coming?" Terra hissed
"No because they are too cowardly to show their faces!" A Takeda queen growls.

Dragonstorm just sat down and just stared at the other leaders. "Well, Takeda are now here, we just have to wait for the Oda to arrive, those mouse-pelts.." Dragonstorm said to respond to Haku.
Firespirit, a young samurai from the Takeda, was eying Dragonstorm. Something about that cat's presence makes me want to see how he fights..
The Oda finally arrived, but they seem to have a lot of cats with them

Many of the Fuma cats, Date cats, and Takeda cats looked at the Oda cats. they're eyes filled with anger.

Nobunaga pads up to the giant stone all the Warlords report their news on. He jumps on it.
"Aren't we going to start?" He meowed calmly. Nobunaga was a big, pitch black cat. He bore many battle scars and had deep red eyes.
The other leaders hop on the same stone, some keeping their distance away from Nobunaga.

Winddemon growled "you go first! Why don't you explain to everyone what you've been up to. We all would love to know!" Winddemons red eyes looked into Nobunaga's red eyes.

"Fine, I'll start. The Oda Clan has had good health, and a good number of kits. Our territory is still full of freshkill, and none of our cats are hunger. Also, our borders haven't been invaded." Nobunaga said calmly. He then padded a little behind the other leaders. "Your turn to report now," he said to Winddemon.

Nods at him "Ah yes I wonder why The Oda's prey is so plentiful!" He said sarcastically "Especially during a harsh leaf-bare such as this one. Could it be because your warriors have been hunting in our territorys!!" He growled
"care to explain. Why one of my best commanding officers were killed and had Oda scent all over him! Care to explain why I've been smelling your cats scents all over my territory......It isn't just my clan you've been doing this to either, according to what I've heard you've been doing it to the date and Takeda as well!" Winddemon said calmly but still in rage.

"I apologize for my warriors behavior, but ,we haven't stolen a piece of freshkill from anyone. And, we didn't kill your commanding officer." Nobunaga glared at Winddemon.
"Also, Oda attacked some of my warriors and they were on my territory, Dragonstorm said, butting in. He glared at Nobunaga with fierce eyes. "My tactician couldn't attended tonight because of you Oda idiots!"
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"The scent of his dead body is more than enough evidence and proof that your Samurai did!" he hissed at him.
the Takeda leader also butted in and growled "My right hand sakon and his squad was also ambushed by a group of your cats! Luckily none of them were injured too bad, because your warriors are pathetic and weak" The old cat insulted the oda leader.

"Looks like you are all challenging me to a fight, very well. ODA CATS, ATTACK!!" Nobunaga growled. He then jumped on Dragonstorm, the youngest leader. He thought if he could kill Dragonstorm first, the Date would fall.

He pulled Nobunaga off of Dragonstorm. "He is no older than a newly appointed samurai and yet you had the audacity to attack him first!!" he unsheathed his claws and began to attack nobunaga.
Mitsuhide, Nobunaga's right hand was locked in combat with Tigerslash, leader of the Takeda.

"Thanks, I guess Fuma is good for something!" Dragonstorm said. He ran off and attacked a nearby Oda warrior. It was Loyalty, a Samurai around the same age as Dragonstorm. They tussled in the grass of the clearing.

Cherryblossom started to get all the queens out of the fight. "All queens follow me! We will take refuge in Fuma territory!"

"Thanks and for a date clan c......"  Winddemon was interrupted by Tigerslash
"Mind helping an old fool over here young ones!" Tiger slash yelled, The old tom was being attacked by Mitsuhide and another Oda samurai

The queens including Terra nodded and followed.

Firespirit jumped on one of the cats attacking his lordship. "You will not harm my lord!" He said. The Oda cat was huge and trembled over Firespirit. Dragonstorm defeated the Oda he was tussling with. The Oda cat was retreating. Dragonstorm went over to help some of his clanmates.

haku was fighting the strategist of the oda, Kanbei.

Dragonstorm went over to help Haku. An. Oda cat tried to attack Dragonstorm from behind, but Firespirit tackled the cat. Dragonstorm jumped on Kanbei.

Wind demon was fighting 2 samurai but none were able to deal a blow because of how fast he was.

Haku nodded at Dragonstorm "thank you my lord"

Kanbei crippled and fell under Drangostorm and his electric claws. Most of the Oda cats were retreating.
"This isn't the end!" Nobunaga said bedore he disappeared into his territory.

"Looks like they're backing off" Winddemon mewed
Flare, leader of the tokugawa purred "not bad you guys!"
Winddemon hissed "why didn't you help us fight them?!"
Flare retorted " Its not my fight."

"Remember, Winddemon, you aren't actually allied with us." Dragonstormsaid, added to the conversation. "We only did what was best for our Clans." He turned around and beckoned the Date cats to follow.

Cherryblossom and the queens returned to their Clans, once the fighting died down.

"very well Dragonstorm." He nodded "but if you ever need Fuma clans help let me know."
"You youngsters fought well. Perhaps this old fool should retire" He meowed
"Retire from being warlord" He mewed in surprise.
"I grow old every moon. I wish I was young like you guys especially Dragonstorm. Sadly I may have to give up my position to Sakon once the time comes." The old tom meowed
Nods "I understand, if you ever need my help old man don't hesitate"
"hmph, I doubt the Takeda would need the help of Fuma but... I did have fun fighting with you youngsters. I wanted to thank you both...for making an elder feel young again." The tom dip his head to both Dragonstorm and Winddemon

"Your lordship, you can't retire!" Firespirit came running up. "The Takeda will never be the same without you!"
"Firespirit, such a young spirited cat. You can make the Takeda live up after I retire." He meowed.
"Well, I guess I should thank you for saving my life.." Dragonstorm said to Winddemon. "Date Clan, let's head home!" He turned and padded toward his territory.

Nods at him " Thank you as well....alright...lets head out everyone!!" He meowed loudly so everyone in his clan can hear and heads back to Fuma territory.

Hake mewed "well that was.....interesting. she mewed while following Dragonstorm back to camp.

"Well, if Takeda is retiring, they might be in trouble with the Oda.." Dragonstorm mewed to Haku. Dragonstorm had a small cut on his ear and a few scratches here and there.

Cherryblossom followed her lordship back to their camp.

"Tigerslash was one of the best samurai in the forest...to see him retire would be very saddening." Haku meowed to her lordship

"Cherryblossom, I wanted to thank you for helping the queens back there, you definitely handled the situation correctly." He praised her.

"It would be... but, who would be next in line is responsible for that whole Clan." Dragonstorm replied. They arrived at their camp. All the cats who needed medical attention went straight to Sora's den.


"No problem. I only do what is best for all the Clans." Cherryblossom mewed. "Anyone who needs medical attention, I will be in my den."

"I received a few scratches but not too bad" Haku thought.


"Actually I have a really deep cut. I was wondering if you could look at it." Winddemon meowed at his Healer

Dragonstorm headed straight to Sora's den to tell Cloudstrike what happened. "It was awful, Oda attacked everyone out of the blue." Dragonstorm said to Cloudstrike.
"Hmmm, I would expect no less from that clan..." Cloudstrike said. "Just, be careful out there, your life is very important to the Clan."
"I will.." Dragonstorm replied.


"Sure, just come to my den, and I will check it out." Cherryblossom said to Winddemon. "It's not too deep and doesn't smell infected, you should be fine."

Haku padded in "Luckily we sent a message to the oda! they will not underestimate us again!!" She hissed.

"Thank you, by the way while Im here. Would you mind if I asked you something?" He said starring straight into Cherryblossoms eyes.

"However, we can't take on the Oda by ourselves." Cloudstrike said loudly. "They have way to many cats and since you are young, you have less experience with fighting. Also, from your decription, he could topple over you size. We will have to wait to see on how the other Clans react to this." Cloudstrike finished his speech.

"What is it, your lordship?" Cherryblossom looked at him.

"Your right, I will train hard no matter what. We will show the Oda we are not too be trifled with!" She meowed loudly.
"You are a very beautiful She-cat, I don't think anyone can dispute that. You've helped my clan and have helped us through many situations. My lady do me this last favor, will you be my mate?!" He said blushing hard. "I understand you have your paws full as it is being healer and I also know that becoming mates with someone means there's a chance for kits but I am here for you no matter what, I can help you." His face turned red.

"Wow that must have took a lot of bravery." terra thought while overhearing.

"Well, rest well Date Clan, we will make a strategy tomorrow." Dragonstorm said. He headed toward his den.

"Oh my....YES! I would be honored to be your mate." Tears of joy started to stream down Cherryblossom's face.

Haku nodded and went in the commanding officers den.

"You have no clue how much joy this brings me my lady" He nuzzled her.

Dragonstorm layed in his nest, thinking about what he is going to do. Oda isn't a force to mess with...and I'm to weak to take them on alone! Maybe it is time for an alliance...


Cherryblossom nuzzled back. "Just don't die out there, to Oda, ok?"

"Don't worry my lady. I promise you that will never happen. Eventually that date kid is going to have to learn that alliances are important. I already have the Takeda as an ally. if I can get date. We can take Oda! No sweat." the warlord mewed.

"Be careful when you go ask him. He can sometimes be a bur on your fur." She mewed jokingly. "Also, I still need to ask their medic for Catmint...I didn't get the chance because of the fight.."

"that would be a good idea. Lets wait till morning though. Its getting late and I'm sure most of the date cats are already asleep" He suggested.

"Yes, the last thing we want them is to think we are invading. We should get some rest, too." Cherryblossom curled up in her nest.

"May I join you tonight?" he asked her slightly blushing.

"Sure, you may, my mate." She winked and moved over to give room for him. The two cats slept next to each other until the first ray of sunlight hit the camp.

"what a beautiful morning." he meowed looking at the sun.
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"You better get ready to go talk to Date." Cherryblossom said. "I will be in my den until you are ready to leave." Cherryblossom brushed past his pelt.

Dragonstorm stretches and comes out of his den. "It's time for a war meeting! Patrols will start after the meeting!" He shouted loud enough for the whole Clan to hear. He sits in his nest, waiting for the Clan.

"According to what I've heard they're having a meeting of some sort. We should wait" He mewed to his mate.

Haku nods and waits for the rest of the cats to arrive

Cloudstrike comes in with a small limp. His leg is in much better shape than it was. He takes his place right next to Dragonstorm.
"Ahem, quiet down for our Warlord to speak!" Cloudstrike shouted. The Date cats quieted down.
"To start off, we need our Right-Hand man more than we thought. Through my few days evaluation, I would like to appoint Haku as the Right Hand man, congrats." Dragonstorm gave her a small nod. "Next we need to plan on how to take on Oda. Cloudstrike as a proposal."
"Cloudstrike started his proposal, "We oviously can't take on Oda by ourselves. They have a cunning tactician over there and they had to nerve to break the truce. We must act with caution. Even though the Date hate making alliances, the best action is to make one." Cloudstrike stopped and waited to see on how the Clan reacted to the proposal.

"I first want to thank you for appointing me as your right hand. I promise I will not disappoint" She dipped her "I am honored. I suggest we make an alliance with Fuma clan though." She joined in.

"Right, Fuma. Even though it pains me to make an alliance, it's the best option." Dragonstorm said. "Cloudstike and I will lead a short patrol to their border. Haku, you stay here and take care of the camp while we are away." Dragonstorm got up and nodded to Haku.

"yes my lordship. I promise not to disappoint" She nodded at dragonstorm

Winddemon was sitting down next to his healer. His eyes filled with love.

Dragonstorm, Cloudstrike, and two other Samurais headed out toward Fuma's territory. When they reached the clearing, they started to wait.

"Hmm, do you think their meeting is done?" Cherryblossom asked her mate

Terra narrowed her eyes at the cats but the queen saw them as no threat.

"I'll go check" He smiled at her and padded out and caught site of the date cats and padded towards them. "Hello Dragonstorm, what brings you here?" he said calmly.

"Greetings Winddemon." Dragonstorm said calmly. "My Clan has decided to make an alliance with you, if you are willing." Dragonstorm nodded to Winddemon and Cloudstrike.

Winddemon purred "I accept your offer Dragonstorm. United we stand!, divided we fall right? Anyways would you mind if you asked your Healer for catmint. My healer is in need of it"

"Catmint? Cloudstrike, how much does Sora have?" Dragonstorm asked his tactician.
"He has plenty. I will send Sora over with some Catmint when we get back." Cloudstike answered.
"Thank you for accepting my proposal. I look foward to working with you in the future." Dragonstorm purred.

Winddemon nods "Ditto Dragonstorm" He purred back. "I know this seems kind of...well out of tradition but I'm going to be holding a meeting with my clan. Since were allies I was wondering if you cared to join us?" The warlord mewed.

"Hmm, sure I would like to join. Cloudstrike will attend, too." Dragonstorm replied to Winddemon.

"Alright then, I'm glad to hear. there's a lot of things I'm going to be covering in the meeting." He meowed excitingly. "I will also notify my clan that the Date clan are coming as guests. So round up what cats you want to bring and I'll start the meeting. Ok everyone, There will be a clan meeting soon, get prepared to meet me in my den!!" He yelled.

"Alright, I need to go get some cats and the Catmint. I will be back by Sunhigh." Dragonstorm said before he started to head back to his camp.

Winddemon nods and heads to his den.

Dragonstorm gathered Haku, Cloudstrike, Haku, and Sora. "You will be the cats coming to the meeting. ok?" Dragonstorm said to them.

All the cats of Fuma have gathered in the den.
"Hello my fellow Fuma cats" Winddemon announced "I would also like to welcome our guests. This is Dragonstorm, his tactician and his right hand.Welcome date cats."

"Greetings." Dragonstorm said to the Fuma cats. Some of the cats shot rude glances at the Date cats.
"Ahem, you forgot about me." Sora said. 'I've brought some catmint for your clan."
"Thank you." Cherryblossom said as she approached Sora.

"Ah yes that's right. Forgive me for not addressing you Sora. This is the date's healer. Now before I begin I would like to demand that while these cats are in my territory you will treat them with respect. They are our guests, do not forget that! Now that we got that out of the way I first want to address that the Date cats are now our allies. Another reason why you will not treat these cats as if they are our enemies. We fight for them and they fight for us! Is everyone clear on that?!" Winddemon announced

Dragonstorm nodded and said, "We will do the same for your cats. We will treat them like our own kin."
"Now, moving onto things," Cloudstrike said, "we need to figure out a way to deal with the Oda."

"Ah yes but before I can talk about the Oda I need to announce some things to my clan. First and foremost I would like to explain that since Terra is expecting kits I will have someone in the mean time until her kits are 6 moons old to look after her squad. Nagachika will you take these cats into your squad in the meantime?
"Yes my lord." The Commanding officer mewed
"Good, another thing I want to address is that I now have a mate, most of you probably already know but my mate, the one who will bear my kits and stay by my side is none other than our healer Cherryblossom."
The Fuma cats all congratulated Cherryblossom.
"One more thing before we start talking about the oda. I need a right hand, Someone I can trust with my life. So I will now decide who will become my right hand my fellow Fuma cats I want you to congratulate Kaihime!"
A big muscular she-cat nodded "thank you, my lord. I promise not to disappoint."
The fuma cats congratulated Kaihime
"Alright now about the Oda. I have already consulted with my Tactician Ujiyasu about this. He said that if all him, the date tactician and the takeda tactician work together on a plan. We can most certainly and inevitably defeat the oda. Date what are your thoughts on this?" He turned his head to Dragonstorm. 

"Hmm, Takeda is in on this, too? Doesn't surprise me." Dragonstorm said to start out. "I say we move all the queens and kits into the safest Clan camp so Oda won't hurt them. We need our young to prosper and he might try to destroy us from within us. Also, Cloudstrike pointed out the they don't follow borders anymore. If we want to succeed, we may have to rethink our borders."
"To add on to what my lordship said, prey has been becoming scarcer since the Oda attacks. They are stealing prey to weaken us." Cloudstrike added. "I will be happy to accommodate the other Tacticians into creating a plan."

"Your right good idea. I shall talk to the Takeda about this and see what they think. The queens,kits, and old ones will be moved to the safest area possible. The Queens are taking care of our young, The kits are the future of this clan and the elders are wise and have helped us since we were kits ourselves. The least we young can do is help them and support them like they did when we were little. Is there anything else the date would like to say before we dismiss the meeting?" Winddemon mewed.

"We have nothing else to say. We shared all we could." Dragonstorm nodded to Winddemon. "Also, congrats on your mate." Dragonstorm lifted his tail to signal the Date cats to follow, and they headed back to their territory.
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He nods at Dragonstorm. "Well I might as well go talk to the Takeda. Only one problem we need to pass Tokugawa territory."
Kaihime mewed back. "Lets hope that she-cat is in a generous mood. If you want I can accompany you my lord."
"thank you Kaihime, That Flare girl is so unpredictable."

Cherryblossom butted in, "If I come along, the know that Medicine Cats aren't harmful. I might be able to convince them that we are up to no harm."

Dragonstorm and his cats returned to their camp and organized patrols.

"good Idea Cherryblossom besides I don't think Flare would attack us anyways. Alright kaihime stay here and organize patrols while I'm gone"
"Yes my lordship" The she-cat nodded.
"Ready to go my lady?" Winddemon nuzzled his mate.

"Ready!" Cherryblossom nuzzled back. They set off to the Tokugawa border. Cherryblossom spotted a border patrol.
"Let's try to be friendly, ok?" Cherryblossom called back to her mate.
"Holt, why are on our border?" Ina, a brave bluish she cat with white paws called out to them. "Stat your business!"

"ah Ina, You must be Tadakatsu and Flare's daughter. We did not come here to cause trouble we are here to get to Takeda's territory."
A big muscular tom appeared. It was the legendary tadakatsu. he was the right hand and he was Flare's mate. He is said to be one of the greatest if not the greatest samurai in the forest "Ina, what are these tresspassers doing here!" The tom growled.

"They want to get to Takeda's territory. Should we scare them away or should we let them through?" Ina said.
"I am a Medicine Cat, and I promise that we are not here for war. We are here to talk to our allies in Takeda. Please let us pass." Cherryblossom said. She dipped her head to Tadakatsu.

"It is up for our warlord to decide that. Come Warlord and healer of Fuma, We will see what my mate has to say about it"
Winddemon nodded "very well Tadakatsu" He follows him. to their camp.

Cherryblossom followed behind her mate. Ina took the rear of the group. The Tokugawa camp was layed out in the side of a gorge. Their territory was much rockier and rough than the forest that Date and Fuma occupied. The leader's den was the highest cave in the gorge.
"Wait here while my father talks to his mate." Ina said to the Fuma cats. She sat down watching the Fuma cats with a close eye.

"So how is your mother flare doing?" Winddemon asked Ina.
"My lady. May I come in" Tadakatsu meowed
"Of course you can love" Flare replied and let him in.
"My lady,  The warlord and Healer of Fuma have arrived in our territory. How do you want to handle the situation."
"do you know the reasoning behind it?" She hissed
"They say its because they want to head to Takeda territory."
"very well, I will talk to Winddemon himself."
"Yes my lady" Tadakatsu follows her

"Flare is doing fine. My mother is running the clan with an iron paw but we have no problems with the Oda because of it." Ina said proudly.
Flare and her mate came out of the den
"I have decided to take you myself to Takeda's borders." Flare said as she came up. "Follow me."

he nodded and followed Flare "have those oda cats been giving you trouble?" he asked her.
"Remember try anything and I will not hesitate to claw you were you stand" tadakatsu growled
"you can trust me" He nodded.

Flare turned back, "No, we decided to ally with the Oda. They are the strongest Clan in the forest so with our strength and theirs, the forest can be ruled under one Clan."
Cherryblossom was shocked at this news. They allied with the Oda?! Looks like we won't be only facing Oda in this war, but maybe other Clans...

Tadakatsu growled back "Do not yell at her. who do you think you are! judging her authority and on her own territory."
"Atleast I didn't ally with nobunaga!" He growled at tadakatsu
Tadakatsu Growled loudly and was about to attack winddemon.
"No Tadakatsu let him go."
"he disrespectedd you my lady...he .......yes my lady, forgive me" He dipped his head.

"Sometimes you just have to let those who disagree rethink their thoughts on the field of battle." Flare said calmly. "If you disrespect me on my territory again, I will give the order to attack you, understand?" Flare's eyes narrowed. "Here we are, Takeda's borders. Now, get out of my sight." Flare whisked back into her territory, her cats following her.

"This isn't good, With Flare on oda's side. It will bring a huge disadvantage on our end. Good thing is the Toyotomi haven't chosen a side yet. Lets hope we can convince them in time to join us." he mewed at Cherryblossom

"We better hurry. We don't want Oda getting to them first. We were lucky that Date sided with us.." Cherryblossom mewed. Cherryblossom spotted Firespirit hunting nearby. "Hey Firespirit! We came from Fuma to talk to your Warlord!"
Firespirit lifted his head and spoke, "Does it have to do with this whole war brewing up? Also, did you hear that Tokugawa sided with the Oda?"
"We heard," Cherryblossom said. "We need to speak with your Warlord pronto."
"Actually, he is planning retired after that fight. He got deeper scratches than he intended. I'm really starting to worry about him.." Firespirt looked at the ground with sad, brown eyes.

"So that old fool wishes to retire." sighs "cant say I blame him, hes one of the oldest cats in the forest. anyways can you lead me to him firespirit. I would appreciate it." He mewed gently.

"As you wish. Follow me!" Firespirit led then into Takeda territory. Takeda territory was mostly plains with a small forested area. Takeda cats were known for their strength because they lived in open spaces. The camp was snugged between two hills, for protection.

Sakon appeared in front of the cats.
"Hello Fuma cats. Welcome to Takeda territory. Are any of you hungry?"
"No...we are fine after all we do not wish to take prey from your own territory."
"Lighten up Winddemon, Our clans are allies"
"Is your leader ok with it?"
"He's the one who told us to welcome you guys in the first place, if you ever arrived in our territory.
Winddemon looked around. it seemed everyone was welcoming them and not an angry or untrustworthy look In sight. "It seems everyone really does respect Tigerslash" He mewed.
Sakon tossed both of them a trout "Eat up Fuma cats."

"I will go see Tigerslash and tell him you are here." Firespirit said to the Fuma cats. He disappeared into one of the dens.
"Wow, they are much nicer than those Tokugawa cats!" Cherryblossom purred.
Tigerslash came out of his den with Firespirit and padded up to Winddemon.
"Greetings. What brings you here?"

He nodded at Cherryblossom
"These cats know how to treat guests."
he looked at Tigerslash "Hey old man. I came to talk to you about the oda"

Tigerslash agreed with a nod. "The Oda have been causing trouble, those young'uns. What do you suggest we do?"
Cherryblossom said, "Also we made an alliance with the Date, so one of these days we should have a huge meeting."
"So that Date kid finally admitted he needed help? Hmmm, that's a first!" The old cat bursted into laughter.

"Yeah I know right. That cats so stubborn but luckily he gave in. Anyways have you......." he paused hearing the terrified yowls of cats.

"My lord!" A sleek and skinny she-cat appeared. It was kunoichi one of the 8 commanding officers of the takeda "Your lordship Nobunaga and many of his cats are coming to attack The Takeda"

"Grr, he's trying take out this old timer before his time! Kunoichi, that your ninja squad and surprise attack them first! Firespirit, I want you to run to Fuma and Date's and see if you can get them to aid us, if that's alright with you, Winddemon." Tigerslash had assurance in his voice.
"I will help the injuryed like my own." Cherryblossom said. Kunoichi took her small squad and headed out to surprise attack the Oda..

Nods "yes get whatever help you can. Well help drive them out. No matter what!" Winddemon meowed.
Another cat appeared. It was Katusyori. Tigerslash's son "Father! whats the plan?"

"We are going to ambush them, in a bigger wave. Why not stop the problem before it even gets here?" Tigerslash said. "But, I want at least three Samurai to stay in camp to protect our Queens, Elders, and Kits."
Three Samurai nod and sit down. Firespirit started to run and was already halfway across Takeda territory. He reached the Fuma camp quite quickly without a single sight of a Tokugawa cat to stop him. Immediatly, the Funa cats agreed to help him. 
"Which way is to Date Clan Territory? I need to get there help, too!" Firespirit said. He had never been in this part of the forest ever. Every sight and smell was brand new, but he had to focus.

"You will find their territory over there to the right" Kaihime pointed with her tail. "me and my squad will escort you there" She and her squad ran alongside Firespirit and the other cats.
Haku stopped in front of them "is there something you need fuma and Takeda cats?" The she-cat said calmly but defesively
"relax were allies remember. We need your help. The takeda are being attacked by the Oda."
"Very well, come with me and we will discuss the situation. With my leader"
"there's no time for that!!!" She hissed
"I know, but I cant just help you guys without my leaders consent"
"Fine but lets hurry!"
 They headed straight to the dates camp.

Firespirit and the other cats rushed into the Date camp. Dragonstorm was sharing a piece of prey with Cloudstrike. He got up and glaced at the Takeda cat.
"What's going on here? Why is Fuma and Takeda cats on my territory. Just because I made an alliance with Fuma doesn't mean ALL allies of them have to prance on my territory." Dragonstorm spoke harshly but with a cool tone.
"I'm sorry to bother you, Lord Date, but the Takeda cats would really appreciate it if you lended your strength to help us defend against the Oda and-"
"Oda is at it again?! Won't those imbeciles EVER stop!" Dragonstorm said harshly. His fur was sticking out everywhere. "I will lead a patrol some of my cats to aid you, but don't take it lightly. I'm only helping because I hate the Oda." Dragonstorm turned away and gather some Samurai.
"I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and-" Firespirit was cut off by Dragonstorm.
"Cut the long speech, sheesh." The Date patrol, and the Fuma/Takeda patrol all set out to aid the Takeda from the invasion.

"The Oda cats are here!" winddemon hissed "My lady get back. I do not want to lose you" he mewed to Cherryblossom "Come on guys hurry up!!! where is Firespirit and the rest of them Didn't he say he was gathering cats from my clan and date's!" He hissed

"Calm down, my mate, Firespirit can only run as fast as is legs will carry him." Cherryblossom said, reassuring him. "I'm sure he has some backup ready." She nuzzled into his fur and then headed to Takeda's medicine cat's den. She decided to stay in there with their medic, Sasuke, until things died down.

Firespirit and the others ran into trouble on the Tokugawa border. "Hmmm, Nobunaga thought you guys might try to aid the Takeda. Well, I'm here to stop you!" Flare, the leader of the Tokugawa said. She had about half her Clan with her. "I've always wanted to take Date's head for myself, hmm I guess I can find out!" She unsheathed her claws. Flare's warlord power was that she could make fire by spinning her tail really fast.

It looks like two fights have begun!

"Nobunaga is a cold ruthless tyrant. I don't understand. Why would you work with him?" Kaihime hissed.
Haku growled "You will not lay a paw on my lord. While I am his right hand! I will keep him safe!!"
"I assure you while I draw breath. My lady will!!" Tadakatsu growled.
"face it! all of you are outnumbered even if a miracle happens. You will be too weak to fight the oda." flare growled "tokugawa cats attack!"


"Date and Fuma cat's attack!" Dragonstorm called to the cats. I have to take charge, or nobody will. "You too, Takeda cat!" Dragonstorm jumped on the nearest Tokugawa cat. His electric claws gave him the advantage in the fight. Cloudstrike, who also came on the patrol, was tusseling with Ina. Firespirit was ingaged in a two way battle. He was working with Kaihime to take down the two cats.

Back the the Takeda camp, the first ambush with Kunoichi was a success.

Haku was locked in combat with the mighty Tadakatsu
"Tell me girl. Why do you fight for your lord." Tadakatsu hissed at her.
Haku hissed back "I fight for him and for this army because they are my family and they deserve my undying loyalty"
"Hm good enough reason. Come and fight me like a true samurai. Right hand against right hand."
"very well!" Haku was locked in combat with him.
"Thank you for your help Firespirit." kaihime gave him a nod.

Winddemon was fighting Kanbei

"so tell me Winddemon. Why do you fight a battle when you are outnumbered" Kanbei hissed
"I don't need to explain myself to you. I simply do it for honor and pride" He retorted
"Another foolish samurai who puts honor,pride, and loyalty over Logic. How pitiful!!" Kainbei swiped at him claws unsheathed.
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Dragonstorm finished the fight with the cat he was fighting. He went over to help Haku, who seemed to be struggling. "Need some help?" Dragonstorm put on a smug grin as he pounced on Tadaketsu.
Firespirit nodded back in response and went after the next Tokugawa cat. Firespirit saw on how bravely Dragonstorm was fighting. Wow, that cat is about the same age as I and he fights like a veteran! No wonder he's the leader of the Date!


Cherryblossom and Sasuke were tending to some of the wounded that wondered back to camp. "So, I heard you used to be a ninja, what made you switch roles?"

"Well, I found out the ninja life wasn't for me! I felt too much love for a particular she-cat from the Tokugawa. After she was killed in a fight, I retired. We never even got to be mates, but the battlefield is no place for a broken heart."

"Thank you my lord. This one's a handful" She had scars all over her.


Tadakatsu dodged the attack "so you are the Pathetic son Of Terumune. Your father was a coward and a fool not to mention he was a terrible fighter."


"Shut up! The young lord is not like his father. He is more honorable and skilled than his father ever was."


"If what that girl says is true then prove it to me! Show me that you are not like your pathetic father!"

Winddemon defeated Kanbei but then caught sight of Nobunaga


"Come Nobunaga face me! I will show you and your cats what a true samurai is all about!" Winddemon yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear. I wonder when that backup group will make it here?

Dragonstorm glared at Tadakatsu. "Do not speak ill of my father in front of my face!" Dragonstorm had a vision of the past return to him. His father had died due to falling into a gorge, leading the Date cats to safety. He suffered major injuries from the fight earlier and his mate had only a tiny kit. Dragonstorm came back to reality and scratched Tadakatsu with an electric paw. Tadakatsu aimed to hit Dragonstorm's  neck, but he aim a bit to high and hit the right side of his face.


"I will not waste my skills on such a low powered cat. Noh, take care of this pest." Nobunaga disappeared in the heat of the battle. Noh, a slim she-cat attacked Winddemon.

"dodge this son of Terumune!" Tadakatsu aimed at his belly,
"Low powered!!" He growled and dodged Nohime's attack "So you are Nobunaga's mate"

Nohime laughed "He is the one that takes me through  the underworld! So yes he is"  "isn't that what mates do? Take eachother through the firey gates!?" She hissed

Dragonstorm jumped up and landed on Tadakatsu's back. Dragonstorm has scratch marks on his face from the earlier attack, but nothing too damaging. His eyes burned with fire. Dragonstorm racked his claws on Tadakatsu's back.

Noh and Winddemon tusseled it out. Noh had longer claws than most cats, and they were razor sharp. Kunoichi, from above, did an aerial attack on Noh. "Nobody hurts our allies and gets away with it!"

Tadakatsu bucked him off his back.
"Not bad. It seems you are not like your pathetic excuse for a father after all" Tadakatsu received a huge scratch from the younger cat but he showed no sign of wincing or in pain. It seemed as if he was unaffected by the big scratch he was given.
Noh retreated "thanks kunoichi." winddemon purred.

"I told you, don't speak ill of my father in front of me, you imbecile. Dragonstorm put a paw up to his right cheek. He was hurt worse than he thought and now he felt the pain. Flare defeated Haku and was sneaking up on Dragonstorm.

"No problem!" Kunoichi winked at Winddemon. "I'm just wondering where Firespirit is with that backup. They are way overdue!"

Flare pinned Dragonstorm "Leave this one to me love. His head is mine!"
"as you wish my lady. This one is a bit skilled. Even I'll admit. So be careful"

Winddemon thought for a moment then all of the sudden his eyes widen " you don't think they got  stopped by Tokugawa clan cats do you?!"

"No wonder I saw no Tokugawa cats on the field of battle! That is a great possibility, I will inform my lordship right away! I think you might want to check your territory!" Kunoichi jumped in a tree and vanished from Winddemon's sight.

Dragonstorm struggled under Flare. He was already weak from fighting Tadakasu. "Leave my lord alone!" Cloudstrike appeared from the brambles. Cloudstrike gave a fierce glace at Flare.

"Like I'm scared of an old tactician like you! Why do you even follow this pathetic excuse for a leader! You probably could lead the Date to victory under your paws!" Flare spat out.
"Well, I respected his father, and I respect him. Our young needs to be prodded in the right direction, and he is shaping up to be an even better leader than you!" Cloudstrike kept a calm compusure.

Winddemon appeared. "I knew it!" He tackled flare to the ground and pinned her.
Tadakatsu ran straight towards Winddemon. To assist his mate.

Cloudstrike intercepted Tadakatsu and tackled him. Dragonstorm slowly got up.

Flare flipped him off of her. "retreat Tokugawa cats!" She hissed and all of her cats left
"Good they're  backing down" Winddemon mewed.

Dragonstorm said, "Well, I was about to take care of-" Cloudstrike shot him a glance. "I meant to say, thank you for taking care of Flare. I would of been fresh kill if you didn't come." Dragonstorm said.
Firespirit came out of the thickness of the woods. "The rest are retreating." He saw Winddemon, "I'm sorry I couldn't bring a back up group to help with the Oda. We got caught up here. I must say, Lord Date really knows on how to lead a fight!"
Flattered, Dragonstorm nodded. "One day, I might take you one as a worthy opponent, Firespirit. I recognize your bravery."
Cloudstrike padded up to Winddemon, "Are the Oda still bothering the Takeda? Do you still need our aid. We might have a few scratches, but we are still full of our spirit!"

"Many were killed and injured  but we held up just fine. I have to admit dragonstorm. For someone as young as you, you are quite wise and know how to lead. You are turning into a fine warlord. Thank you for keeping my clan safe. We better get going" Winddemon mewed.

"And I will head back to Takeda territory!" Firespirit said. He disappeared behind the brambles, leading in the direction of Takeda's borders.
"We should be getting back, too. And thanks, I don't thank many cats, you count yourself lucky!" Dragonstorm winked and headed in the direction of his terriotry with Cloudstrike.

Cherryblossom ran back to Fuma territory. She heard from Kunoichi that her mate returned home. She bid the Takeda farewell and ran home. "My love, do you need anything to be check?" Cherryblossom said, running up to her mate.

"No my sweet. I am fine." Winddemon purred
Terra appeared. Her belly was big and swollen. "I am sorry about what happened. If I were not in the current state I'm in right now I would've helped you guys.
"No need to apologize Terra."

"Terra, I would like to see you in my den. Your kits are coming soon! I just want to make sure that everything is fine." Cherryblossom purred. Terra followed her into her den. Cherryblossom gathered a few herbs and placed them before Terra. "Take these, if you have any pains or stomach aches, come see me right away!"

Dragonstorm and his patrol returned back to the Date camp. Sora checked each cat and treated them. "I'm sorry Dragonstorm, but I think you might have a scar on your face now. That cat scratched you pretty hard." Sora said as he applied the herbs and cobwebs to Dragonstorms face.

"That's alright, it's just a battle scar! To show on how tough this Warlord really is!"
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"Thank you Cherryblossom" The queen purred

"You fought well young lord. I am happy to have fought by your side." Haku complimented Dragonstorm.

"No problem! Glad I could help!" Cherryblossom purred. Cherryblossom settled down in her nest, it was late into the night. She started to snoze off.

Dragonstorm and Cloudstrike were talking in private.
"Do...do you think I'm too weak.. to live up to my father?" Dragonstorm said shakily.
"Dragonstorm, your father was a great Warlord, don't listen to those Tokugawa idiots." Cloudstrike reported. "You are yourself, I don't want you to change a bit. Goodnight!"

"My lady wake up!" It was winddemon. "Terra is having her kits!"

"Oh my!" Cherryblossom sprung from her nest. She ran to the nursery. "Winddemon, would you please go get me a fine stick for Terra to hold on to! And Terra, everything will be fine!"

"thank y....you...che....cherryblossom...owwww!!!" She moaned in pain
Winddemon drops a stick "alright what else?"

"That's all for now my mate. I would like you to leave the nursey, Terra needs her space!" Cherryblossom gentle pointed her tail at the exit. When WInddemon was out of the nursery, Cherryblossom said "All right grab a hold of that stick and push!" She put a paw on Terra's belly. One after one, the kits came out.

"Th......thank you cherryblossom.....I...its over now. You've been a great help. I only wish my mate was still alive to see them." She nuzzled and licked them gently
"so.. how did the kitting go?" Winddemon came in.
"Oh my lord its you. it went great and its all thanks to Cherryblossom" she purred.
"they're so adorable!" He squealed "You did great Terra and thank you for helping her Cherryblossom." He purred and licked his mates cheek.

"Of course I did great, it's my job!" Cherryblossom purred. "You gave birth to three healthy kits. Do you have names for them yet?" Cherryblossom wished she could have her own kits, but because of her clan duties, she could not risk it.

Terra purred and looked at the 3.
"This little tom right here will be Torn" she pointed with her paw.
"and her name shall be Aya" She pointed at the she-cat
"and finnally this she-kit right here shall be named blossomheart!"
"beautiful names Terra." Winddemon mewed
terra purred "Thank you my lord. By the way have you and Cherryblossom ever thought about having kits of your own. I understand that both of you have your paws full and it will especially be hard for cherryblossom but did both of you ever think about it"
"uhhhhhhhh....well I......I mean......I...." Winddemon was speechless. he didn't know how to answer that.

Cherryblossom blsuhed and answer, "Well, it has crossed my mind! Maybe when this whole Oda war dies down, we can have kits. Sound like a plan to you?" Cherryblossom glanced at her mate with loving eyes.

He purred back "Yes good idea love. If I ever do have kits of my own I don't want them to be born during a time like this."

Cherryblossom nodded to her mate, and to Terra, and then headed back to her den. She snuggled up in her nest and fell asleep.

The next day, it was a stormy day. Dragonstorm was eating a piece of wet freshkill under a tree for protection. "We need to set off some hunting patrols, our fresh-kill pile is getting awfully low." He called out to Cloudstrike.
"I'm on it, and please be yourself today!" Cloudstrike called to his lordship. He disappeared into the Samurai den to put a few patrols together. Sora padded up to Dragonstorm, "Our stock of herbs have been lasting us this harsh leafbear. Since it is raining, a presume newleaf should not be far away. I'm going out to look for some herbs." Sora said calmly.
"I want a Samurai to go with you, we never know when Oda or Tokugawa could attack us." Dragonstorm said. Sora nodded and teamed up with Haku on a patrol.

"So what particular herbs are you looking for Sora?" She asked him curiously.

I am looking for Horsetail, specifically, but any new herbs would be great. New herbs work much better than old herbs!" Sora said. He smiled at Haku. "Let's check by the river first, that is where Horsetail usually grows."

Nods "good idea." she heads down to the river with Sora and looks around "So Sora what's your opinion about Dragonstorm. Do you think despite his age he has what it takes to be a great leader?"

"He is quite a pawful, I have to say! He can be a bur on your fur sometimes, be he is learning. I think Cloudstrike acts more like a father to him than the normal tactician." Sora said and he padded up to the river. "I believe he can become one of the greatest Warlords with a little parenting and help." Sora turned around and faced Haku.

Haku nods "that's what I noticed as well. He treats him as if he is his son. I think its sweet." 

"Yea!" Sora said to Haku. He located some horsetail and gently pulled it out. "All right, let's look some other herbs!" Sora said.

"That would be best" She nods and returns back to camp with Sora.

Sora and Haku were able to get a lot of herbs already in harvest. Dragonstorm was taking a short snooze in his den while Cloudstrike looked over the camp.

Haku came back with Sora by her side. "Well that was...... fun?" She mewed.

Cloudstrike padded up to the two cats, "What is the report? Did you find some more herbs for the Clan?"
"We found an excellent amount for this early in Newleaf, I have to say!" Sora exclaimed, "I will be heading to my den with the herbs." Sora grabbed the herbs in his jaw and carried them away to his den

"I am also happy to report my lord that no sign or smell of Oda cats" She dipped her head.

"Good, I will let Dragonstorm know when he wakes up from his snooze," Cloudstrike purred with amusement. "I will tag you on the next hunting patrol, Haku, and thank you for assisting Sora."

Cherryblossom awoke with the soft chatter of her clanmates. Everything seemed so bliss since the Oda were driven out, but the Oda were still a major problem.

"I am only doing what I am told your lordship. No need to thank me. Oh and make sure to tell lord Dragonstorm that I wish to speak with him about something." Haku mewed
"Good morning my lady" Winddemon approached her den. "May I come in?"

Cloudstrike nodded and said, "I will let him know, but right now I want to let him sleep and regain his strength. He is very stressed out with the whole Oda problem."

"Morning! You can come in!" Cherryblossom said cheerfully

Haku nods "right." she went to go hunt.
"I was thinking we could do something fun together you and me.....?" He purred while smiling.

"Sure, but let me check up on the Clan first, I don't want any sick or injured cats waiting for my return!" Cherryblossom said while she sat up.

Nods "Good idea." He mewed.
"My lord!" Murasame yelled "You said you would teach me how to hunt" he meowed sadly.
"Oh I apologize my little student. Perhaps tomorrow"
"awwwwwwww." The young student mewed sadly.

Cherryblossom purred, "Well little one, you don't want to rush your skills. Why don't you go take care of our Elders." Cherryblossom exited the den with Winddemon.
"So, what shall we do?"

Dragonstorm awoke from his short nap. Cloudstrike entered his den. "Your lordship, I'm glad to see you alive and well. Sora was able to find a lot of herbs and Haku wants to speak to you."
"Hmm, that's good to report the herbs, and tell Haku that she is free to come into my den at anytime."

"awww but that's boring" Murasame complained
"Now now  student. The elders have done so much for you. More then you can possibly imagine. Cherryblossom is right.
"okayyyy!!!!!" He wined and went over to the elders den
"I suppose we could go hang out at the lake. It also wouldn't hurt to catch some fish while were there" He purred.

Haku returned to camp "Is he awake?" she asked cloudstrike
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"Ok!" Cherryblossom purred. She folloed WInddemon out of the den.

Cloudstrike replied, "He is awake and you can see him when you are ready." Cloudstrike headed for the fresh-kill pile.

He was padding through the forest along with Cherryblossom. "did you hear that?" He asked his mate.
A calico she-cat appeared from the rustling bushes.
Winddemon sniffs. "she does not smell like she is from any of the clans." he whispered in her mates ear "who are you?" he hissed. He knew the trespasser wasn't aggressive judging by her calm look.
"Please do not attack me. I have come to join Your clan."
"An outsider wishes to join us?"
"Yes." She replied simply
"were not running a kittypet social club here!" He hissed. "Not just anyone can join our army. Besides we never even took outsiders into our clan."
"Oh plz!!! Ive always wanted to be a samurai!!!" She pleaded. "I want to hunt and fight in the forest!"
Fuma observed the stranger "what do you think my mate?"
Haku padded towards Dragonstorms den "my lord, May I come in?" She asked.

"Well, what is your name first and where did you come and why?" Cherryblossom asked the calico cat. She had a calm but stern look on her face.

"You may come in Haku." Dragonstorm called out to her. Cloudstrike, outside, meanwhile, was talking to one of the returning border patrols. "We saw a white tom poking around our borders. He was on the edge of our territory, but he did smell like Toyotomi." Yuki, a grey tom with large green eyes reported back.
"Thanks Yuki. Will you assist me while I check out why that Toyotomi is so far from home and in our territory? Cloudstrike asked Yuki.
"Would be my pleasure." Yuki replied. They both headed out of the camp.

"I don't have a name and I'm from a band of cats known as the Uesugi. We live in the city along with the other 3 clans. The Azai, The Shimazu, and the Tachibana. I ditched my clan to join one of the clans in the forest though." The unnamed she-cat mewed.
"wait a sec?......you mean to tell me there are other clans out there in the city that follow our samurai ways?" he meowed in surprise.
"Yes, They originated from your clans but some of the  cats made separate clans out in the city where the twoleg nests are."
"Really, now thats interesting. How do you guys survive?"
"They eat rats, pidgeons, and we steal from twolegs."
"and your clan's never get sick?" He meowed in surprise.
"They use to but they've  been eating stuff like that for so long that were immune and no longer get sick"
"I see......but I don't understand why would you ditch your clan. The home where your mother birthed you? isn't your samurai code the same as ours? You can be put to death if you ditch you clan. That is if the warlord wanted to."
"I wasn't born there, I was originally born in the twoleg nests. When I was 11 moons I fell in love with one of the toms in the clan. When I was pregnant with his kits I decided to join his clan. However after I gave birth. He was executed because they found out that the kits I was bearing were his. Then the healer said that my kits were cursed and they......"
"stop!!! You don't need to explain yourself anymore" He could see the sadness in the she-cats eyes
"I just....I just wanna start over.... I don't wanna go back to being a housecat or what you guys call kittypet. I wanna be a samurai"
"Im surprised after whats happened to you. Your mate and kits were killed by the samurai. Yet you still persist to join us."
"I know that not all clans are like that. I Know that there are some leaders who are more merciful as far as the samurai code goes."
"I don't agree with everything that the samurai code says. As long as I draw breath and I am leader of this clan. No cat shall be executed or put to death. No matter how big of a crime he or she has commited."
"Your leader of the clan?!" she mewed in surprise
"aye that I am and this here is the healer." he pointed at cherryblossom
The unnamed she-cat dipped her head. "Its honor to meet you both"
"so what do you think Cherryblossom? Do you think she has what it takes?" The warlord asked his mate.

"My lord, your not letting what tadakatsu said get to you right?" Haku asked Dragonstorm worringly.

"Hmmm, you might have what it takes, but I'm not so sure. She can come an live with use for a moon, to test if she can really live with us. Just remember, we are at a current state of war between the Clans in the forest, and we have some allies and enemies. Also, your going to need a name if you want live with us, so we can address you properly. I will leave the name up to you." Cherryblossom sounded calm.

Cloudstrike and Yuki made it to where the Toyotomi cat was. He was quite small and young looking. He had white fur and brown ear tips. 
"Greetings, you must be Cloudstrike I presume?" The tom sounded calm with a bit of cheer in his voice.
"Err...correct," Cloudstrike said, "I am Cloudstrike. Why are you not in Toyotomi territory. Toyotomi isn't allied with us or anyone at the moment." 
"Well, I'm not part of the Toyotomi anymore, so no need to be alarmed. I quit yesterday! I'm just heading to the mountains to live out my days and sleep."The tom chuckled a little.
What is up with this cat! Quitting a Clan like that? "Errr, who are you exactly? I never seen you at any Gatherings or battles really?" Cloudstrike said with a comfused look. Yuki just watched the conversation.
"Oh me? I'm Shigeharu, but I go by Hanbei. Much easier!" Hanbei said with a smile.
"Hanbei? Aren't you Toyotomi's tactician?! Your cunning tactics are known throughout the forest!" Coudstrike stared at Hanbei with disbelief. 
"I WAS their tactician, but I quit. Why did I quit, you might ask? Toyotomi made an alliance with Oda and I hate Nobunaga. I can't stand that cat. So, I quit." Hanbei said.
"So just like that, you quit. Well, the mountains at this thime of the year aren't safe. A lot of predators come out at the time. You really should go back to Toyotomi or live as a Rouge." Cloudstrike said.
"Hey, you Date cats are against Oda right? Maybe I'll join your clan! What do you say?"
"Hmmm, it is up to Dragonstorm if you want to stay, but since you are a respected Samurai, I will take you myself to see him. No funny business, ok?"
"As long as my old Clan sides with the Oda,  I'm a drifter. Alright, let's go see Lord Data, the dragon!"

He nods "good idea." He turned his head to the she-cat. "Just so you know its going to take awhile before everyone in my clan can trust you."
She nodded back "Im fine with all of this"
"Come, well head back to camp to show you around"
Winddemon wnet back to camp alongside his mate and the she-cat.

"My lord, your not letting what tadakatsu said get to you right?" Haku asked Dragonstorm worringly.

Cherryblossom, Winddemon, and the she cat returned to the camp. Cherryblossom flicked her tail to beckon the she cat.
"May I have a word with you alone?"
"Sure," the she cat replied.
"What was it like in the Uesagi Clan? And why are Clans living in the city? That's no place for Clan cats." Cherryblossom had sympathy in her voice.

Dragonstorm dipped his head to Haku, "I know your concerned, but I'm fine, really. I will be ok, as long as I have Cloudstrike by my side. Speaking of Cloudstrike, where is he now? I haven't heard him call a patrol in a while."

"Some of them were exiled cats that were once apart of your clans. while others are either kittypets or loners and rouges." she replied.
"No clue." Haku shrugged "Im sure hes fine though."
"Oh, it sounds like life was hard for you and the other cats..." Cherryblossom had to hold back a few tears. How could these wonderful clans get exiled? Probably the Oda's doing, we have to stop them!

Cloudstrike, Yuki, and the former tactician, Hanbei, returned to the Date camp. Cloudstrike nodded to Yuki, and Yuki padded toward the fresh kill pile. Cloudstrike beckoned Hanbei with his tail to follow him. He padded to Dragonstorm's den.
"Dragonstorm, it's Cloudstrike, I'm coming in. We have found a trespasser on our territory." Cloudstrike and Hanbei walked in the den. Dragonstorm was apparently with Haku.
"Greetings Cloudstrike, and who might this be?" Dragonstorm's tone was somewhere between welcoming and cold.

"It was." she put simply. "but that's all in the past for me and who are these Oda cats you speak of?"


Haku looked at Hanbei coldly

"The Oda cats are a Clan that have no respect for anyone. They think the forest is theirs!" Cherryblossom said

"Greetings, I'm Hanbei, former tactician, and now a loner!" Hanbei's tone was friendly.
"And...why are you now a loner? Your tactics are legendary throughout the land!" Dragonstorm said. He was suprised at Hanbei for leaving.
"Well, I don't like Nobunaga, so I quit." Hanbei licked one of his paws.
"Er....why exactly are you on our territory?" Dragonstorm cocked his head to one side.
"I'm trying to get to the mountains and become a hermit. Your territory borders the mountains, so yea. Self explainitory for there." Hanbei still remained calm.

"They sound exactly like the Shimazu" She mewed


"Should we let him through your lordship?" Haku mewed.

Cherryblossom nodded and then headed to her den.

"Hmmm, I don't know what to do..." Dragobstorm stared at the floor. He looked up and said, "Do you want to join the Date? Or are you just going to stay a loner?"
"Join the Date? Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. This Clan is known for its rebellous actions and caring for one another. Every ground soilder here matters. Doesn't sound like a bad place to settle. Yea, I will join if ya let me. Also, anything to take the Oda down," Hanbei smiled at Dragonstorm.
"Alright, it might be handy to have another tactician on hand, but the Samurai Code says only one tactician is allowed. You will have to join us as a Samurai," Dragonstorm had confidence in his voice.

"He could help with tactics though" Haku suggested.

Dragonstorm nodded, "Yes he can help. But only once i accept him as a friend. He could easily be a spy for Toyotomi."
"Trust me, if Toyotomi wants me back, they will have to beg on the ground. I utterly hate the Oda. So, where do I stay?" Hanbei looked eager.
Cloudstrike padded up, "You will stay in the Medicine Cat's den. Sora won't mind an extra paw around. I just don't want fake rumors running around in the Warriors den."

"My lord I brings news!!" yowled Kaihime to winddemon. her tone was urgent.
"of course, you may come in" mewed Winddemon
Kaihime was inside his den "Your lordship, Hideyoshi plans to attack us"
"what, how do you know this?!!!" he said in shock
"They left their scent marks all over our territory and they put their signature seal on our tree's." She replied
"That means they declare ware!!!! but why? What have we done to them" he said still in shock
"I am unsure my lord but we need to keep our guard and defenses up. Who knows when they will attack"
"Good idea, the next gathering is coming up soon and our newcomer is still trying to get use to the clan. So much going on right now" He said, his eyes wide
"Don't worry my lord. No matter what happens. No matter what decisions you make or where you go, we will fight for you and your clan."
"Thank you Kaihime, Im glad I chose you for the job as right hand" He purred
Haku nodded "Good point."

Cherryblossom overheard Winddemon and Kaihime. Attacking? After already attacking Date a few days ago, going to attack us?! No way they took care of their casualties already! Date hits pretty hard when it comes to battles!
"Winddemon, what are we going to do? Some of our cats are still healing up from the last battle. If they continue to fight, they might die!" Cherryblossom had sadness in her tone.

Hanbei fitted in the Clan quite well. He was calm around the hostility he recieved when Dragonstorm first announced his arrival, but with his charm, he now was accepted. He was now co-tactician, always discussing with Cloudstrike on the best strategies.
"Oh, I forgot to mention that Toyotomi wanted to attack Fuma before. They were pretty mad when Oda took that oppertunity for themselves. They might attempt again, though." Hanbei started to ramble on.
"Well, maybe we should go warn them about a possible attack." Cloudstrike was calm. "I will go talk to Lord Date later, after he returns from his hunting patrol."

"I don't know.....maybe.." Winddemon was interrupted by her right hand Kaihime.
"my lord, may I suggest we get the help of takeda or date."
"It seems cowardly though...." He mewed
"Was it cowardly when your mother accepted the alliance of the Tokugawa when we were at war with dragonstorms father!!" Kaihime hissed
"Didn't I already explain this before to you!!" The Warlord growled "Like we had a choice! Was I allowed to object the decision! No!  and don't you ever disrespect my mother! She did what she thought was right. You have no right to judge the decisions she made!!"
"I am not trying to judge her but my point is your no better than your mother. Your mother was always too soft and kind hearted. Your no better than she was. Are you going to let the takeda and Date stomp all over you and let the command your army, As if you are there twoleg dog!" She hissed back
"The Date and Takeda are my allies!!!!! they are trying to help me!!! I am not they're puppet!!! and they are not my puppets either!!! We help and take care of our clans!!!!! If you don't like who I am and the decisions I made fine but while this clan is named Fuma and I am leader of this clan, The decisions will be made by me!!!!"
"Kaihime do you know who you are talking to? This is your warlord!!! Show some respect to him!!!!" Spat Ujiyasu the tactician.
"I.....I am sorry my lord.... I.... I did not mean to upset you. I realize that you are not they're puppet, I never meant to imply that" She dipped her head in respect.
Anger was deep in the young warlords eyes. He had never been this angry before. His mate and his other cats were all surprised at seeing him angry like this. He was usually always calm and gentle but it seems whatever Kaihime had said to him hurt and offended him deeply. "Just get out of my site. "I don't want to see your face right now!!!" he hissed
Saddness shown in Kaihime's eyes. If she had just held her tounge and the calm warlord would've never been this mad. She padded away from the den with her tail dragging along the ground and her head down.
"Please...forgive my daughter my lord." Narita mewed
"You really need to teach that kit of yours some manners Narita!!" The Warlord spat in anger. "everyone out of my den!!" he growled. "Only Cherryblossom is allowed to stay. The rest of you get out of my sight!!!"
"Yes my lord. perhaps we can talk about this another time when you've cooled down a bit"  Narita meowed and padded away.
The rest of the cats padded away.
After the cats left and cherryblossom stayed, the anger shone within him was quickly changed to sorrow and sadness.
"If this is true, we need to back up the Fuma cats. Not only because they are our allies but also because the only way to get to the Takeda cats is through their territory." Haku meowed
"Yes but what about those tokugawa cats" Magoichi one of the 8 commanding officers appeared.
"I doubt Flare and her clan would attack us. We already taught them a lesson" she mewed
"If you say so but you may wanna be careful out there. I would hate to see a pretty she-cat such as yourself get hurt out there."
"uhhh....thanks...I suppose" Haku mewed while looking at him strangely. Haku wasn't out to make friends or get a mate. She knew all of these things would just get in her way. Haku wanted one thing and one thing only. To protect her clan and her warlord.

Cherryblossom laid her tail tip on Winddemon's shoulder. "Don't take Kaihime personally, she is just worried about us." Cherryblossom tried to comfort him. She purred and rubbed her light pink pelt up against Winddemon's. "I suggest we should get some help with this fight."

Cloudstrike walked up to Haku. "Am I interrupting?" Cloudstrike asked as he padded up to the two cats.
"Nothing important.." Haku mumbled. Magoichi just shrugged.
"I want you to come with me to talk to Dragonstorm. Hanbei might be onto something." He flicked his tail at the white tom. Hanbei had a calm, friendly gaze on his face. Haku nodded and started to follow Cloudstrike.
"Dragonstorm should be returning from that hunting patrol any minute now." Cloudstrike sat down by the entrance of the camp. Haku followed, and Hanbei was edging to join them.
The truth was that Dragonstorm interested Hanbei a lot. He seemed young, but a leader at heart. He wanted to learn more about Dragonstorm and about his past.

"I am not the Date or Takeda's puppet. I cant believe she would even imply something like that. I cant believe she would talk so negatively about my mother that way. I even named this clan after her when she died and I became leader."

"so what exactly about dragonstorm are we gonna talk about" haku mewed

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"I know. Also, Date must have it harder than you, since his father left some legacy of brutally entering many battles." Cherryblossom looked at Winddemon.

Cloudstrike turned his head and said, "Toyotomi are likely to lead an attack on Fuma. I want to strengthen the border patrols to keep watch to see if a battle does break out. Also, I want to see if he is open to send reinforcements to Fuma"

Dragonstorm walked through the entrance with some prey dangling from his jaws. The two cats following him, Yuki and Sen, also had prey in their jaws. Dragonstorm dropped his prey and turned to Cloudstrike, "Cloudstrike, just when I need you. I saw some Toyotomi cats awefully close to our borders. I didn't want to ask for another fight with them. But, they were dangerously deep in Fuma's territory. What do you make of this?"
Cloudstrike stared at Dragonstorm's ice cold eyes, "Just what I wanted to talk to you about. I was thinking of sending a patrol to warn Fuma, but I think they would of known by now. Should we aid the Fuma? Or should we just strengthen our borders?"

"I have to admit. Dragonstorms quite the tough one is he? I......." Winddemon was interrupted by one of his 8 commanding officers Zaboo
"My lord may I come in to speak with you!" Zaboo said urgently.
"cant it wait?!" He hissed
"Two cats from outside the forest are here. They said they came from some clan known as the Uesugi." Zaboo mewed.
Winddemons eyes widen. He remembered that the unnamed she-cat told him about the other four clans living in the city. The one she lived in was the Uesugi. "I'll handle the situation. My lady, you stay in here and Zaboo back me up in case they try anything"
Zaboo nodded and both went outside the den to speak with them.
"What is it that you've come here for?!" Winddemon asked in a curious and at the same time sort of aggressive tone.
"Hello, you must be the leader of this fine clan. My name is Kanetsugu and this is the sister of our leader Dragonsoul, her name is Aye. We came here on important business. We have come to take back what is ours. We want to thank you for taking in the she-cat when she ran away from our clan but now we will be taking her back that is if you know which she-cat were talking about" Kanetsugu meowed.
"No way!" He growled "Do you expect me to just hand her over like that. You slaughtered her newborn kits and her mate in cold blood and for what?! The samurai code says not to kill kits! Your not a clan your nothing but murderers!!"
"If you have a problem with how we do things outside the forest than fine but that she-cat still belongs to us and well take her by force if we must!!" Aya hissed
"I dare you to try!!!" Zaboo growled
The unnamed she-cat appeared behind them. "please Winddemon don't let them take me!"
"Go, me and Zaboo will handle the situation." Winddemon mewed
"I came here to stick up for myself!" She mews. "Im not going with you cold heartless fiends!"
"You belong to us! Like it or not!" Kanetsugu growled. "besides we city cats are much stronger than you forest cats!"
"prove it then!!" Zaboo unsheathed his claws.
"My minds made up. You will not take her!" Winddemon snarled
"Very well. You can expect trouble from the Uesugi!" Aya hissed
"This is not over! and by the way my suggestion....don't sleep tonight" Kanetsugu hinted as he left with Aya.
"My lord should we give chase." Zaboo suggested
"No, let them go" Winddemon meowed back. 
"what did he mean by don't sleep tonight?!" Zaboo mewed
"I.....I am unsure" winddemon thought

Cherryblossom peered out of Winddemon's den at the two cats, a tom and a she-cat. Why are they so different that us? Being rude infront of a leader like that! Do they have no respect?! The two cat's left the camp, and Cherryblossom ran to her mate.
"What are we going to do? Are we going to take their warning and set up a night watch or are we not?" Cherryblossom had a concerned look on her face.
Dragonstorm said nothing for a long time. Finally, he replied, "We will strengthen our borders. Our Clan is more important that the other Clans. If Fuma needs some aiding, they will have to come ask for it. Double the patrols, Cloudstrike." Dragonstorm did not wait for a reply. He padded away to a tree in the camp and sat down in the shade. Hanbei came up and dipped his head, "You're worried about what's going to happen next, aren't you?"
Dragonstorm stared at Hanbei, then replied, "Actually, yes. I'm not sure if any Clan will survive this hostility. If worse comes to worse, I will have to take the Date Clan and move. Maybe to the mountains?"
"The mountains already home some rouge cats, you know. It's not the safest place to raise kits," Hanbei said amusingly. He sat down next to Dragonstorm.

"That would be a good idea." "darn, first the toyotomi, now the Uesugi. This isn't good" The leaders eyes were wide with fear.
Haku couldn't believe what her ears were hearing from her leader. "We will not lose to those fiends!!!!" she growled

"What's next? Azai? Or even Medea?!" Cherryblossom was as worried as her mate. "What if they attack our allies instead of us!"
The Medea were a humble tribe that resided in the mountains to the right of Date's territory. The let rouges live on their territory and loosly followed their own rules. They were more of a tribe than a Clan.
"I will take the first shift, your lordship," Chiki, a sandy-brown tom padded up to his leader. He was more on the shy side, but when he was needed, he showed the greatest courage.
Dragonstorm turned to his right-hand, "Calm down Haku. No arrangements have been made. We still have our fighting spirit alive here, and as long as it lives, we fight!"
Hanbei replied, "Wow, I never knew a Clan could be so interesting. The Toyotomi only talked about war and fighting. They never talked about Elders and kits like you guys do. Also, you guys a larger fighting spirit than them. At first, I thought I might of made the wrong choice, but in the end, you are worthy of being a leader. Nothing like your father!" Hanbei grinned at the two Date cats.
Dragonstorm just turned away and said, "I don't have a father anymore. He is dead and not worthy to be my father. I will never be like him."
Hanbei was a bit taken back by this response, "But, what about your other family? Kin are your closest allies. Man, now I miss my mother now..she still is in the Toyotomi.."

"Don't worry my lady, whatever happens I will protect you and this clan with my life. No one shall be harmed." He nods at Chiki "good idea Chiki." He turns back around to his mate. "My lovely, please stay here in my den. I fear that they might attack our medicine cat and they'll least suspect you In my den. I will watch all night for them." he licked her cheek.


"My blood kin left me behind when I was just a newly born kit. Luckily I was taken in by this clan." she hissed "I don't know who they are and I don't care to know them."

Cherryblossom nuzzled back, "Of course, I will stay in your den my lord. But remember, I still can fight if I have too. I also recommend moving the wounded to the Warriors Den, just in case."
Chiki takes a post just outside the entrance, his sandy pelt just barely visible. The forest reeked of death silence.

"I'm sorry to hear about that Ms. Haku." Hanbei said politely. "Looks like this Clan is more like a family than a Clan. I'm glad I'm here."
"Actually, I haven't told many cats, and only a faint few remember this but, I actually have a sister. Her name is Dewlight, and she vanished mysteriously on a patrol. Nobody was able to find her, so I wonder where is she is alive now..or not.. she was my littermate." Sadness welded up in Dragonstorm's eyes.
"Hmm, interesting. I'm sorry for your loss I guess. Welp, I better help Cloudstrike organize these borders!" Hanbei got up and padded to Cloudstrike.

" While I am here no one will lay a paw on you. There is no need for you to fight anyone while I'm here." he nods "good idea, all wounded warriors go to the warriors den!" He yowled "alright I'll keep watch" he meowed to his mate.

Haku felt sympathy for her lord. She never grew up having a loving family but she felt something while hearing her lord speak. "Maybe perhaps one day we can go look for her" Haku insisted

The wounded Warriors poked their head's out from the Med Cat's den, and slowly started to obey their leader. Some of them needed the aid of the others in the camp to make it to the den.

"Maybe one day, but that was a long time ago when my father was still alive. We were barely apprentices..  Anyways, I will be in my den if you need me, Haku." He dipped his head to the she-cat and padded to his cave. He lied down in his nest and started to think about his sister. Are you still out there Dewlight? Will I ever see you again? Sora never talked about seeing you in
the Star Clan or his dreams...


Dewlight stretched out on the grassy hill. She looked around her at her Tribe mates. Everything is peaceful. Another slow day, it seems.. A broad-shoulder golden tom pads up to her, "Dewlight, it's getting late. You should really head back to the caves."
The Medea Tribe live on the side of one of the mountains, pretty far away from the forest where the Date and Fuma are. They made a series of caverns that are connected for their "camp." The Medea also live with the Chosekobe Tribe that are occupying the mountain near the lake, and the Mori Tribe, who prefer to live high up in the mountains. All these tribes were way more peaceful that the clans and didn't abide to all the Samurai Rules.
Dewlight flicked her ears, "I'm just enjoying the crescent moon! No need to to make a fuss, Keiji!"

"Lets hope that the Shimazu are just bluffing" Winddemon meowed
"I hope so to" Terra mewed. "I fear for my kits safety"
"They will not be harmed while I am here!" The leader meowed.

Haku went to take a walk out of camp to be alone. She then heard tiny squeals of newborn kits. She then began to sniff them out and she smelled blood. Then she saw a she-cat with a pool of blood next to her and 2 kits. The she-cat was almost dead and she looked up at haku and said. "please....my...ki...." The she-cat couldn't say anything else. She was now dead. Haku approached the 2 kits and sniffed them and looked at the mother with sympathy. Haku picked up the 2 kits and headed back to camp.
She then padded to dragonstorms den. "My lord may I come in" Haku mewed. The kits were still squealing wriggling in Haku's mouth.

A tortis-shell tom padded towards them. "Trying to convince Dewlight is like trying to convince prey to stay there for you. No matter what you say or do they wont listen." It was Darius. one of the medea tribes finest samurai. "good to see you Keiji. By the way your uncle wants to talk to you. Something about an assignment of some sort.

Erie silence went through the night. Cherryblossom heard faint cries from cats.
"Uh no, their planning a siege." She whispered.

"You may come in Haku." Dragonstorm sat up in his nest as she arrived with the kits.
"What the heck are those?" Dragonstorm's mew was cautious yet harsh.

"Well Keiji, my wonderful mate, I'm just remembering an old memory from long ago. You better go see your Uncle." Dewlight said affectionally.
Keiji went into his Uncle's cave. "You wanted to see me, Toshiie?"

"alright lets all stay and don't pan....." He was interrupted when out of nowhere, uesugi cats came out of the bushes and circled around the fuma cats. 
"You should've listened to us! not only are we gonna take back what's ours but we  will also take some of your other cats tonight. Uesugi cats attack! Crush the impudent Fuma!"Dragonsoul the uesugi leader shouted. 
all cats unsheathed eachothers claws and began to fight one another.
Dragonsoul whispered in Kanetsugu's ear " I need you to kidnap the medicine cat. I'll kidnap that she-cat"
Kanetsugu nodded in agreement and headed towards the medicine cats den. "Darn it they've hidden him or her somewhere."
Winddemon snuck up behind Kanetsugu and pinned him down "Did you really think I'd be that  foolish to put my medicine cat here during a war?!"
"ahaha not to worry. If I don't find her Dragonsoul will." Kanetsugu meowed.
"Your clan better not lay a single paw on her!!" He dug his claws deep into Kanetsugu's fur.
Kanetsugu yowled in pain. "d....don't...worry..w.....well take good care of her......I can assure you that" Kanetsugu said while letting out a chuckle.

Dragonsoul went inside Winddemons den. "Your the medicine cat yes? Your coming with me!!" He growled with claws unsheathed.
"The mother of these kits died right in my very own eyes. She gave birth in our territory and these kits will surely die if they do not get nutrition from a she-cat or queens milk. What should we do?" Haku asked worryingly.

"That keiji is a lucky cat. I hope Toshiie gives me an assignment soon and I hope I get to fight atleast someone in the process. By the way Dewlight hows you and Keiji,have you guys.......well......you know." Darius chuckled and winked.
"ah yes Keiji good to see you. I need you to run an errand for me. Its been a long time since we've been in contact with the forest cats. I need you to go to each individual clan and notify them that the mountain cats are fine and still thriving. I don't want them to worry...oh...and Keiji, I recommend you bring a couple of friends. The path can be dangerous." Toshiie meowed.

"I'll never come with you!" Cherryblossom hissed. She unsheathed her claws. "I'm not stupid, I will fight till the very end for my Clan!"
Dragonsoul lunged for her. She jumped up and landed on his back. She raked her claws down his back. He winces and shoves her off.
"You're better than I thought. No biggie, I'll make you come whether you like it or not!" He starts to glow with a erie blue light. Like the forest Clan leaders, the city Clan leaders also have powers. A faint outline of a dragon engulfs Dragonsoul. He slashed Cherryblossom with his dragon claws and she hits the back wall of the cave.
"Winddemon!" She cries in fear.
"Hmmm, the kits did nothing wrong. Very well, we will raise them like our own. I think Cloudstrike told me that Hatsune recently gave birth to a few kits. I think she will be able to take on a few more. Go to the nursery. If she says no, then take them to Sora, he might have a herb to help them for now."
"Yes, my lord." Haku nodded.
"As for me, I'm going to see if there is a scent on the dead she-cat to see if it was another cat, fox, or something else. I don't want to endanger the Clan."
"She was near the hickory tree to the left of the Clan." Haku says as she gathers the mewing kits.
Dragonstorm exited his den after Haku. She heads for the nursery and he heads for the Warriors den.
"Cloudstrike!" Dragonstorm whispers as he prods Cloudstrike awake. "I need a patrol to investigate a murder."
"Alright...I'll wake a few cats.." Cloudstrike says drowsily. Dragonstorm pads out of the den and waits for Cloudstrike's assembled patrol.
"Well, not yet." Dewlight blushes. "But, I'm really hoping soon! I always wanted kits of my own, ever since I was kit myself!" Dewlight gave Darion a smile. Her smile is quickly gone, though. Everytime I think of my past, I can' t get that ONE memory out. The reason I'm here now. The reason I left my Clan....
'Yea, Uncle, I'll go visit the forest. Also wanted to go there one day!" Keiji says. "They'll be so stoked that we are thriving over here in the mountains! I can't wait to see the looks on the leaders' faces!" Keiji pads out of his Uncle's den. Before he left the entrance, he called back, "I'll leave at sunrise with some cats! Long three days ahead of us to get out of the mountains!"
Keiji sees Dewlight and walks up to her. "Guess what? We're visiting the forest!" Keiji gave her a huge smile. "Isn't that where you came from?"
"What? When? Why?" Dewlight was so stunned, she could barely move.
"Hmmm. Well, we are leaving tomorrow and we are visiting to tell the forest Clans that the mountain tribes are well and thriving. Any cat you want to come with us?"
"Well, why not Darius? He always wanted an assignment from Toshiie."

"no!!!" Winddemons eyes widend in fear "my lady!"
"My lord let me hold him down. You go help cherryblossom." Kaihime offered.
"Thank you Kaihime! I can always count on you, cant I."
Kaihime holds him down.
"don't worry my lady! I am coming for you!!!" He unsheathed his claws and ran straight to his den.
"This isn't good! Looks like your precious mate is here to save you!" Dragonsoul hissed.
1 she-cat and three toms appeared inside the den. "My Darling brother. Allow me and my 3 mates to take her back to our camp."
"You can try but my mate will come and get me! Mark my words." Cherryblossom hissed.
"Dragonsoul hurry and hold back Winddemon!!" Aya hissed
Deragonsoul nodded and intercepted winddemon before he could make it into his den.
"You!!!! what did you do to her!!!" He hissed
"Don't worry well take good care of her. That you can be assured of." Dragonsoul hissed.
Winddemon caught site of 4 cats dragging his mate.
"Cherryblossom!" Winddemon immediately ran staright towards them but dragonsoul quickly tackled him to the ground.
"that was close. You almost got away from me that time. I can see why your known as the fastest cat in the forest but can your speed match my raw power!" Dragonsoul growled
"Why! Why are you capturing her!!!" Winddemon snarled
"What! Your seriously telling me why? You don't know?" Dragonsoul had a slight smile on his face
"Am I suppose to?!" Winddemon asked with aggressiveness in his tone.
"Well to put it simply your  healer is most likely the descendant of the legendary medicine cat known as Hans."
"What!? That's impossible! All of Hans blood kin died long ago." Winddemon hissed. He couldn't fathom how ridiculous this sounded.
"That's what I thought but if our research and analysis is correct. Your mate can possibly be his successor." Dragonsoul said with excitement in his voice.
"This is ridiculous! If she truly is related to him than tell me this. How come she is not able to heal scars and wounds with her mind. How is she not able to cure mental illness? Hans could do all that just by using the power of his mind." Winddemon rolled his eyes.
"She probably just hasn't unlocked her true power yet." Dragonsoul said.
"Fine, lets go along with your ridiculous theory. Lets say that Cherryblossom truly is related to Hans. Even if that were true. How would you unlock her power and tell me what exactly else would you use her for."
"Like I said. If it is true. We can use her to heal any kind of sickness or wound. No matter what it is. Also We can use her to produce offspring so we can get kits who also inherit their mothers great power!" Dragonsoul meowed.
"Your crazy if you honestly think Im gonna let you do that to her!" Dragonsoul growled and unsheathed his claws.
"We will finish this later Winddemon!! Uesugi cats retreat!!!" The leader yelled as loud as he could and all cats ran out of the camp, along with him.
"Come on Fuma cats lets ch....." Fuma was about to give the order but he turned around and realized that most if not all cats were injured badly. During the battle. He wanted to get Cherryblossom back badly but he realized he wouldn't be able to pull it off with all the injured cats he had.
"My lord I have some bad news!" Narita said with sadness in his tone.
"What is it narita?" he asked worringly.
"Your...Your student my lord....he...he was killed during the battle!" Narita mewed softly.
Winddemon stood there silently. His eyes filled with anger and hatred but then quickly turned to sorrow. "I...I cant believe they would......I'll sit with him tonight. Thank you....for telling me this Narita but first I must apologize to Cherryblossoms mother. That I am a pathetic excuse for a mate and I am not worthy to be the father of her kits." He stood up and walked over to Cherryblossoms mother. "I....I am so sorry my lady. Your daughter she...she was captured by the Uesugi. I have failed to protect her and I have failed to be the mate she deserved."
Neko, cherryblossoms mother was surprised at the powerful apology. "My lord, there is no need to apologize. I'm sure you did all you could."
"If I cannot protect her, I am not even good enough to defend our future kits." Winddemons stood there in an apology crouch. His head was down and he layed on his belly.
"You speak foolishness My lord. If it is anyone who can defend my daughter and anyone who is worthy to be her mate It is you my lord. You have no idea how proud and honored I was that my daughter became the mate of the warlord. You are more than qualified. A samurai can only be so harsh on himself and herself. I forgi........
Winddemon growled. "No....I do not deserve forgivness! Not until I get your daughter back from those darn Uesugi cats. Until I get her back I am also not worthy to be called your lord.
Neko looked at him and could understand why he was acting like this "very well..My...er....Winddemon"
"Thank you my lady." Winddemon still stood there. Giving Neko the traditional apology crouch.
"I don't understand father. What is Winddemon doing?"Kaihime asked her father.
"He is giving Cherryblossoms mother The traditional apology failure crouch. Strange this particular apology crouch hasn't been done since the old days."
"He must feel that bad for Cherryblossoms capture" Kaihime said with sympathy.
"Strange, the boy was always polite towards his older fellow cats and elders but to see him go this extreme, is incredible."
(meanwhile in Uesugi territory XD)
"Hello my lady." dragonsoul approached the prisoners den with  Cherryblossom inside it.
"You made the biggest mistake of your life!" Cherryblossom hissed
"Oh my lady. how wrong you are. Quite the contrary. I made the best decision I could ever possibly make.
Haku approached Hatsune with the kits on her back. "Hatsune do you have milk to spare?"
Hatsune shook her head "I only have room for one more kit sadly. Sorry Haku."
Haku shrugged "Its fine Ill just.." Haku was interrupted by Hatsune.
"Why don't you take care of them Haku dear. Im sure the healer has herbs to help a she-cat produce milk and besides..." Haku immediately interrupted Hatsune
"ewww no way. Become a queen?! that's disgusting! I think I'd rather commit seppuku. If The gods gave me a choice to change my gender I so would."
"Whats so bad about being a queen and a she-cat. The gods have given us the ability to give birth to our young and take care of them. An ability that no tom has. Instead of complaining about your gender you should be honored.
"honored?! You may be fine with being a she-cat and a queen but me.... nuh uh not a chance."
Hatsune shrugs "If you say so. The Healer probably has herbs that can take care of them anyways."
Haku nodded. "that's what Dragonstorm said" Haku picked up the kits and approached the healers den.
"yayy!!!!!!" Darius meowed excitingly "as long as it involves fighting I'm all in." 
"keiji chuckled. "luckily for you. According to my uncle, he said there will be danger up ahead. So I'm guessing it will involve fighting."

Cherryblossom was restless for the rest of the night. Oh Winddemon, where are you?! Why did they take me?! The Clan must have huge casualties!
The morning came fast, as Cherryblossom worried about her Clan.
Now that she was awake, she could see what the city looked like in the daylight. At night, she kept hearing dogs barking and twoleg machines everywhere. In the light, it was mostly grey. Beneath her paws was weird twoleg ground. She was surrounded by firebeasts and the air reeked. 
"What do you want with me? I'm just a medicine cat!" Cherryblossom hissed.
Sora was in his den, making a last herb count before the sun rose through the trees. Faraway screeches filled his head.
StarClan, why did you give me this vision? Is one of the other Clans in trouble.
Sora, last night, had a dream from StarClan. He dreamed of the most beautiful white she-cat coming for the west. She gave a smile and a small voice in Sora's head said, The Mountains are the only way to end before the moon turns red. Make your allies wisely, because they will either destroy or help you..
After that, the vision changed and there was a huge battle going on in a familiar terriotory. Cherryblossom, the Fuma Med Cat, was glowing an odd golden light and was pushed out of camps by a few cat he never saw before.Fighting  filled his senses. He woke up about hearing Cherryblossom scream.
Haku came into the den with three mewing kits.
"Need some herbs for them, I'm guessing. I saw you brought them it." Sora gives a bundle of herbs to Haku. "Feed them this slowly, and they should grow fine. But, the need the nurture of a mother. I hope one of the she-cats can take care of them!"
Haku nodded and said, "Me too, right now I'm going to feed these little guys. Err, actually, one of them is a she-cat.." She left the den with the kits and herbs.
Sora was going to talk to his leader about his vision with Cloudstrike and Dragonstorm when the sun rose.
Cloudstrike and his pateol made it to the dead she-cat corpse. He smelled it for scents. 
"She definitely died from another cat, not any scent I recognize. We shall bury her, and tell the kits the truth once they are old enough. I wNt two of you to follow her scent to make sure we don't have a rogue doing this on our territory." They nodded and headed off.
Light fluttlered through the caves of the mountains. Dawn was here! Dewlight practically jumped out of bed with excitement.
"Keiji,we should get ready to leave soon!" She prodded him away. She also prodded Darius and the other she-cat coming with them. Her name was Ivy.
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"My lord, should I check up on the prisoner?" A muscular Bengal striped she-cat mewed.
"Very well Bengalstripe." Dragonsoul meowed back. "Make sure the prisoner is getting enough food as well.
"as you wish and command my lord." Bengalstripe meowed back and approached the prisoners den. "Get up!" She hissed quietly in Cherryblossoms ear.
"who are....." Cherryblossom was interrupted.
"Shut up! and don't ask questions! If you wanna get out of here. You'll do as I command and say. Are we clear on that?!" Bengal stripe hissed.
Haku sighed and fed the kits the herbs. She was in the samurai den. One of the tom samurai whined and complained "Cant you shut those kits up darn it! Why don't you go in he queens den where the rest of the she-cats nursing kits go!"

Haku gave him a very furious look "These aren't my kits and I am no queen!"
The tom retorted back. "If they are not your kits, whose are they and why  are you taking care of them"
"The mother of these kits died. I'm simply taking care of them until a she-cat decides to mother them!" Haku hissed.
"With all do respect my lady, everyone else here is trying to get some shut-eye. Would you kindly take those kits in the queens den." Magoichi mewed politely to Haku.
Haku sighed "Very well then" She picked up the kits and headed to the queens den.
"I cant wait to try out my new moves on some cats. I've been wanting this for a long time" darius said in excitement

"Calm yourself Darius, were not going to cause trouble. We need to get to the forest as fast as possible." Ivy mewed.

Cherrblossom stumbled to get up. "Where are you taking me?" Her tone was harsh.
Cherryblossom felt much hungrier than normal. I haven't eaten since being in Fuma's cat. Cherryblossom followed the she-cat slowly.
Cloudstrike and the patrol buried the dead mother and returned back to camp. Most of the patrol went to the Warriors Den to catch up on sleep.

Cloustrike made his way over to Dragonstorm's den. He noticed Sora was waiting near the den with restless eyes.
"What are you waiting here for? Aren't you suppose to be in the Medicine Cat's den?"
"I need to talk to Dragonstorm, I had a dream from StarClan." Sora said, not looking at Cloudstrike.
Dragonstorm padded from the darkness of his den. "Report status, I'm guessing. And why are you here?"
Dewlight and the mountain cats said there goodbyes and started out. Day one.

"I'm excited to visit the forest! I might be able to recognize some cats! I came from the forest, you know."
"Cool, I was born in the mountains." Ivy said.
"Meeting your kin would be wonderful. I bet that your kin would be proud of the mate you choose, me!"
"Err.. I'm not so sure. My kin is kinda on the rash side!" Dewlight laughed.
"I said shut up and do as I say. If you wanna leave this place you'll do as I say and follow my lead!" Bengalstripe hissed quietly. "asking questions will only  waste time!"
"I'm not going anywhere. Not until I know I can trust you!" Cherryblossoms tone was even harsher
"Uggh fine I'll put it simply! If what Dragonsoul says is true and you are the successor of Hans. I cannot let him have and control your power. I'm going to take you back to your clan so that way he wont possess your power. Im part of the Shimazu clan. Im a spy pretending to be a member of the Uesugi."

Haku approached Dragonsotrms den. "My lord are you busy?"

"Well have to go through the city cats before we get to the forest though." keiji Mewed

"tch, the city cats are nothing more than worthless scum. They have no pride or honor" Darius meowed back

"Oh, thank you a ton! I hate this place already! But, can you explain this power I have to me?" Cherryblossom said. She was excited that she was getting out of the city.
"Quite busy. Everyone seems to need to see me today." Dragonstorm said with a smile.

"Well, I'm here to report that the cat who murdered the she-cat probably came from the city Clans." Cloudstrike said and then walked away to organize the daily patrols.
"And you, Sora?" Dragonstorm turned his head to the tom.
"Well,  I had a dream from StarClan last night, and something terrible is going to happen. Oda is rallying up the City Clans to help him. He probably was the one to send the attack to the Fuma. Oh, their was an attack from one of the City Clans in Fuma territory, they stoke there medicine cat. The last news is the only hope to win against the Oda is the Mountain Clans."
Dragonstorm absorbed the information. He paused for a moment and then replied, "Well, that's a lot of information, Sora. We can't really help the Fuma, it would cause our Clan to have a lot of casualties that we can't afford. We will send a small patrol over only to help them with their injuries. Sora, you can choose the patrol. I might tag along, if I am needed."
Dragonstorm turned to Haku, who patiently waited, "And what is your news?" His tone was darker than before.
"The City Clans aren't all that bad! Well, at least the Azai Clan. They helped me escape to the mountains!" Dewlight said.

"Well, they live like they are half kittypets." Darius said.
"And like your the greatest cat since Hans?" Ivy said teasingly.
Keiji halted and looked at the skies. "Hawks are up there! Move with caution people. Run to cover if the hawks start to come for you."

"Tell me, have you heard of the legendary Healer known as Hans?" Bengalstripe asked her.
"Sorry to trouble you my lord but I have news about the kits." Haku replied.

"who cares, I'm in the mood for some action anyways." Darius said with a smile on his face.

"Don't be a fool Darius. Only a mouse-brain would pick a fight with hawks" Ivy hissed

"Well then, I guess I am a mouse-brain than." Darius winked.
"That makes two of us." Ivy winked back and giggled.

"Yes, I heard stories about his power. When I was a kit. his actions inspired me to be the Medicine Cat of my Clan."
"Good. Are they healthy and surviving? It's always nice to know that we will have more Samurais soon. Also, did you name them?" Dragonstorm let out a purr of sympathy for the kits.
"Fight? You guys are insane. I'm not losing my tail today, no thank you." Dewlight said.
"Well, I guess it would be a little fun to ruffle up there feathers. We might even make prey out of them!" Keiji said, buying into the others.
"Keiji, that's not a good idea! One of us could get killed, and we are not even that far out from our tribe! You stupid furball!" Dewlight mewed was a hint of sarcasm. 

"Theres a chance that you might inherit his power. Due to you being related to him" Bengalstripe meowed quietly.
"Do I look like their moth!!!!!.........." Haku stood there and paused for a moment. "forgive me my lord, I didn't mean to lash out at you like that. Its just that people have been pressuring me to raise these kits. Anyways I came to say that they are doing well so far and have been less noisy."

"If those city and forest cat punks have done it than so can we mountain cats." Darius had a big grin on his face. "Besides....I wonder what hawk meat tastes like"

"Re..related to the great Hans?! You must be insane, I live with my parents back in Fuma.." Cheryyblossom couldn't believe her ears.
A pinkish, beautiful she-cat was nearby, hunting for food an a silver can. Her eyes sparkled with life, unlike most of the city cats.
"It's alright. I'm used to being yelled at, with Cloudstrike and..." Dragonstorm gulps, "my father.." His eyes clouted with memories of his father.I swear he is linked to Dewlight vanishing! 
"Well, you might just have to become their mother, if no one is willing. Queens must be respected and cared for by the Clan. I know your headstrong, but sometimes being a mother can teach you new things on how to protect the clan. If you become there mother, you might have to resign being my Right-Hand man, with your paws filled. Don't worry, once the kits are apprentices, you will get your position again.
Dragonstorm saw that Hanbei was telling a story to all the kits, with amusement in his eyes. Wow, he really is part of the Clan now,  I might make him an officer!
"This won't end well." Dewlight murmured. The hawks have noticed the cats and were circling above them.
"Alright, Dewlight, since you are the best jumper here,  I want you to create a distraction so we can pounce on them? Ivy and Darion, I want you to wait by those rocks over their, reading to pounce. I will be backup for Dewlight!" Keiji said with confidence.
"I'm ready to do this!" Ivy said with a little bounce.

"Im not sure if its true. Not even Dragonsoul himself is 100% sure but if his hypothesis is correct and you truly are related to him. We cant let them obtain your power.. now come on lets get going." Bengalstripe mewed.
Haku let out a long huge sigh "Do I really have to? Its times like these I really wish I was a tom" she whined.

"As you command. Oh great and mighty Keiji" Darius meowed sarcastically and went on top of one of the rocks.

The she cat stopped and looked down at them.
"Watch where you are going, you are heading into Azai territory!" Her meow was soft and kind.
"Err.. Azai?" Cherryblossom said.
"Well, only if another queen won't take those kits from your paws. Plus,  I think you would make a wonderful mother. Maybe, you should get a mate to help!" Dragonstorm said teasingly.
Dewlight did as Keiji told. "He better not let me die, I'll haunt his dreams!" She murmerred. She jump on rocks that were high and started to yowl to get the hawks' attention. It worked. The hawks were flying lower, getting ready to attack.

"The Azai, are one of the city clans. Although they are far too soft to be city clan cats if you ask me." She mewed softly then looked at cherryblossom. She could tell she was starving. "Maybe we could stop by and ask for a quick meal."
"Do you even think they would say yes?" Cherryblossom meowed in surprise.
"tch, these little punks are so soft, they treat  war enemies like royalty." Bengalstripe mewed
Cherryblossom didn't indicate any sarcasm whatsoever in her tone.
"Me....a wonderful mother! Tch even the toms in this clan would make a better parent than me. Sorry My lord, there is no way I will ever and I repeat ever.....become a mother or have a mate. Nuh uh! Not gonna happen!" Haku meowed.

"alright everyone ready to get some action?!" Darius leaped into the air and landed on one of the hawks and used his massive weight to bring the hawk down "That was easier than I anticipated. Score one for Darius. Who wants to bet they can beat my score?!"

"Hey, how do you find food around here? I don't want to steal any, that's not Samurai pride." Cherryblossom said the pink she-cat.
"Well, you can scavenge for it, catch it, or have two-legs give you some. Also, don't talk down on my clan like that! I have high authority in the Azai Clan. I am Oichi, the mate of the leader, Nagamasa." Oichi held her head high.
"Tsk, your clan is more like kittypets than Samurais." Bengalstripe mewed. "C'mon Cherryblossom, I don't want to talk to a loser."
"Watch your mouth," Oichi said.

"Do what you want, Haku." Dragonstorm said with a huff of amusement. Dragonstorm walked up to Cloudstrike. "I'm going out for a bit, cover for me till I get back."
"I will top that!" Ivy said. She leaps with claws outstretch to the other hawk. She takes it down pretty fast with feathers stuck in her claws.
"I guess I am the champion of this raid!" Ivy said, holding his head up.

"Hmph, lets go cherryblossom we can find food somewhere else and besides were not too far from the forest. Soon you can be with your clan again."
"Very well, my lord." haku nodded. "hanbei, would you mind taking care of the kits for me?!"


Darius leaped up again and slashed at another. "don't  celebrate too early Ivy!"

"Err, alright. It was nice to meet you Oichi!" Cherryblossom dipped her head in respect and then follow Benglestripe.
The buildings started to become more spread out and Cherryblossom could see trees.
"This would be a good place to hunt!" Cherryblossom exclaimed.
"These little guys?" I can watch over them, but I'm no queen. I spend most of my time helping Cloudstrike with strategies. I could watch them when you need a sitter, though." Hanbei said.
"Nope, this fiesta is just getting started!" Ivy said. Dewlight jumped on top of one of the hawks and raked her claws across his back and wings. The hawk shrieked with pain.

bengalstripe nodded "for a healer your pretty smart when it comes to hunting. Don't wander off and stay right by my side understand! I don't want any of those Uesugi cats coming capturing you again." bengalstripes tone was serious.
"sorry what I meant was can you watch them for now until Dragonstorm gets back?!" Haku clarified.


"Come on keiji don't tell me your scared of a little birdy!" Darius teased him.

"Alright. Of course I know how to hunt, I had to do it for my clan sometimes" Cherryblossom. Cherryblossom noticed a mouse scurrying across the floor. She crouched and started to creep up on the mouse.
"Sure, Hatsune came to get her kits already, but I can keep an eye on these little guys till our leader returns." Hanbei replied.
Dragonstorm was out in the forest. It was calm, and prey seemed to be jumping out at him. He swiftly killed two mice and squirrel, and buried it to come back for it later. He reached the clearing that all the clans shared. Why can't we have peace ever... and Sora's dream means that Oda is rallying up some unknown enemies. We could be in major trouble..
I'm no wimp! I'm just here for backup, but if you say so.." Keiji appeared from behind a rock. He slashed out at a hawk that had a broken wing, thanks to Dewlight.

Bengalstripe watched and observed then looked over and saw 3 cats. They were Uesugi cats. "You darn traitor. I knew we couldn't trust you!" One of them growled.  
"I knew you were a spy under the Shimazu! How could we have been so foolish!" another cat growled
"Were going to kill you! Then after that we'll take back that healer." the last one hissed
"Run cherryblossom!" Bengalstripe hissed.
"but..." Cherryblossom was about to abject.
"Ill hold them off just go now!!!!" Bengalstripe growled and then unsheathed her claws. Then out of nowhere a big handsome muscular tom appeared.
"Need some help Bengalstripe?!" The tom meowed.
"Yoshitama! thanks for the back up!" she purred
"Oh look another  shimazu punk! If you wanna die along with this traitorous mouse-brain be my guest!"  One of the Uesugi cats growled.
"Traitorous?! I wasn't even on your guise's  side in the first place!" Bengal stripe snarled.
"Enough talk! You three want to fight or do you want to sit there arguing like a bunch of newly appointed apprentices." Yoshitama growled.
"Newly appointed apprentices?! If anything your the!!!......"
Yoshitama unsheathed his claws quickly and slashed at the cats face before he could finish his sentence. "What did I say!!!!"
all cats  unsheathed their claws and began fighting one another.

"Thanks hanbei" Haku purred.

"Not bad I suppose. well looks like that's the last of them. Well we need to keep up our strength lets dig in!!! Hehe looks like the predator has become the prey." Darius took a bite out of the hawk "Yummy!!" He licked his face.

Cherryblossom watched in horror. If I turn back now, I could be at risk at getting caught again...but if I don't, Bengalstripe and Yoshitama could be killed! What should I do?! She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. They are doing this for me to escape, so I will. Cherryblossom starts to run toward the trees.
"Need some help?" Oichi said as she appeared from a alley.
"Thanks, I need all the help i can get. What is the nearest way to the trees?" Cherryblssom asked in hurry.
"Follow me!" Oichi said. She turned around and ran down an alley. Cherryblossom followed. She ignored the horrid stenches of the alley and ran on. Oichi took a sharp turn and jumped on one of the buildings. She peered down and said, "Jump up here, those Uesagi cats never use the buildings to their advantage."
Cherryblossom tried to jump, but slide off the side. "I'm not a cat breed for jumping. I'm going to have to jump on something first, so I can get up there." She looks around for something sturdy to jump on. In the near distance, she could hear the screams and yowls of fighting cats.
Cherryblossom saw a metal can, just like the one she saw Oichi in the first time she came to the city, and jumped on it. Once she gained her balance, she jumped onto the building Oichi was waiting on. Her claws scraped against the hard ceiling of the building.
"You made it! Now, lets move quickly!" Oichi said in a hurry.
Dragonstorm was deep in his thoughts. He didn't notice that another cat came into the clearing. Flare! What is she doing here?
Dragonstorm told himself to remain calm and said, "Flare, what brings you here?"
"Me, well, I'm just hunting, like you were. You're a pretty noisy hunter, you know." Flare sneered at Dragonstorm.
"Different Clans, different hunting styles. Just let me ask you this, why did you side with the Oda? The forest is going to change and many cats will die because of them."
"You're really a mouse-brain, aren't you? Nothing like your father, you have too much innocence. I joined them because they are the way of the future. Don't you see? All who resist will be killed and I need to do what is best for my Clan."
So even Flare just wants the best for her Clan. But, too much power went to her head. I might need to knock her into the light...
Dragonstorm's claws started to shred the grass. His anger was building up with how clam Flare seemed. He doubt she was just here for hunting.


Dewlight takes a bite out of the hawk, "Yuck! Darion, I don't know what you find delicious about this. I think it is better to let them stay the predators.."
Keiji chuckled, "Well, prey is prey. Food is food. We will be eating pretty strange foods until our journey is over and we return back to the mountains.
"I personally find it delicious," Ivy said with a smirk on her face.

"Thanks for the help Yoshitama." Bengalstripe licked him affectionately.
"Where is our objective?" Yoshitama mewed.
"I belive she went that way! Lets follow her scent. We need to rendezvous with her and fast." Bengalstripe meowed back
Yoshitama nodded in agreement. "very well lets move out!"

"You know, I heard the Toyotomi plan to attack the Fuma clan soon. Between the Uesugi attack and the disappearance of their healer. They don't stand a  chance. It would also be one less clan me, Hideyoshi, and lord Nobunaga to deal with wouldn't you say. It would be a shame if someone were to....well back them up! Let me just tell you this Lord Dragonstorm. If you wish for your clan to exist longer and if you wish that clan remains intact in this forest. I would suggest not clinging to their rotting carcass. Are we clear Dragonstorm?!" Flare said with a serious look on her face.
"Who do you think you are!?" Haku growled at Flare.
"Someone who doesn't want annoying pests like you and your lord getting the way of things!!" Flare growled back at Haku.
"Your lucky I don't stick my claws in your throat!!!"  Haku snarled
"Try it then. I won the last time we fought. The outcome will only be the same!" Flare retorted
Haku hissed and unsheathed her claws. Ready to attack Flare.
"Well we better get going. The sooner we get to the forest the better" Darius mewed
Ivy nodded "Good idea, besides were almost to the city."

Oichi slowed down the pace. "Cherryblossom, we are nearing the edge of the forest. Once we get in there, we better hide our scent by rubbing some strong sap from the trees on us."
Cherryblossom nodded and continued on.
They finally reached the last building. Oichi and Cherryblossom both jumped off of it and landed on their feet. They ran into the safety of the trees.
Dragonstorm held out his tail in front of Haku. "One, it's not nice to sneak up on your leader like that and two, I will make the first move of this fight. He glared at Flare with cold blue eyes. Flare was ready to attack, in the crouched position. Dragonstorm also was ready. He unsheathed his claws. Lightning beamed from them.
The two leaders attack.
Flare makes comments while they are fighting. "You really think you can lead a Clan? Your just a mewing kit compared to the rest of us!"
"Look, I protect my Clan, no matter what the costs are. Flare used her fire tail to slash out at Dragonstorm. He tried to dodge, but he was to close in range. Her flaming tail hit the right side of his face.
Dewlight and the rest of the mountain cats were traveling in the sunset. Full fed and read for action, they were moving at a swift pace.
"OUCH!" Ivy cried out. She hit a sharp rock while walking. She was licking her paw to stop the bleeding.
"Aww, it's only a scratch. We could rest if you need too."  Keiji said.
"I'm fine, it's just a scratch." Ivy said through her licks.

"Hey over here!" Bengalstripe meowed and finnaly caught up with cherryblossom.
"what are you doing with our subject." Yoshitama said seriously but calmly.
"Im here to help her. Just like you guys." Oichi mewed.
"Hmph, very well than. We could use the extra paw anyways." Yoshitama shrugs
"c'mon! lets get going" Bengalstripe purred.
"My lord! May I help!!!" Haku insisted. Everyone wanted to help Dragonstorm but he didn't give the order.
"Good to hear Ivy. Cmon were at the city now. We need to hurry now and get to the forest." Keiji meowed and all cats followed him then 4 cats intercepted them.
"and who are you guys?" keiji hissed
"Were asking the questions here pal!" the cat sniffed them. "They don't smell like kittyepets."
another cat meowed "And they sure aren't those cowardly forest cats? Who are you guys and what are you doing here?"
"I believe they are those...mountain cats sir or atleast by the scent. I haven't smelled their scent in moons."
"Mountain cats eh? Those cats that live up in those mountains."
"I don't care who they are! they are on our territory!!" one of them growled.
Ginchiyo appeared her eyes narrowing.  "who are you guys!?"  She hissed
"Mountain cats my lady!" one of the cats meowed.
"mountain cats eh?! do you have a good reason why you are on our territory?!" She snarled
"Sorry we didn't realize this was clan territory. Forgive us" Ivy dipped her head in respect.

Cherryblossom nodded and follow the cats. They were nearing the border between Date and Fuma terriotory.
"This is as far as I will go." Oichi said as she slowed down. "If you need more help, then come to the Azai, we will be glad to help." She turned around and headed back to the city.
(Dragonstorm is in the forest alone, out on a walk. This isn't a battle between the two clans, only the leaders, ok? xD
Haku followed him,  I'm guessing. It is just Haku, Dragonstorm, and Flare in the clearing.)
Dragonstorm staggered under the pain of the burn. He couldn't see out of his right eye because of the burn. That's alright. My spirit is still strong! Also, Sora will be able to fix this!
"My lord!" Haku cried out.
"Oh, looks like the Dragon has been wounded. Wouldn't want to anger it more. Take that as a warning of the power if the Oda alliance!" Flare ran away, back into her territory.
Dewlight needed to help the mountain get off this mess. She decided to to say something.
"We are just passing through. We came to let the Clans know that the mountain cats are still around and thriving. We mean to bring no harm to any clan."

"We will stay with you." Bengalstripe mewed
"We wish to speak with your lord about something." Yoshitama meowed.
(oops sorry XD I thought he was at camp.)
Anger and rage filled Haku and she then ran after Flare.
"Cmon my lady don't be so harsh." Muneshige purred ans he walked over to the cats. "Mountain cats I see. Tell me, would you care to stay a night at our clan."
"Is this a trap." keiji looked at him suspiciously.
"I assure you it isn't. My mate is so soft he makes the Azai look like the ruthless tyrants." Ginchiyo rolled her eyes.
"So please stay the night. I am interested in the mountain cats. I am interested in your people and the history of your people. I simply wish to know more." Muneshige meowed excitingly.
Darius turned to Keiji. "Keiji, your the one leading this group. What do you think we should do?"

"Right, this way. Just got to pass through the clearing, and we'll be in Fuma territory." Cherryblossom lead the way through the canopy of trees. They were nearing the clearing that separated each Clan.
When they got there, they saw a fight going on!
Flare was prepared for Haku. "Oh, this young warrior is going to take ME down? Pathetic, the whole lot of you!" Flare was getting *****.
Haku and Flare tussled in the grass while Dragonstorm tried to recover.
This burn..it feels like my whole face is on fire!
"I think we can trust them. Plus, it's not safe to travel the city alone at night!" Keiji said confidently. "But one move, and we're outta here!"
Dewlight just watched from the side.

"what.......?!!!" all 3 cats eyes widend with shock as they saw the Fuma cats in battle.
"My clan is in danger!!" Cheryblossom meowed. She turned to see her handsome mate Winddemon, locked in combat with a cat known as Kiyomasa. She quickly sped towards him.
"Cherryblossom wait up!!" Both cats meowed to her.
Kiyomasa tripped  Winddemon then he pinned him down and aimed his claws at his throat. "for my lord and his clan.. you must die wind....." before he could finish his sentence, cherryblossom tackled kiyomasa to the ground. The bigger cat was surprised at the force of the smaller cat. "my lord are you ok!!!" Cherryblossom mewed as she put her face in his chest.
"Ch...Cherryblossom......is....is it...r.....really......you!" Winddemon eyes were wide with shock. He recognized the fragrance and beautiful fur of his mate. There was no doubt in his mind. It was cherryblossom.
she looked up and starred at him her eyes in tears. "Its me my lord. I have returned!"
"M...My lady!! It truly is you......you have returned to my side at last." He nuzzled her
"Not to interrupt your guys love session but the cat you tackled to the ground is getting up." Yoshitama meowed.
"who are you two?" Winddemon meowed in surprise.
"The most handsome tom in all of the Shimazu clan. Yoshitama at your service" He meowed with a smile on his face.
Bengalstripe rolled her eyes
"don't worry my lord. There the ones who helped me escape from the city."
Kaihime was locked in combat with Kiyomasa.
"So Im guessing you two live in the city?" winddemon asked.
"NO!!!!! I live in a pretty little forest, where the prey is plentiful, and the beautiful scent of she-cats fills my nostrils at night." Yoshitama meowed sarcastically and let out a chuckle.
"Its such a shame that your lord couldn't hold his own and instead his pretty little mate had to save his tail." Flare insulted.
"You shut up!!!!...he is not my mate!!!!" Haku blushed at the thought but quickly shook it off.
"awwwww...it looks like someone has a little crush. Don't worry... after im done with you. No tom will want to be with you."  Flare insulted her even more.
"Who says I wanted a mate in the first place!!" Haku hissed.
"That little blush told me!" flare hissed back.
Haku's eyes were wide with aggression she tackled and pinned Flare to the ground.
"You can trust us." Muneshige purred. "Come follow me. My camp is over here." He ran towards the clearing.
All of the Tachibana cats starred at them. Some were calm but some were aggressive stares.
"Listen up everyone! By my right as tom leader, I wish you all to treat these cats not with aggression but respect. They are our guests and will be treated as such." Muneshige meowed loudly for the whole clan to hear and then Muneshige and ginchiyo went inside their dens and the maeda cats followed them inside.
"If you don't mind me asking... what exactly is a tom leader." Darius asked him.
"Ah good question, well see by tradition the Tachibana have two different leaders. One is known as the Tom leader and the other is known as the she-cat leader. The tom leader is in charge of organizing patrols and making sure the clan is well fed."
"and the she-cat leaders job is to decide what to do in terms of war and meetings." ginchiyo mewed.
"Ah I see, so instead of having one leader and a right-hand, you guys have two different leaders?!" Darius said with fascination in his voice.
"Precisely!" Muneshige mewed.
"Do the other clans in the city do that as well?" Ivy mewed.
"Nope, just us." ginchyo meowed.

Cherryblossom nuzzled her face into her mate's fur. She was thankful the familiar scent of home.
"I was so scared..nothing was like home there." Cherryblossom said. "I also were saved by these brave Warriors. I give them all my thanks."
Winddemon looks at the Warriors with a pleased look in his eye.


Dragonstorm pulled Haku off of Flare.
"That will be enough! We are going back Haku. We will leave this pathetic furball alone."
"Milord!" Haku said. She glared at  Flare, and then moved along to help guide Dragonstorm back to the camp. Dragonstorm's coordination was off, with only being able to see in one eye.
They made it back to the camp, and Cloudstrike rushed over to Dragonstorm.
"What in all of StarClan happened to your face?!" Cloudstrike said with a worried look.
"Blame Flare and her flaming tail." Dragonstorm hissed. Cloudstrike quickly lead him to Sora's den. The kits from the nursery were peering out from behind their mother. Sora started right away to expect the damage.
"Wow, she scarred you pretty deep. It's a pretty bad burn, I will see what I can do." He flicked his tail to signal his leader into his den.
"Interesting." Dewlight mewed. She was fascinated by on how the other cats lived.
I wonder if my brother and our Clan still keeps those tradidtons! I can't wait to see him again! He will be so surprised!
She grinned just thinking about it. She then realized that she left with no notice and for all she knows, her brother probably thinks she's dead....
Dewlight pushed away the thought and kept going.
"It's a pleasure to have you here," Muneshige says to the mountain cats. "So, tell me more about your lifestyle in that harsh terrain.
Darius started to blab on about tales of his catches and patrols in the mountains, over exaggeration some details (That Ivy rolled her eyes too). Dewlight just listened to the tales.
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"Just curious why exactly did you save my healer?" Winddemon asked them.


"Our lord Yoshihiro was given a message from the gods of starclan to return the healer that had originally belonged to the Fuma clan." Yoshitama mewed.


"Our lord wishes to request something from you." bengalstripe chimed in.


"Of course I would be happy to hear the request from your lordship but first I need your help getting these intruders off my territory. I need one of you to protect my cherryblossom. Please do this for me and I will be more than happy to take whatever your lord requests." Winddemon said urgently.


"No worries... I will protect her!" Yoshitama mewed.

"Thank you!" he dipped his head to Yoshitama and than turned his head to Bengalstripe "Will you help me drive off these heathens!!?"

"If it means  completing my lords mission than I will" Bengalstripe nodded


"Alright... you know which ones aren't Fuma right?" Winddemon asked Bengalstripe



Bengalstripe nods "Don't worry I just need to find the cats that don't have your scent."



Haku thought about what Flare said to her and starred at Dragonstorm. "Is it true....could I.........could I really be in love with......Dragonstorm.....no....no...even if it were true I cant be mates with him. It will only get in my way. My dream is to be the best samurai I can be not the best mate or mother I can be. I just need to get him out of my head."



"How fascinating!!! Your social hierarchy is so interesting!" Muneshige said with fascination.


"Im glad you think so." Darius purred.


"Its an honor having all four of you here in our clan." Muneshige purred.


"Thank you...Muneshige." Darius dipped his head in respect. "Muneshige..your a cat that I can respect, same with you ginchiyo."

Dragonstorm was locked inside Sora's den for three sunrises now. He was starting to be annoyed with being able to do nothing.
"Sora, when will I be able to resume my duties!" Dragonstorm said in a sharp tone.
"I...honestly don't know..." Sora said shaking his head. "That burn is pretty deep...it might not heal all the way, milord.
My eye might not heal? When I get my claws on Flare, I'll rip her tail off! Dragonstorm started to claw the ground. Cloudstrike entered the den.
"How's my favorite grump doing?" Cloudstrike said jokingly.
"Not well, he might not recover his vision in his right eye." Sora said. "Besides that, all his wounds have healed perfectly. Dragonstorm might have to re-coordinate his hunting and attacks because he now lost half his vision."
"Very well. I will teach him again like an apprentice."
"WHAT?! NOO! I refuse to re-learn everything. Just watch me, I'll be catching more prey than all of you combined!"
"Anyways, I did prepare if this came to this," Sora said. He went into the back of the cave and pulled out a little piece of black cloth.
"Isn't that twoleg pelt? Where in the word did you get that?" Cloudstrike asked curiously.
"I found it on the edge of our territory. I was going to use it as a sling or a cobweb if one of our cats were seriously injured. It's quite sturdy. I'm going to give it to Dragonstorm to cover up the burn." Sora said.
"I REFUSE to put that thing on my face, it is not natural." Dragonstorm said. He turned his back to Sora and Cloudstrike.
"Well, have fun with an ugly burn that could get serious infected." Cloudstrike said to Dragonstorm. "You're going to wear it, and that's final. We can't show weakness with our leader with half a burned face."
Cloudsrike picked up the piece of cloth in his mouth and forcefully put it on Dragonstorm.
"There, now you can resume your duties. Just make sure to check back here every week." Sora said.
Dragonstorm just grumbled.


Cherryblossom was thankful for these warriors to be so willing to help.
"I am forever in your debt. If you have a wound, I will be glad to heal it."
Cherryblossom started to think about the past events and realized Half-Moon was coming up. That is when the medicine cats all travel together to the Moonstream.
"Winddemon, my love, Half-Moon is coming up. Should I take a warrior with me, or should I trust in the Medicine Cats to keep the code?"


Muneshige and Ginchiyo gave the travelers heartwarming looks. Dewlight started to talk, wonder if they knew anything.
"Do you know anything about the forest cats? Are they well and healthy?"
"As far as we know, they are getting into a conflict. But, besides that, they are thriving." Muneshige told the young she-cat. "What made you so interested in the forest cats? Shouldn't you be more concerned about the mountain cats, your home?"
"Well..ummm." Dewlight started. She never told anyone about her past, but better break it to her mate eventually. "I..I used to live in the forest, a long long time ago."
Keiji's mouth was wide open in shock, "Dewlight...you never told me you are really a forest cat.. no wonder you sometimes have trouble with the tough terrain."
Dewlight continued, "I was part of the best Clan. Very strong and very powerful. But the leader -my father- was corrupted with power. My mentor was a kind, sweet cat named Redsparrow. We were out on a hunting trip, and he was teaching me some techinques. My father was alone in the forest, checking on something. He heard some rumors that Redsparrow was committing treason with another clan, so he took care of the problem. He killed him right in front of me. I fled for my life, scared that I was next. I left everything that I cared about behind, my mother and brother. They probably think I'm dead right now..." Dewlight was crying silently when she finished. The memory of her past stung to her pelt like a tick. "If only I could see my brother once again...just to let him know I'm okay.."
Ivy had a hurt look in her eyes. "Dewlight...I never knew you had to go through that....you are the most optimistic cat I know."
Keiji came over and nuzzled his head into Dewlight's neck. "We'll go see your old clan, just so you can right things. I promise."

"May I see dragonstorm please?" Haku meowed to Sora "I have something I need to report to him!"

Winddemon nodded to cherryblossom "I would suggest to bring a samurai or two with you. Esspecially during dangerous times like these.  Not to mention the gathering is coming up. So I need you there as well as."
Both cats fled back to their territory
"Im just glad your safe again. The Uesugi didn't do anything to you did they?!" Winddemons tone was sharp.

Darius Nods "Don't worry Dewlight. Im sure you'll be able to meet up with your blood-kin once again."
"We will protect you no matter what happens." Ivy mewed.
"Wait hold on. Your father, he wouldn't happen to be.....Terumune would it?" Muneshige asked his eyes wide.
"Terumune??!!! Do not even speak of that accursed name here in our clan!!" Ginchiyo hissed.

"He left back to his den earlier today. He's quite embarrassed at the moment. I think you should leave him alone for a while," Sora replied to Haku. "Unless it's very urgent and deals with the fate of our Clan.
"Oh, the kinda treated me like a prisoner, but talked to me like I was some great miracle. Oh Winddemon, what if I do have these crazy powers that they speak of?" Cherryblossom said with a worried face.
I never did know my father...what if I AM related to that great Medicine Cat and did inherit their powers?
Dewlight shivered when she heard the name of her father.
"I just want to forget about him. HE is the reason I left my Clan, my kin, and my friends. I assure you, I am nothing like him, but I just hope...I just hope he didn't corrupt my brother." Dewlight shakes her head.
"Well, let me at 'em! I'll take care of your father for you, Dewlight!" Darius said as he flexed his claws.

"Alright just tell him that I'll take care of the kits." Haku meowed giving in to no wanting to mother them.
The Uesugi might one day attack again so we must prepare. I also need to speak to your mother. Cherryblossom, will you come with me to talk to her?
Windemon mewed.
"I apologize. Dewlight correct?..." Muneshige was interrupted by one of his samurai.
"My lord, my lady may I come in?" The samurai meowed
"ah its you Korin! Yes you may come in." Ginchiyo meowed
"The Uesugi have appeared. They are looking for a certain cat."
"Very well let them in." Muneshige meowed.
Dragonsoul and two other cats appeared behind him. "Muneshige......Ginchiyo. Good to see you both" He dipped his head "Ive come to ask you both if you've seen a she-cat outside the city?
"well we have mountain cats here." Ginchiyo said with her eyes narrowing.
"sorry let me clarify. Have you seen a she-cat from the forest." He meowed.
Both cats shook their head. "No we haven't sorry." Muneshige meowed.
"Hmph...very well then. Thank you for your time." The uesugi leader padded away.
"A she-cat from the forest eh?" Muneshige said to himself.
"What are the uesugi up to?" Ginchiyo hissed.

The next dawn arrived quite fast upon the Date Clan. Things were slowly returning back to normal. Dragonstorm finally decide to make his move.
"All cats old enough to tear our enemies apart, gather below." He wasn't even fathom by the odd glances the Clan gave to his face.
"I have lost half my vision to Flare, so we will plot an attack on them. Cloudstrike and Hanbei will be in charge of the strategy. Haku, if you aren't busy, I want you to take a spy patrol on Flare's territory and scout it for us. We will get our revenge."
The Date cats cheered.
"Milord, make sure you aren't too rash about this. You still have to re coordinate your vision. We must be fully prepared for this battle to prevent the most casualties."
"Of course we'll be ready!" Dragonstorm cheered.
"Of course." Cherryblossom's mother was getting ready to retire to the Elder's den. She beared plenty of fine warriors for the clan. Most of then, however, died in battle or illness
"Hello Mother, my mate wishes to speak to you." Cherryblossom gently mew to her mother, who was enjoying some freshkill.
"Forest cat? What's up with the forest recently?" Keiji asked.
"Well, apperently, the Usegi claimed to have found the decedent of the greated Medicine Cat in history." Muneshige mewed to the mountain cats.
"However, the forest is going to break out into a huge war soon, I can just tell. Oda talk made it all the way here." Ginchiyo said.
"Well, we are coming peaceful, and would like to stay that way. Stay out of the fighting." Ivy said.
"But, what is Dewlight wants to help her kin?" Keiji said. "We should help my mate's kin. It's all she had left of her old life."
Ivy just grumbled.

"Don't worry Milord. I'll do just that." Haku meowed.
"Mother!" A small she- kit appeared behind Haku. "I wanna come with you!"
"Yeah me to!!" Another small kit mewed in a cute voice.
"Its not safe!" Haku hissed "Go back in the queens den were kits like yourself belong. Hanbei can you watch the kits while I'm gone!!??" Haku meowed in a frustrated voice.
"I already have my paws full with the strategy!" Hanbei retorted.
"Just bring them into your den while your planning it!" she hissed annoyingly.
"ah fine but you owe me Haku!!" Hanbei said than went to consult with Cloudstrike.

"Ah! good to see you my lady. How are you feeling." Winddemon purred.
"Oh just fine. I think Im ready to retire however. Its been fun and all being a queen but Im too old to have kits now and I see you've brought my daughter back. You have my gratitude my lord." The gentle and wise she-cat purred in amazement.
"I will not fail you again my lady. I promise!" He meowed.
"Oh Winddemon your always so hard on yourself. You never failed me to begin with. I appreciate everything you've done. You remind me so much of your mother. She was so kind and sweet. If only she were alive today." The old she-cat meowed and looked up at the sky.
Winddemon looked at her and dipped his head.
"Hey wook its winddemon!!"
Winddemon turned around and saw Torn. one of Terra's kits.
"Hello there little guy!" Winddemon mewed and gave a smile.
"Awe you ** weader of dis cwan???!!" The kit asked but his speech wasn't exactly good.
"uhh indeed I am." Winddemon let out a chuckle.
"Cawn I be your wight hand!??" The kit asked.
"uhhhhh no but when you become a samurai and if something happens to my former right-hand. Than I guess you could." Winddemon giggled.


"I agree with Keiji and besides I don't mind showing these forest cats a thing or two what mountain cats are capable of" Darius said flexing his claws.
"Well you guys might wanna get some shut-eye. Oh and don't forget to help yourself to some of our fresh-kill. You all seem hungry." Muneshige said generously.
Ginchiyo rolled her eyes at her mate.

"Ah, Haku. I need to talk further details about that scouting party. And thanks for taking in those kits, they will grow up strong!" Dragonstorm purred.
"Now to business. We need to find a way to hide our Clan's scent. We don't want them finding out about this. Have any ideas?
"I wanna go,too!" One of the kits protested to Hanbei. Another one was trying to climb on his back while Cloudstrike and him were talking.
"And so, we shoud- Hey! Could you play somewhere else for a bit?" Hanbei asked the kits,
"But, what about Mother?"
"She'll be back soon enough. As I was saying..."
"Awww, little one, you better get back to your mother!" Cherryblossom said softly. She gently nudged the kit toward her mother.
"Well, I'll head to the Elder's den later today. Anyways, why did you come to see me, milord?" Cherryblossom's mother asked.
"Gladly!" mewed Ivy. She picked a tasty looking pigeon from the pile and ate it quickly. 
"Don't you guys want some?" She said through gulps.
"I supposed some food will help me sleep better." Delight said. She choose a scrawny squirrel from the pile.
The mountain cats huddled together and fell sound asleep, as twilight rose through the city.

Haku shrugs. "No clue I was gonna ask you the same thing." "we could hide our scent using different herbs. maybe Sora has some kind of herb with a scent we can use."

"Just to apologize plain and simple." The warlord meowed and padded off along with his mate.

"Guys wake up!" Darius meowed loudly.
"Good morning!!!" Ivy woke up.
"We better get going. The sooner we get to the forest the better." Darius meowed.

"Maybe, but maybe we could make you smell like the Toyotomi cats. Rub their scent over you guys." Dragonstorm proposed.
A border patrol just returned as Dragonstorm finished speaking. 
"Milord, we saw some starnge cats edging our borders. Didn't smell like another Clan or those City Cats. Must be kittypets or something."
"We will not harm them unless they pose a threat to us. Just make sure they don't steal prey next time your out." Drsgonstorm mewed.
Cherryblossom lead her Mother to the Elders den. "Your father was a great medicine cat before you, you know. It's in his lineage." Her mother mewed.
The mountain cats left, and set off. After a long trek through the safer part of the city, the finally made it to the edge of the forest.
"Finally here! Wonder which Clan we will meet first?" Keiji exclaimed.


"I don't think kittypets would dare go near our forest." "Strange......and good idea by the way Dragonstorm. We should keep an eye on the mysterious scent." Haku mewed thinking into it.

Winddemon was in his den lost in thought. "Could Cherryblossom really be Hans descendant?"

Darius shrugged "Lets go that way." Darius pointed straight ahead with his paw.

"Well, I would like to investigate these cats, if they stay near our borders." Dragonstorm mewed.
"Cloudstrike! Send a watch patrol right away! I would like to lead it, too. Sorry Haku, we will discuss later."
Dragonstorm nodded to his right hand, and padded up to Cloudstrike.
"I know what you are thinking, Winddemon." Cherryblossom said. "If I am related to Hans, is it really going to change anything? I will always be your mate and medicine cat!" Cherryblossom purred.
"I'm not scared anymore of my past. You can't change it, only move forward!"
Dewlight was leading the group now. She picked up the pace once she saw afamiliar  tree that she used to try to scale with her brother.
"We..we are in my old territory! I recognized some landmarks! It feels like nothing has change! But, hopefully the Leader did." Dewlight said with delight. She bounced as happy as a kit.
"This must be very exciting for you! I wish I had a past in the forest!" Ivy cheered.

Haku nodded "Ill come with you!" Haku followed.

Winddemon nodded "Your right my lady. Perhaps you being Hans descendant is a good thing after all. Nevertheless even if it is true we cant let the other clans know."

Darius sniffed "Careful guys. I smell cats up ahead. Lets hope they're friendly." Darius meowed.

The patrol ended up being Dragonstorm, Haku, Cloudstike, and another cat named Jun. He was the runt of his litter, but is a great hunter. He has pure gray fur and the greenest eyes you'll ever see.
"I smell unfamilar scents up ahead. So they did come into Date Clan territory, eh? Let's show them who's the boss around here!" Dragonstorm mewed softly to his clanmates. They went out to greet the strangers.
Cherryblossom licked her mate's cheek. "Alright, my love. You are the Clan leader. Now, I must resume my duties. I might of taken a short vacation, but the Clan still needs me!" Cherryblossom mewed. She brushed past her mate's fur and into the clearing of the camp. She made her way to her den.


"Well, better reveal ourselves before they think we are invading." Keiji mewed jokingly. He lead the mountain cats through the thickness of the trees. Ivy spotted an outline of a pelt up ahead, and signaled it with her tail. The mountain cats encounter four cats. The one in the front has brown, tabby fur and a piercing blue eye. The other eye was covered by a tow-leg pelt cloth. The second cat was a broad, strong cat and pure white paws. He just stared with a blank face into the mountain cats. The other two cats looked at the mountain cats suspeciouly.
"Greetings. We came from the Medea Tribe in the mountains. Are you one of the forest Clan? And if you are, may we speak to your leader?"
The brown tabby in front spoke with a calm tone, "Mountain cats? I've only heard rumors about you. Huff, the leader of this Clan is in front of you. Why are you even here? You are invading Date Clan territory, and we aren't afraid to defend it!"

Haku looked at these individuals suspiciously. She didn't know what these cats were up to and she didn't care. They were on her clans territory uninvited. "You four should go back to your home land." Haku hissed. "We are at war at the moment and we don't want cowardly mountain cats like yourselves getting in the way of things. "
"Cowardly!?" Darius growled "Why don't you come over here and we will see who's the strong one!"
"Hmph, luckily for you I am not allowed to attack you unless my lord commands it. If you do however attempt to attack me than I am authorized to attack back." haku retorted with an annoyance tone in her voice.
"Fine than I'll do just that!" Darius unsheathed his claws. preparing to attack Haku.
Haku went into a defensive crouch ready to defend herself.
"Darius stop!!" Ivy meowed loudly. "Are you trying to make them angry! Our objective is to talk to the forest cats not fight them.
"She called us cowardly Ivy! Am I honestly going to let her get away with calling me, my friends, my mother, my father, and my ancestors cowardly. Besides shes basically inviting me to fight her." darius's tone went from angry to excited. "Besides I always wanted to know what forest cat blood tastes like!"
"Darius let go of your foolish pride! This is no time to be messing around!" Ivy growled in a frustrated tone.
"This isn't just about my pride Ivy. This is also about me wanting to fight a forest cat!" Darius said with a huge smile across his face. he began to take steps towards Haku.
Haku hissed "Take one more step and I will attack you!"
Keiji ran up to Darius and threw the massive tortishell behind him. "Enough is enough Darius! Just as Ivy said we are here to talk and make peace with these cats!"
"Keiji if you get in my way I will fight you as well! Do not stand in my way!" darius growled ready to strike at keiji.

Winddemon padded outside his den.
"My lord are you busy?!" Kaihime meowed.
"Speak." Windemon said simply.
"My scouts have reported 4 unfamiliar scents coming from date's territory. they both had a similar scent to one another." Kaihime reported.
"Well if they are unfamiliar they could be one of the city clans." Winddemon mewed.
"I don't think so milord. These cats don't smell nearly as bad as the city cats.I think they could be.....mountain cats!" Kaihime said with her eyes wide open.
"and how would you know what a mountain cat smells like?" winddemon asked her.
"My uncle left to join the mountain cats. Back when I was a kit I saw and smelled some of the cats he was with before he left." Kaihime answered.
"Interesting, I had only heard about the mountain cats through rumors and legends I was told when I was a kit. I never knew they truly existed. Than again I never even knew city cats existed. I guess isolation from outside the forest will do that to ya." Winddemon said than gave a small chuckle.
"Should we go make sure he doesn't need help from us? Should we go and check it out." Kaihime asked.
"Nah let them be. From the legend I was told when I was little, mountain cats are only allowed to attack someone when being provoked or attacked. they are usually very peaceful. They live by a code of honor just like us. Besides, its only four cats. I'm sure Dragonstorm can easily handle four cats.
"Very well my lord!" Kaihime meowed and padded away.
Winddemon went back into his den lost in thought. "If what Kaihime says is true and the mountain cats are real that must mean her uncle Baraku wasn't crazy after all. That would also mean when Baraku said he had mated with someone outside the clan he meant someone from the mountain cat clans. Which means he left because of his mate. I was only a student when he left however."

"THERE WILL BE NO BLOODSHED ON MY TERRITORY!" Dragonstorm shouted at Darius and Haku in a sharp tone. "You should watch which paws you are provoking, mountain cat! But, I do agree with Haku. The forest is no place to visit when we are in a war. You must return to the mountains at once!"
"Let me at 'em Keiji! I don't care what they say!" Darius hissed.
"Well, I do care. Well, milord, we are here on account of our leader. We are here to let you know that the mountain cats are NOT myths and legends, but real and strong."
Dragonstorm cocked his head. "Interesting. But, I can't accept strangers into my territory. You never know if they're a spy or not. Cloudstrike, should we believe these odd cats?"
"Cl...Cloudstrike!" Dewlight butted in. Her eyes started to well with tears. "So, this is my old Clan..." she whispered, "and that is not my father, his pelt is a bit lighter, with that familiar pattern of stripes...so that must be....BROTHER!" Dewlight ran up to Dragonstorm and nuzzled his cheek.
"Brother? I have no siblings....unless...Dewlight?!" Dragonstorm was shocked. "I thought you were dead!"
Dragonstorm looked away, embarrassed. "Our father is dead, since you left...but I thought I was all alone. Why did you leave without warning?" Dragonstorm focused hard on Dewlight.
"I..I ran away after Terumune killed my mentor. I went to the mountains, barely alive. Keiji's tribe took me in. Now I live with them."

"She IS my mate." Keiji said.
Darius's mouth was wide open.
"Mountain cats?" Cherryblossom said, peeking out from her den. "I thought they were myths?" She padded up to her mate. "Should we take them as a threat? Or, are they here to help?"

"So this is your old clan Dewlight?" Ivy said in shock.
"Whether its Dewlights clan or not that she-cat needs a pounding!" Darius growled at Haku
Haku replied to Darius "Insolent mountain cat. This is my first time meeting with you cats and already I hate the likes of you. Aren't mountain cats suppose to be these peaceful cats."
"Many of us are but I'm not like my fellow clanmates. Id rather be rough and tough than some pathetic soft and weak kitty!" Darius hissed.
"Enough Darius! Please forgive Darius. He can be a little hard headed sometimes." Keiji meowed to Haku.
"Hmph, just make sure he stays away from me!" haku meowed in annoyance.
Keiji turned his head to Dragonstorm. "By the way. Its an honor to meet you. It good to see my mates brother." He dipped his head.
"Like I said before to Kaihime. They are cats of peace. We do not need to worry about them. Lets just hope modern mountain cats keep to their traditions. We should however be cautious incase they try anything. By the way my lovely would you mind telling Kaihime if she can keep an eye on their scent. I know your busy as it is and all but I just need you to run this quick little errand. She's in the commanding officers den." He meowed softly and sweetly to her.

Dragonstorm dipped his head to Keiji, "I'm glad you took care of my sister while I couldn't. I have a Clan to run. Come, I will show you to our camp. You can stay there as long as you like." He turned around and started walking into the undergrowth. Haku, Cloudstrike, and Dewlight followed. Keiji started to follow, then realized that Darius and Ivy weren't moving.
"Are you coming?" Keiji asked his friends.
"Well, Keiji, we decided to go visit the other Clans. Darius doesn't like that she-cat and we need to inform all the Clans, not just Date."
"Well, do as you please. In the end, we will meet up in the clearing and head back home, when all of this is over." Keiji dipped to his friends in farewell, and ran to catch up wit his mate.
Darius and Ivy headed toward Fuma territory, excited to see which Clan they would encounter next.


"It is not a problem, my love." Cherryblossom said gently. She walked over to the hanging moss that indicated the entrances to the commanding officers den. "Kaihime, may I speak with you. I have an order from our leader, just for you."
The beautiful scarlet she-cat comes out of the den. From the way her fur stuck up, she was about to take a nap. "Well, what's the order?" She mewed"He wants you to keep an eye out for the mountain cat scents, okay? It might be best to send out a patrol, just to make sure that everything is under control, but that is just what I suggest." Cherryblossom said.
"Well, I'll take one now, that I'm up. Hey furball! Get over here and join my patrol!" She walked up to a black and white tom.
Cherryblossom let out a huff of amusment, and returned to her den.

"alright, lets get going" Kaihime nodded to her samurai as they both padded outside the camp. Kaihime sniffed and her fur was all puffed up. "Its those same scents I smelled and they are coming this way!" She meowed surprisingly.
"What should we do my lady?!" Said the black and white tom.
"Strange I only smell two of the scents coming here." She said to herself. "Just stay put. They probably aren't here to attack. No mouse-brain would dare enter an unkown clans territory so blindly and foolishly. Which tells me they aren't here to attack us."
The black and white cat nodded.
two cats, Darius and Ivy appeared right in front of them.
Haku starred at them a bit suspiciously. "Alright you guys know the drill right? blah blah explain to me why your on our territory blah blah justifications blah blah blah blah you get it!" Kaihime meowed before rolling her eyes.
"uhhhh...." Darius was surprised at what the she-cat said. "W...we are.."
"mountain cats yes?!" Kaihime interrupted.
"uhhh...y..yeah..how did you know?!" Ivy replied.
"that's irrelevant, what I want to know is why you guys have came to the forest. Haven't you heard from anyone yet that we are at war?" Kaihime asked them.
"We heard from both the Tachibana from the city and the Date, yes. We did not come here to involve ourselves in your guys war however. We came here on different more peaceful matters. See its been so long since the mountain cats and forest cats have seen or even heard of each other. We came here because our leader ordered us to tell you all that we mountain cats are still alive and breathing." Ivy meowed.
"humph,very well than. You 2 don't seem very threatening. Ill escort you to my clan." Kaihime mewed.
"Not very threatning?! why you?!! are you implying that I don't sound or look threatning?!"
"Calm down down Darius. She didn't mean it offensively.Sorry about my friend. By the way whats your name. My names Ivy and this is Darius."
"The names Kaihime right hand to this clan and this heres one of my samurai. Umi." Kaihime meowed calmly.
"right....hand?" Ivy asked a bit confused.
"sorry, I should have known your social structure is a bit different than the forests. Ill explain everything once we get back to my camp." Kaihime padded back and the rest followed.


Haku whispered in Dragonstorms ear. "I know she's your sister and all but are you absolutely we can trust her and the rest of her clanmates?"
"Darius.....Ivy. Don't be getting into trouble ya hear!" Keiji whispered to himself.

Dragonstorm let out a huff of amusment. "If my sister wanted to claw off my pelt, she would of tried already. I know her better than any cat. We should be fine. And that lump of fur couldn't hurt a fly." He flicks his tail at Keiji.
The patrol came back to the camp, unharmed and with strangers. A lot of the Clan cats were giving suspicious glances at the newcomers.
Dragonstorm leaped on his rock and called together a meeting. "The mountain cats decided to leave their little, cozy, isolated home to pay us forest cats a visit! And one of them happened to be my long lost sister. The sister you never knew. You will treat them with respect! They will sleep in the Medicine Cat's den to prevent any unnecessary rumbles to happen. That is all! Carry on!" He jumped off his rock.
"Let me show you around. Things have changed since you left, Dewlight!" Dragonstorm purred.
"What should I do, milord?" Haku asked.

"You may do what you please. You could help Sora in the Med's Den. He could always use an extra paw."
"Cherryblossom was enjoying a vole, when Kaihime comes back with two odd cats.
"Mountain cats...." Cherryblossom whispered. She quickly finished her vole and went to her mate's den to see what he would do with the odd cats.They had wide eyes and were soaking in the sights.

"sora do you need any help?!" Haku asked outside his den.

"so they are here eh?" Winddemon meowed clamly
"yes but for some odd reason only two of them are here" Cherryblossom clarified.
"Humph, very well. I will go see them." Winddemon exited his den and approached the cats. "Hello cats of the mountains" Winddemon meowed. "what is it you are doing in our forest especially during a political war." windemon said while looking at them.
"Are you the leader?" asked Ivy.
"Indeed I am. The names Winddemon. I've been  leader of this clan for about 8 moons now."
"Nice to meet you windemon. My names Ivy and this is Darius" Ivy meowed
"Hello winddemon" Darius greeted.
"Good to meet you both now back on topic. What are you doing here? The clans are at war and I'm sure the other clans wont like some random mountain cats coming into their territory. I suggest you run along back home."
"But we cant go mr.winddemon sir. Not until we tell al the clans that the mountain cats are safe and thriving."
"Yeah! What are you saying? Are you saying that we mountain cats aren't strong enough to be in this war?!" Darius snarled.
"No, no, no, you completely misinterpreted my point. I was just saying for your safety that you shouldn't be here. This war doesn't concern you both or your other two friends. Its between us forest cats." Winddemon said to Darius.
"How did you know there were four of us? Anyways Mr.Winddemon sir. We cant leave we have strict orders from our lord that we have to tell all the forest clans the mountain cats are still ok." Ivy mewed.
"Its to unsafe though. Some of the clans wont like you on there territory. Some of them wont even hesitate to kill all four of you and please stop calling me Mr.winddemon sir, refer to me as Winddemon or lord of Fuma clan."
"sorry mr......I mean Lord of Fuma, but we cant leave even if we die we must complete our lords mission."
"Well the gathering is in a couple days. You can come with me or Dragonstorm to tell all the clans." Winddemon mewed.
"You'd do that for us Winddemon?" Ivy mewed.
Winddemon nodded "yeah sure why not its a way better option than all of you ending up dead."

"Well, Haku, I was just going to gather herbs. Leafbare is quickly approaching, and we are nearing the time when all the trees lose most of their life. Why not help me gather some herbs?" Sora said.
"Plus, I got something to tell you...what I think about these Mountain Cats. Something to do with a vision."
Sora brushed passed her and headed for the entrance of the camp.
Cherryblossom decided to say something. "What if....what if we had the Mountain Cats aid us in this war, if they are thriving. We would have the upper hand." She fiddled her front paws in the grass.
"I'm up for any fight!" Darius declared.
"Not so fast Darius, our mission is only to inform you, not aid you." Ivy said

Haku nodded and followed. "If it has something to do with a vision than why didn't he inform our lord first?...or maybe he did.......I...maybe I should stop and hear what he has to say." Haku thought to herself.

"pfft! Fine!" Darius said dissapointingly.
"I have to agree with, Ivy was it?"
"Yes Windddemon." Ivy nodded
"I have to agree with Ivy on this one. I don't want involve the mountain cats in this. The city cats are already starting to get involved." Winddemon meowed.
"so Winddemon would you mind if we spent the night here until the gathering so we can tell all the clans." Ivy mewed
"I have no problems about so long as you don't cause any trouble. You both can sleep in the samurai den."
"Thanks, I appreciate it. So your allies with Dragonstorm correct?" Ivy mewed.
"I am yes. He's a bit young but he's got the mindset of a fully responsible warlord. Well maybe not fully but he really is maturing. He reminds me of me when I was still new to the whole warlord concept. He really does have a good heart. He can be stubborn and ignorant at times but he eventually realizes. Than again Im young myself and Im still maturing hehe" Winddemon chuckled after.
"See one of our clanmates that came with us is related to Dragonstorm and is actually his long lost twin sister." Ivy mewed.
"Really now! I always heard rumors going around saying his sister had been killed. Or atleast that's what we heard from that lying, backstabbing, evil, pathetic excuse for a leader Terumune!!!" Winddemons tone turned to anger.
"Winddemon can I ask you something." Ivy mewed.
"sure." replied Winddemon
"Who was Terumune? I know he was the father of Dewlight and Dragonstorm but why does everyone in the forest and city hate him.What did he do?" Ivy mewed.
Winddemon shook in fear he had a long pause for a moment and than replied. "I am unsure about the city cats but....I was a kit back when he became leader . This was also around the time when terumunes mate gave birth to two kits. I was very young however. I barely remember any of it but there were.......strange messages the gods of starclan were giving to the healers. Even my mates father Yoshinori was given the message. They said that The kits who were born to Terumune's blood were given a very important destiny. I'm not sure what this particular destiny is but.......that's what the healers were saying. One of the two kits names was Dragonstorm and the other was Dewlight. Both of these cats are said to have some sort of huge destiny. After Terumune's kits were born and he became warlord of the date which was before known as the Dragonfly clan. He became a ruthless tyrant killing and slaughtering many innocents....but Terumune was weak and cowardly. He let others do the dirty work for him. Innocent kits,students,samurai,and others were slaughtered. When I became a student I fought against Terumune but the cat so pathetic that he let 3 samurai attack me. M.....My mother..she......came to save me. With no help or backup. She fought off all of them. Luckily the rest of her samurai came to the rescue and drove them off. My mother was leader during the time. She was battling against Terumune's army. See back than me and Dragonstorm were rivals. heck were still pretty much rivals even to this day. We've fought against each other in many wars. I later became a samurai. My mother was so  proud of me. I had no father to be proud of me sadly. He died before I was even born. After My mother appointed me to a samurai rank...I went on to fight in even more wars. Later on when Dragonstorm became a samurai and rumors were spreading that his sister Dewlight was dead. We had our final fight against Terumune. many of the Date cats heck even including Dragonstorm himself was in the battle. Dragonstorm and many of the other clans fought against him after that Dragonstorm killed his father. As much as he loved his father he knew that he must kill him to save his clan. Sadly My mother died during the battle. She was always so sweet and kindhearted. I later became leader of this clan and renamed it Fuma to honor her name. Dragonstorm also became leader of his clan. Both of us were proud we were two of the youngest leaders who ever lived especially Dragonstorm."
the two mountain cats were speechless they were awed at the story.

Sora said, "I already told a bit of this to Dragonstorm, but I feel you might be able to use this knowledge better."
He led her to a nice patch of grass, shaded by a nice, large oak tree. He sat down and curled his tail around his paws. "Star Clan sent something to me, about the old prophecy that my teacher, Koya, taught me before they passed away. Now that Dewlight mysteriously came back, I'm sure it is bound to happen. The Clans are in grave danger. The Oda are gaining a powerful ally with the city cats. The forest cats are hopeless against all those city cats. Even though they gave it in a riddle form, I think I understand what it means. "The Dragon will roar within the forest, 
The Dew will cover the mountain,
and The Darknees will cover the city,
Wind will calm the storm,
and the Flowers will dance in the wind,
Gain your allies carefully,
But keep your enimies in check"
Koya and the others believe that half this prophecy is with the two kits Teremune beared. However, we have no idea about the last half of it. Star Clan reminded me of this prophecy. Any ideas Haku? You know more cats than me." Sora finished.
Cherryblossom was sleeping soundly until a paw prodded her awake in the middle of the night.
"What is it?" She murmerred sleepily.
"I think I wrenched my claw while escorting those mountain cats," the black and white warrior, Nagamori, said.
Cherryblossom sat up. "Let me get some oinment for that paw. The claw will probably take about half a moon to grow back."
"Awww, but I don't want to wait half a moon for it, it will throw me off Hnting and fighting." Nagamori complained.
Cherryblossom grabbed some herbs by their smell and came back. She picked up his injured paw with one if her paws.
All of a sudden, her paw started to glow a yellowish white color. A whispy-like wind engulfed the injured paw. After a moment, the light went away, and a new claw was where the old one was wrenched out!
"That's amazing! How did you do that?" Nagamori said excitedly. He tested his new claw on the ground.
"I...I don't know..." Cherryblossom said horrified, looking at her paw. She quickly ran out if her nest, towards where Winddemon sleeps.

And that is where our story leaves off! We shall continue now! Very Happy
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(Thanks so much for doing this. I really do appreciate it seek ^_^)

Haku thought to herself for a moment. "Well it definitely sounds like the first half of the prophecy is for both Dragonstorm and Dewlight. I am unsure however about the next two lines in the prophecy. They mention wind twice. You don't think they are referring to Winddemon of Fuma clan do you? As for the other two lines I think they are saying they want us to make sure who we become allies with and who we become enemies with I suppose. However these are just my guesses and conclusions. I am not very sure."


"What is it love?" Winddemon woke up.

"I...I..I am unsure how to tell you this but..I..uhh.......My paw you see it was glowing and it made Nagamori's paw all better in an instant."

"So it is true! You are Hans's successor!! No Healer can have that kind of power!!!!" Winddemon said excitingly and joyfully but quickly that joy went to a serious look on his face. "We cannot let anyone not even the Date or Takeda find out about your power. If word were to get out that your Hans's successor, many will use and abuse your power. I cant let that happen for your safety Cherryblossom you need to keep your power a secret. I will hold a clan meeting later tomorrow before the gathering starts about your power with the rest of our clan mates."
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(No problems! ^.^)

Sora nodded. "Winddemon is a possible choice for the wind, but we can't be certain. I will discuss further with the other Medicine Cats at Half Moon, which should be tomorrow night, if my calculations are right. Now, didn't we come out here to collect some herbs?" Sora said with an amused face. He brushed past Haku and headed deeper into the trees.

Sora and Haku neared the clearing where Sora usually collect Horsetail. He pawed at the ground. "Leaf-bare should be coming soon, from the looks at these Horsetail. They don't seem as fresh anymore."


"No! We can't let the rest of the Clan know, someone will slip it out. Cats are very chatty." Cherryblossom said with a horrified look. "I just wanted to be a normal Medicine Cat, not the special heir to this 'Hans'. Cherryblossom closed her eyes in sadness.
"What does it mean for this fight if I can just give an unfair advantage. I will be used as a war tool instead of being treated like a cat."
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Haku nodded. "I know most cats hate leaf-bare but to be honest with you its my favorite season." Haku looked up at the sky.
"We should get going we most likely wont be able to find any fresh horsetail"


Your right its best to keep this a secret. I'm worried about Nagamori however. He might tell the other clan mates. Cherryblossom tell Nagamori not to say anything and to keep it a secret. Your powers mean something Cherryblossom. By the way have you heard from the gods of starclan yet?
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"I guess you are right. And I need to check up on Dragonstorm's eye." Sora said. Haku flicked her ears when she heard Deagonstorm's name and Sora saw it.
"Ah, one of my favorite parts of being the Medicine Cat, hearing all the gossip! So, what's new with you and Dragonstorm?" He said chuckingly. Sora gathered the Horsetail in a bundle.


"Nagamori is quite chatty. I better go see him. Those gods are from kit tales, of course I know them." Cherryblossom said. She flicked her tail, signaling she was leaving. She headed straight for the Warriors den. All of her clammates were sound asleep. She carefully picked her way through the sleeping cats to Nagamori's nest.
She carefully poked his back and whispered, "Nagamori!"
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"uuhhh what do you mean?" Haku said worringly and nervously. "Oh starclan don't tell me he knows something!"


Nagamori opened his eyes. "whats up cherryblossom?"
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Hey, I know when a cat is crushing on another cat." Sora said. He gathered the Horsetail in his mouth.
"Does Dragonstorm like you back?" He said with a muffle voice.


"Nagamori, you know when I healed you earlier?" 
"Yea, you are amazing at herbs, you know." Nagamori said, complimenting her.
"Well, I actually didn't use herbs to heal you. I have powers that can heal any wound." Cherryblossom said.
"Wow, cool! You can heal our Clan in no time! The other clans don't stand a chance against us!"
"Nagamori, that is why I'm here talking to you. You can't tell anyone, not even our clanmates, about these powers. Winddemon knows already."
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"I swear to the gods of starclan Sora if you tell Dragonstorm or even the other clan members about my crush Ill make sure instead of healing our cats you'll be healing yourself! The answer is yes I have a crush on Dragonstorm but Id rather not talk about it and I'm not sure if he likes me back or not and I don't care! My first and only priority is my lord and his clan, not to become his mate! As much as I love him, I cant let love get in the way of everything." Haku meowed.


"Don't worry Cherryblossom. I wont tell a single cat honestly. You have my word."

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"That is a mouthful! I can't believe I was actually correct. I won't tell anyone, Haku, I promise. Everyone has those secrets they keep hidden, even Dragonstorm. Dragonstorm is a little busy to be worrying about a mate, like you, with the war and all." Sora said, dropping the horsetail on the ground. Sora picked it up again, flicked his tail at Haku, signaling her to follow.

When they made it back at camp, it was the middle of the night.


"Thanks a ton, Nagamori!" Cherryblossom said in relief. She gave his ear a quick lick of affection, before carefully making it out. However, her tail slightly brushed on Kaihime's nose...
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" The healers meeting is coming soon." Haku mewed. "Don't be late for it Sora." Haku padded away.


"Hey cherryblossom. Going to the healers meeting soon?" asked Kaihime.
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"Right! Better catch some shut eye before tomorrow night!" Sora exclaimed. He padded into his den.

"Right! I'm heading to my nest right now! I was just checking up on Nagamori." Cherryblossom said, covering her real secret. 
She ran quickly out of the Warriors den and into her own.

The next day was quite easy and relaxing. It was now evening
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Haku padded out of the nursery to get food from the fresh kill.

A tom appeared right beside her. It was Thunderslash. He competed with Haku to get the position of the right hand. "Ah Haku good to see you. So Id like to know who's the father of your kits." Asked Thunderslash.

"They don't have a father. Their mother died and now I'm taking care of them." Haku replied to her  long time rival.

"But I thought it went against your honor and pride to have kits." Thunderslash mewed.

"Its none of your concern. They needed a mother and I chose to mother them. If you came to babysit them while I go hunting for my clan, than take a hike!" Haku hissed.

"Ohh! feisty as always I see. Haku I cam here for the sole purpose of telling you this. Since your not in the condition at the moment to help Dragonstorm run again I was wondering if you could give up being right hand and let Dragonstorm choose me instead. After all you were the one who stole my position as right hand." Thunderslash meowed to Haku  in a serious tone.

"Tch are you kidding? Let you become right hand?! Oh please even Magoichi would make a better right hand than you . Any case no I'm not giving up my position. I can still help Dragonstorm with matters and duties. Just because Im a queen for now wont stop me from doing my tasks as a right hand."

"Don't be foolish Haku!!! Honestly if I were to tell Dragonstorm now! he would easily replace you! Do you honestly think Dragonstorm will let a queen be right hand!! Sorry but the throne now belongs to me!" Thunderslash hissed.

"It will never belong to you Tigerslash. Your out of your mind if you honestly think that!" Haku retorted.

"Nursing mothers cant be right hands!!" tigerslash hissed again.

"Get out of my face!!" Growled Haku

"very well than we shall see what Dragonstorm has to say about you remaining right hand of the clan! He wont let you keep the throne Ill assure you that!" Thunderslash padded away to Dragonstorms den.


Darius and Ivy padded in with fresh kill and put it in the freshkill pile. "Good job you two. I have to say Im impressed you two are getting use to the terrain quickly." Winddemon praised them both.

Both cats dipped their head and padded off to the samurai den.
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Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!    Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2014 7:52 pm

Dragonstorm was talking to his sister, Dewlight, in his den.
"Dragonst- ugg this name doesn't roll off my tongue well! Why did you change the name? I know I did too, but, that was for a different reason...
"Because, my dear sister, Kairi, I want nothing to do with my father! From that moment I became an apprentice, Dragonstorm was my name. I can't bare use the name that wrenched cat gave me."  Dragonstorm looked away.
"But, you shouldn't hide from the truth, Masamune. Just because he named you, doesn't mean you have to follow his example. Our mother loved us, no matter what."
"But, he killed her. He killed our mother. That monster!" 
Dewlight sat right next to her brother, "I understand, but just don't hide from the truth so long, Dragonstorm."
Dragonstorm saw a silhouette of a cat at the entrance of the den.

"You may come in Thunderslash." Dragonstorm sat up with posture as the big, yellow tom came in. "What is it?"
"Milord, I believe you might want to reconsider you right-hand." Thunderslash said calmly.
Dragonstorm gave him a puzzled look, "Are you questioning my choice? Haku is a great right-hand, why would I want to remove her?"

Cherryblossom was sunning herself outside her den. It was one of the few calm days in the forest. The mountain cats were adapting well to the forest. It must be in their blood to adapt well. 
The border patrol came back, with Kaihime in the lead.
She opened her mouth and yelled, "Tigerslash, from the Takeda, is dead! He passed away two sunrises ago!"
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Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!    Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!  Icon_minitime

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Super's and Seek's Sengoku Cat Roleplay!
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