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 Redemption of The Others (OOC)

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PostSubject: Redemption of The Others (OOC)   Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:21 am

A few years back, a collection of powerful individuals gathered under one roof.  They were unbalanced.  They were unconventional.  They were uncontrollable.  They were The Others.  They sought to fight the battles that no other superheroes could.  Unfortunately for them, they failed.  Few can point to where it all went wrong, but there are numerous accounts of what happened and what ultimately lead up to the catastrophic Highland Park Incident that left many homeless, many injured, and many much worse.

That brings us to today.  The past is behind us.  But sometimes, when the chips are down and we're at our lowest low...the past has a hard time staying that way.  Old ghosts are jumping back in the faces of our heroes.  But none are more prominent than a friend, fallen farther from grace than the rest.  Fallen into that dark place where, as much as we wish never to admit it, there is no return.
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Posts : 228
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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Redemption of The Others (OOC)   Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:06 pm

Genre: Superhero/Drama
Tone: Light on the surface, but rather somber and reflective at its core.
Theme: "Your past only defines you if you let it." -Snow Angel
Setting: This RP takes place in a fairly typical inner city location, resembling New York City.  The year is never defined.  Simply know that it is certainly before the Internet came to prominence and after the Cold War.


This RP is based on a short series I've written and I've not modified anything.  It is very mature.  No swearing or anything (any done is censored), but plenty of violence, sensitive themes, and probably most importantly, a few rather graphic deaths (I censor most of them too but the implications are what matter).

In regards to sensitive themes, I will state that politics, religion, and prejudice do show up.  None of them are primary themes and the focus on them is very brief.  I also will say, ahead of time, that I do not pick sides in my writing.  I provide the multiple perspectives and leave the decision up to the readers, as not to be responsible for any arguments.  I hope that we can all be mature about it.

With all that being said, this RP, while VERY serious, is not without its fun.  These harsher topics are actually much more in the background.  It still features "BLAM!" and "POW!" fun, a sense of humor, and lighter overtones.  Note that this series was also an experiment in my writing.  I rarely get this serious.
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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Redemption of The Others (OOC)   Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:16 pm

[u][b]General Information[/b][/u]

[b]Full Name[/b]
[b]Identity Status[/b]
[b]Birth Date (Month, Day)[/b]
[b]Place of Birth[/b]


[b][u]Weapons and/or Items[/u][/b]


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Posts : 228
Join date : 2014-02-02
Age : 24

PostSubject: Redemption of The Others (OOC)   Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:23 am


General Information

Full Name
Mercedes "Sadie" Eckles
Snow Angel
Identity Status
Known to General Public
Late 20's - Early 30's
Birth Date (Month, Day)
December 9
Place of Birth
Odessa, TX
(Former) Scientist, Chryo-Scientist
Neutral Good
Phasing - Sadie is capable of passing through solid objects like a ghost.

Freezing - When Sadie phases, she can lower her body heat to an Absolute-Zero state that can instantly turn anything into an ice sculpture.  This has its uses, however, as it can also be used to weaken structures for others and if she moderates her temperature enough, she can freeze adversaries without worry of killing them almost immediately.

Ice Breath - Sadie can exhale forceful, frigid mists that can freeze anything in their path.

Levitation & Flight - Sadie's ability to manipulate her density allows her to take to control her weight and pass through air molecules, thus taking to the air and maintaining altitude.

Phasing - When Sadie isn't phased, she is completely human.  A punch will hurt, a bullet can kill.

Freezing - Sadie has to concentrate in order to not freeze anything.  Because of the concentration it takes for her to maintain, she is often in freeze mode when flying.

Weapons and/or Items

Swimming, Skiing, The Cold, Clubs, Dancing
Meat, Male Chauvinism, Past Mistakes
Repentance, Second Chances
Claustrophobia, Needles
Sadie's only current goal is to make amends with the world for past actions and correct her team's mistakes.
Sadie is very reflective and hard on herself.  She has a near crippling guilt complex and a number of inhibitions that prevent her from acting to the fullest of her ability at times.  Her judgment isn't always the best, but she at least always means well.  She is held back back an inability to let go of things.  She likes to loosen up at jazz clubs and dance to keep her mind off of things.  When on personal terms with someone, she is relatively all right.  She doesn't have much in the way of a sense of humor, but this is often humorous, being that she just fails to get the joke more often than not.

Sadie was born and raised by a caring couple in a quiet mid-western town.  Bullying and torment throughout her young life led her to become very isolated by the time she was in high school.  She was thus labeled "Ice Queen" throughout the rest of her school life.  But she let it role off of her shoulders, choosing to ignore it by that point.

Later in life, she was enlisted to become a scientist for a rather shady company for her work in chryo-studies.  Her work was commendable but deadlines were insane and funding was ridiculously low.  It was later that a situation arose, in which her superior, revealed to be in-league with a local gang operating out of the city, confronted her on her lack of productivity.  He threatens to pull the plug on her if she misses a deadline again.

Later, after he discovers that she knows about his affiliation, he arranges for her to get into a little..."accident", planting a bomb under her car.  She had been taking a prototype of her latest project home to complete a few trials on it.  The night was very snowy and the road was empty.  Yet there was lightning in the sky.  She'd gone around the car to the trunk to check on her little project.

Then, in the mother of all coincidences, the car bomb goes off just as her device is struck by lightning and explodes, sending a wave of feedback into her.  She is thrown down the nearby cliff, landing in the snow.

Later, she discovers her ghostly powers and eventually becomes a sort of local superhero who people dub Snow Angel.  Following these events are those that connect her to The Others.
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PostSubject: Re: Redemption of The Others (OOC)   

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Redemption of The Others (OOC)
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