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 The Stars Align

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PostSubject: The Stars Align   The Stars Align Icon_minitimeFri Feb 07, 2014 3:29 pm

You see the sparkle of the night sky,
before anyone understands that which the maiden of white bestows.
A galaxy is but a vision.
See the purple keeper of fortune,
her crystal glows; gaze into its beauty.
Then slowly descending,
her Grace, the Goddess,
lowers until
Behold the manifestation of our Earth, our land.
Molded the red dirt, the framework of life explodes.
The sun blinds, its light eternal.
The spectrum of aurora.
Falling in synchronization, the beat picks up.
Meteors gather, a violin speaks,
When the stars align.
Twist and twirl, the galaxy swirls.
Where is this space are you present?
Jump up, or swing down.
Can you see the iris forming,
the eye of truth,
when the stars align?
Showering the heavens meteors fall
between the stars of old
The target manifests, a set of perfect rings.
Light may then travel, passed from one force to the next.
Watch the wonder as time passes.
Through the crystal, the soul shines.
A duet of life's orchestra.
Meteors flooding the stars.
Luminous white.
The stars' light pierces.
An upward force. Bestowing one's place.
And forever it shines.

What do you see reflected in the mirror?
The Stars Align Broken11
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The Stars Align
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